WINCEST FICTION "The last time someone looked at me like that, I got laid." ~ Dean Winchester

Dean: *Looks at Sam kind of suggestively* ..Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that," -I this line.. Yayyyy Deaaannnn! Chapter One Dean sat quietly at the table, his feet up on the chair opposite of him. Without blinking, and his pupils large, hands clasped on the table, he thought about someone. He thought about Sam. It was almost mesmerizing to think of him, strangely enough. "Dean? .. Dean .. Dean!" Sam called, but no response. He kneeled on the floor, and started shaking Dean's leg. "Huh- what? ... Oh. H-hey Sam,"

"..Are you ok?"

"Uh- Yeah, I was just- Just thinking,"

"Oh.. Must've been something good, you looked like you were in your complete glory like that- and you're pupils were so big, its like you smoked somethin',"

"Heh, what're you talking about? I didn't- I ddn't look like that.. "

"Yes you did,"


"Dean, I know what I saw.. And I saw extreme-mesmerization in you,"

Dean's face went pale, and he quickly stood up. "Um.. I'm gonna go out for a bit, clear my mind-" and he left without another word, Sam still kneeling.

Just 5 minutes after Dean had left, Sam heard knocking, so he went to the door. There was no-one there, just an envelope on the ground. Sam picked it up and examined it, then looked both ways down the street. Just normal people, walking. He went back inside, and opened it. "Hm?" There was a book inside, the cover having a silouette of 2 people kissing. Sam opened it to a random page, and started reading. 'And Sam pulled Dean down onto the bed with him. Before Dean could punch him, or try and get away, Sam got ontop of him, and pinned Dean's hands above his head.' Sam's eyes widened within a split second, and he dropped the thick, hardcover book to the floor. He just stood there, in shock. Dean returned again within 5 minutes, and walked in, Sam still standing in the middle of the room, looking quite dumbfounded. When he didn't move whatsoever, Dean became quite confused, and walked up to him. "..Sammy?" Dean looked down and noticed the dropped book. He picked it up.. and read it. 'Dean tried to punch Sam, but Sam grabbed his wrist, pushed him back against the wall, lips crashing onto Dean's.' And he didn't drop it, but his eyes widened, same as Sam. "Oh my gawd," And he looked at Sam. Sam finally came back to reality and looked down at Dean. "What the f*ck, man!" "I know,"

Dean threw the book at the wall.

"Why the hell did you buy that thing?"

"I didn't, it was outfront. Addressed to us. I don't know why,"

Dean shook his head and had an angry expression.

"Like, what the f*ck! Why would someone send us that?" and Dean started walking around the room quickly.

"..Maybe..they want us to.. Do something?" Sam suggested.

Dean stopped, turned, and walked up to Sam, closely.

"And just what do they want, hm? What do you mean 'Do something' ?"

"You know... some -thing.."

"What? Kiss?" Sam shifted at his stance, and blushed a little at that thought. Dean fell onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"...Maybe we should," Sam said, practically risking his life to say such a thing. Dean turned his head to glare at Sam, almost in disgust.

"Are you fricken' insane?" Sam looked down, and shook his head a little.

"Did you just shake your head? Whats wrong with you, man? Why do you want such a thing? I mean, come on- We're brothers for God's sake-" And before Dean could say another word, Sam was on top of him, his lips pressed to Dean's. Dean began to fight with Sam, or more like against Sam, and Sam didn't necessarily fight back- and pushed him away, or tried to anyway. But the more Dean tried to get away, the deeper Sam made the kiss. But Dean finally won, pushing Sam off of him, making him fall onto the floor. Dean sat up, panting, an angry expession crossing his face. Sam sat up on the floor and looked at Dean, concerned. Dean stood up and took 2 steps towards Sam, the anger seeming to increase, and Sam actually became frightened of his brother, pulling himself back quickly, but hitting the wall. A tear fell from his eye. Dean's anger faded immediately, and a sign of guilt appeared to him. He kneeled down infront of Sam, who looked scared enough as a young child would get, and tried to get further away from Dean, but failed. Dean cupped his hand on Sam's cheek. "Sam?" Sam looked away. "Sammy .. I- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" Dean couldn't find the words to say, seeing Sam's expression of worry. "Sammy, look at me.. I'm not going to hurt you, little brother, I love you," Sam opened his eyes, and looked up at Dean. "..What?" "I said I love you. You're my little brother, I'd never intentionally try to cause you harm. Please don't be afraid of me. It- it makes me feel like some kind of monster," and Dean looked down. Sam could see the glossiness of his eyes, a tear glistening in the corner. "Dean... Lets take it slow ... hm?" Dean nodded, and hugged Sam, tears falling. "...Heeyyyy," Sam said, making himself smile. "Now come on. You're the older brother, you shouldn't be crying, especially over me.." Dean pulled away for a second. "I shouldn't be crying, especially over you? ..What do you mean, Sammy? Of course I'd cry over you. Like I said, you're my little brother, and ... I love you, Sam," "..I love you, too, Dean.. I'm happy to have you as my brother," Dean nodded, and looked as if he'd break down crying again, so Sam got up so he could be on his knees, and hugged Dean.