~~~~~~~~~~~~~*`~~: Chapter Twenty eight: ~~`*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ally looked down at the betrothal necklace Karaku gave her before his death; a few tears fell silently down her face. It was almost dawn, and Ally was alone, on a the waters edge away from the city, mourning Karaku's passing, and hoping that where ever his spirit was that he was happy. Ally kneeled down in the snow and placed a wooden bowl full of flowers with a small painting of Karaku smiling into the blue ocean water. She watched as it floated out to sea.

She looked up at the moon, "Please watch over him Yue," she whispered.

The moon was still hanging brightly in the inky black sky; suddenly Yue appeared, her hair flowing gently like a halo, her white dress whiter then the snow. Yue smiled at her, "Don't fear Ally, Karaku is safe and happy."

Ally smiled at Yue and bowed, "Thank you Yue, I'll miss you,"

"I'll never be truly gone," Yue said smiling, "I'll be watching over you, Sokka, Katara and Aang on you're journey."

"I'll be sure to wave at you." Ally grinned, attempting to joke for the first time in hours.

Yue laughed, "Bye Ally." She faded away and the moon shone brightly for a few seconds.

"Cya Yue," Ally said softly, "Good luck in the spirit world." Ally put on the betrothal necklace with a soft sigh and went back to the city.

Remembering her promise to Yueka, she stopped by at the enthusiastic girls house, it wasn't harmed by the battle, she was greeted by Sukama, "Hi Ally," she said softly.

"Hi," Ally said, "why are you whispering?"

Sukama looked at her oddly, "It's early in the morning, and the sun hasn't risen yet. Everyone's asleep." She said.

"Ah," Ally said sheepishly, "Sorry, I just – I thought I'd say goodbye to everyone before it's too late." Sukama chuckled softly, "So when's the wedding?" Ally asked.

"Next week," Sukama said dreamily.

Ally smiled sadly, "I'm sorry I won't be able to be here, but congratulations all the same."

Sukama smiled in understanding, "Don't worry about it Ally," she looked behind her and in the house, "Can I offer you tea while you wait? Yueka is normally the first one to wake up."

"Tea would be great, thanks" Ally smiled.

Ally sat down on a cushion and took a sip of the tea; it was soothing to her throat.

"I'm sorry for you're loss, Ally. Karaku was a close friend of Nakku." Sukama said.

"At least his safe and Yue is watching over him," Ally sighed, "I just wish it didn't end the way it did."

Sukama nodded and they fell into silence, Ally had finished her tea as Yueka came into the room. Ally stayed a little while longer and talked to the ten year old before bidding her farewells.

It was dawn now and Ally found Katara and Aang hugging each other fiercely. Sokka stood next to her and saw the heart felt scene. "It wasn't Mang Aang liked was it?" he said conversationally, "It's Katara."

Ally nodded, she knew that Sokka must be taking Yue's death hard, just like she was struggling to hold her heart from shattering. Sokka must now be more in tune to relationships around him for him.

"He better treat her right," Sokka said.

Ally's lips twitched upwards, "Of course he will, Aang cares deeply for Katara."

"It's hard, isn't it?" Sokka asked casually, kicking some snow, "I promised I'd protect her." His shoulders slumped in defeat, "And I failed."

Ally placed a hand on his shoulder, "You didn't fail Sokka. In the end Yue did what she believed was right, and she hasn't truly gone," Ally gestured to the disappearing moon, as the pink blue sky slowly chased away the night. "You'll see her every night."

Sokka sighed, "… it's just hard, to think I'll never talk to her again."

Ally nodded, "I know," she looked at Aang and Katara as they were interrupted by Momo, Nyx and Neo, shaking her head at the lemurs she said to Sokka, "Common."

Appa and Snow-fire landed near them, "We'll be travelling with Master Pakku and a few others," Sokka said to the group, "half way between here and the earth kingdom we're going to fly to an Earth Kingdom base, and from there we'll be escorted to Omashu; a safe, uneventful journey."

