Title: Bless you
Prompt: Catch from LJ's whitecollar100
Author: DeanBean
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey
Word count: 314 words
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: What do you catch, before you know you've caught it?

Neal walked into the office, his tailored suit, hat and trench coat dripping from the pouring rain he had just walked in from. Setting his Fendora on the desk he had been using for the last few weeks, his saturated coat over the back of the chair before making his way up the steps towards Peter's office.

"Hey" Neal greeted as he walked into the room, his feet leaving wet prints on the grey carpet. Sliding into the seat facing Peter's desk he picked up a manila folder and began to leaf through it.

"You'll catch a cold dressing like that in weather like this" Peter observed, a hand waving nonchalantly towards Neal's rat-pack style attire.

"The only thing I'll catch is a smile from a gorgeous woman" Neal said with a smirk, Peter shaking his head in return.

"Is that so?" Peter said with a jovial rising of his eyebrow.

Peter walked into the office, his large winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf and umbrella dripping water onto the floor in his wake. As he walked up the steps to his office he could already see the familiar figure of Caffrey sitting at his desk, hunched over what Peter presumed was a case.

Hanging up his winter clothes he walked into his office and rounded the table to take a seat in his chair, greeting Neal with a 'Hi' as he walked past.

"Hiiii...chew!" Peter almost jumped at the sound as he dropped into his seat, finding himself face to face with a red-nosed Neal Caffrey, "Bless you" Peter said, watching as Neal rubbed at his nose, a shiver wracking his frame.

"What was that you were saying yesterday?" Peter laughed, but taking compassion on the kid when he threw him a hurt look over a handful of tissues, "Coffee?"

"Please" Neal said with a grateful smile, breaking off as he sneezed once again.