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The LA Docks were coming up on them and Face and Anna had been trying for the last six hours to get some good alone time, but the whole team wanted to be together and make sure that the plan was solid. It was understandable and the most important part, but being interrupted again was making Face actually feel a bit sexually frustrated and so was Anna. It was driving him a little crazy and he knew he needed to focus, but Anna was distracting, and he didn't want her to put her shirt back on…

"After this is finished, you and I need to steal away to a hotel room and spend all night there, just you and me." Anna suggested as she looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. "This is kind of becoming torture."

Face nodded at that. "Isn't it, though? I just want to do a lot of things to you that I can't say when people keep walking in."

"Hannibal just wants us all to get going," Murdock said taking a deep breath. "I am more than willing to even help you guys get a hotel room away from all prying eyes."

"One threat and you'd just tell my father where we are and what aliases we used," Anna laughed as she pulled on her shirt. "Trust me, I'm not even upset about it—my father is very intimidating when he tries to be."

"Couldn't we get just like…20 minutes?" Face asked, a little desperate and only half serious.

Anna turned to look at him. "I thought you wanted our first time to be perfect."

"I thought you said it was already perfect, but you're right—a quickie is not the way to start off this phase of our relationship," Face admitted with a sigh.

"Actually, at this point I want to just start this phase of our relationship…" Anna told him slowly.

Murdock laughed uncomfortably and then Anna pulled out her phone, closing her eyes and smiling as Face kissed her neck tenderly, nipping at it. He wanted to just pull her back down to the floor and continue what he'd started five time now, but he knew it was time to get down to business. Besides, the sooner they got this finished, the sooner that he and Anna got to do whatever they wanted and they could continue to bring more intimacy into their relationship.

Nodding, Murdock left the room, knowing that the two would come out, but giving them a moment to get themselves together. This was big and he had a lot riding on it, knowing that the two would come through for him like they always did and they would keep him alive because they loved him. Still, Face, pushed Anna's hair away from her neck and kissed it again, trying to will himself to let her get up and to get up off of the floor himself as well.

"Jana is meeting us with some heavy artillery, but I think she might have stolen it…" Anna said with her eyes closed, only half into what she was saying about everything. "I'm worried…that feels really good…"

Face smiled and sucked on her skin a moment. "You think she stole it?"

"Framed or not the first time, Jana isn't entirely legit," Anna admitted with a gentle shrug. "She's honestly not on the same side of the line when she veers off of it as I am and I don't want to know where she got the weapons and machinery from, but I'm going to have to look into it."

"Not if it's dangerous," Face whispered, kissing her cheek and then pulling back to get his shirt. "I hate the idea of you looking into something, getting hunted down and then having your life put in danger just because Jana can't keep her sticky fingers to herself."

"She's still my friend, Face," Anna told him even though she was smiling at his protectiveness over her. "She's had a hard time with it all and I think you need to cut her a tiny little bit of slack even though I admit, she needs to learn…"

Stealing a kiss from him, Anna got up and fidgeted as she put her jeans on, sighing loudly and pouting as Face chuckled because he felt the same way. Nothing was really like going to work on something when all you wanted to do was satisfy a sexual itch and soon the two were kissing again as Face pulled his jeans on, trying to tuck himself in even though it wasn't what he wanted. Anna had to pull away, chewing on her bottom lip and then taking a deep breath as Face fastened up his pants and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Our alias should be a married couple," Anna mused as she texted Sosa for the plan. "That way the maid won't even bother us and we can put a good ol' Do Not Disturb sign out on the door."

Face felt his heart thump at the suggestion…he liked that idea. "It would help us to pretend to be other people too—keep us on our toes. So, how is my Mrs. right now?"

"Honestly? My heart is pounding in a delightful way at the sound of that," Anna admitted as she rolled up on the balls of her feet and kissed him again. "Let's go get your name back and then we can further plan our little outing in."

"Sounds great…so when is Jana getting here?" Face asked her as he stroked her hair.


Jana was right on time, bringing a bunch of things with her as Face and Anna got ready to talk Sosa and Hannibal through this transaction. They needed everything to be absolutely perfect, and so while Anna texted things out to Sosa, Face told Hannibal through the ear piece what to say to Sosa. That way when Lynch tapped into the phone call, which he was sure to do, he would hear Sosa and Hannibal setting him up for failure and that was exactly the plan…that and Anna still wanted to torture Pike and get back at Lynch.

In fact nothing quite put a damper on a sex drive like Pike and Lynch.

Both Anna and Face were pretty focused on the mission right now because they had to get Murdock through it as well as everyone else. Face wanted to prove that he could get everyone out of this just like Hannibal and Anna could, and Anna just wanted her boys to be safe and sound. That meant being on point and while Face was focusing on making sure that everything was in order, Anna was focusing on how much she wanted a showdown with Pike and to get everything put back in place for her A-Team.

"You lied to me, Sosa! We had a deal!" Hannibal said into the phone.

"We had a deal, but we're changing the deal," Sosa told Hannibal as she stuck to the script, wanting to fry Lynch just as much as Anna did.