They nodded, "Sounds like a plan," Katara smiled, then looked at Sokka and Ally carefully, "How are you two coping?"

"I've seen better days," Ally sighed.

"What she said," Sokka shrugged, "We leave in ten minutes, so we better get Appa and Snow-fire ready."

Ally walked off towards Snow-fire, "Hi girl," Ally murmured, Snow-fire whimpered and nudged her head against Ally, her ears flat, "I'll be fine," she smiled sadly, before sighing heavily, "Okay lets saddle up." Ally got to work on tying everything down to the saddle so they didn't fall off.

"Need some help?" Katara asked, carrying a sack of dried fruits.

"Could you make sure the reins are tight enough?" Ally asked, taking the sack of fruit up to her with air bending and tying it up to the saddle.

"Sure," Katara said.

Ally couldn't help but notice that Katara kept on glancing at her every twenty seconds, as if she were a bomb about to explode. Ally sighed after a few minutes, "Spit it out already Katara!" Ally said sharply, and then, realizing her tone, she shook her head, "Sorry," She muttered.

Katara nodded, "Ally if you want to talk –"

"Katara, I'll be fine," Ally said firmly, "Besides, I don't want to talk about it."

"Keeping this bottled up inside isn't –" Katara persisted.

"Katara," Ally said seriously, "I don't want or need to talk about it; I prefer to deal with it alone."

"Ally, I went through the same thing when I lost my mother," Katara said sharply, "I know what's going through your mind."

"'No creature is the same as another,'" Ally quoted what Sister Iio had said to her long ago, "I never had a mother figure, the only person who came close was Sister Iio, she died along with various other people I looked up to, like Monk Gyasto. I suffered in silence then and I will now, last time it was for the sake of the last Air benders, now it's so I don't have you, Aang and Sokka worrying over nothing."

"Ally –"

"Drop it! Please, for the last time." Ally snapped, then regaining her calm she said softly, "We have bigger issues to worry about then what my feelings are."

"Don't say that!" Katara snapped back.

"Compare me to the world Katara!" Ally sighed, "I'm not about to have you, Aang and Sokka worrying about me when there are bigger things at stake!"

Katara shook her head, "Ally, please, I can see it, you're hurting more then you can handle."

Ally let out a hollow laugh, "If I couldn't handle it then I would be insane."

"Do you even hear you're self!" Katara demanded.

Ally closed her eyes but regretted it as she saw a pair of blue eyes loosing their life within seconds, Ally shook her head, "I know what I am doing," Ally said simply before tightening the reins Katara had abandoned.

Katara groaned, "Why do you have to be so stubborn?" she asked rhetorically.

"Why do you have to be so persistent?" Ally retorted.

They looked at each other before smiling and finally small chuckles erupted into laughter.

Aang and Sokka looked at each other from their eavesdropping positions, "Girls are crazy," Sokka whispered.

Aang nodded, "Maybe it happens when they become older, Ally never use to laugh after a fight."

"Are you kidding?" Sokka asked in disbelief, "Katara's been crazy all her life!"

Both boys were promptly hit with two snow balls each; Ally and Katara were looking down at them. Sokka and Aang looked up at them sheepishly; they ran away quickly to Appa within seconds.

Ally sighed heavily, "Katara, I'm just not comfortable with opening up unless it's necessary."

Katara looked equally dejected; she put a hand on Ally's shoulder, "Well… I just want you to know that I'm here if you want to talk, and though I haven't suffered as many losses as you have… I can understand that pain."

Ally nodded with a smile, "Thanks Katara."

"Every thing will be okay, Ally," Katara said smiling.

"I hope so," Ally murmured, looking up at the cloudless bright blue sky. "I hope so."

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Ally let out a cry of rage and she was instantly in front of Azula, she gripped the Fire Princess's two outstretched fingers and twisted upwards, a sharp snap echoed around in every ones ears followed by a cry of pain and equal rage.

Mere inches from Ally, Azula's uninjured hand crackled with lightning.

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