Hannibal shook his head to make it believable. "Are you kidding me, Sosa? Are you kidding me?!"

"This is a complicated exchange and you have no play here," Sosa explained. "Listen, or remain at large fugitives for the remainder of the foreseeable future."

"For God's sake! I've got Morrison here, and the plates!" Hannibal shouted. "I'm exposed, Sosa! Exposed!"

"We're not doing this on the docks," Sosa told him.

Anna was pretty proud with how it was all going down, but at the same time, she knew that this wasn't going to last and she was ready for it. She had a couple of guns from Jana and she wanted to get close to Pike, having locked onto his position a while ago.

"Now you listen to me," Hannibal said as Face directed him with the words, "we're not turning ourselves in."

Sosa nodded at that. "I need you to do it on my terms or nothing at all."

"To Hell with that!" Hannibal exclaimed shaking his head. "To Hell with you, Sosa! Face, BA. We're bugging out. Sosa's chapped us. Murdock…get the chopper down here in ten."

Anna knew that now Hannibal was going to be moving 'Morrison', telling Face on their private, secure channel that she wanted him to keep her father safe. Face told her not to worry about it and let the freight car covering come down to hide Hannibal just as a shot was fired and Anna's breath caught in her throat. When she heard her father and Face chuckle, though, she smiled because everyone seemed to be safe and now it was time for the show stopping number.

While Face had demonstrated it with cups and balls and that was far easier than with a person and crates, Face had a handle on things, leaving Anna to go and find Pike because Lynch was glued to the display just like Face thought he would be. Lynch wanted to know what was going on just as much as he wanted to know what was happening with Morrison and the plates, watching as the fireworks ignited and the cars came out, run by Bosco from afar—technology was always a plus.

They started shooting at the cars even though they were a diversion, which just helped to add to the distraction as Anna headed toward Pike on her own. She had been told time and time again by the entire team that she was supposed to stay back just in case, but she just couldn't because Pike was just as much her enemy now as he had been everyone elses'. So as the trap was set and Bosco and Face took out several of Lynch's men with explosions near the now downed cars, Anna headed out.

She watched as Pike got upset because Lynch was obviously calling shots he didn't like, cringing when she saw him look at the two snipers and pull out his gun. Anna knew Pike well enough by now to know that he also knew her and the team fairly well and that meant that he knew that this was some sort of trap. Now it was him up there in control of what he wanted and Anna knew that the others needed to know what was going on and she needed to be on her toes as she zipped her jacket up a little more and tightened her ponytail.

Anna took a deep breath and spoke into the comms. "Pike just shot his two snipers—this is in his hands now."

"BA, get to your secondary position," Face said quickly, Bosco booking it there as Anna hurried towards Pike. "Anna, you had better not be where I think you are."

"Sorry, Face…this ends with him here and now," Anna explained.

Face and Hannibal both started to say something in her earpiece but she ignored them as she headed for Pike because this was all her. She had all sorts of ideas on how to play this out, but one thing was for certain: she had to take out Pike before he took out the people that she loved the most. He'd burned them once and she wasn't about to let him burn them literally again. There was far too much on the line here now for her to just sit back and watch.

"Okay, game changer," Pike said as he grabbed the rocket launcher. "Here's what I think of your best laid plans…"

Anna didn't get there in time to stop Pike from pulling the trigger and launching the rocket at the ship, watching in horror as it hit and exploded. That was her family down there and she had no idea if they were alright or if Jana was okay, but she knew that if she spoke up right now she would alert Pike of her position and she had to make this count. Still, the comms were up and she began to hear them sound off because they were all shook up and she understood as her heart was pounding away in her chest.

"Jesus Christ!" Face said as he got tossed a bit from the explosion.

"So much for the grand scheme, Smith," Pike said as he started to lower the weapon, crying out in pain as he felt a bullet hit him in the arm, dropping the launcher for good and looking to see Anna. "So it's little Anna Banana?"

Anna pulled the trigger again as Pike went for his gun. "Remember when I mentioned torture? I'm going to make this very painful, Pike…"

Bosco looked around. "What the Hell was that?"

"Face…what the Hell was that?" Hannibal asked him.

"Pike hit the ship! He punched a hole in the haul and now Anna's with him!" Face yelled, looking over near Pike.

"What about the plan?" Jana asked, at a loss of what to do.

"Pike just blew up the plan!" Face explained shaking his head. "Now we're improvising!"

Bosco nodded and took a breath. "I'm going for Hannibal!"

Anna was glad that someone was going for Murdock and her father as she walked up to Pike and hit him in the face with the butt of her gun. She had just wanted to dish out to him what she hadn't been allowed to before even though it was important that she get to her father before Lynch did. Just in case anything else went wrong, Anna had to prove that she was a valuable part of this team, even though suddenly everything was very, very wrong and she didn't feel so good. Probably, because Pike had just stabbed her while she mentally clicked off that everyone was alright, and she gasped, pulling the trigger again, only this time in his abdomen.

"I want you to watch them die, Anna," Pike said angrily as Anna pulled the knife out of her side and looked at the blood on her hands.

Anna took a shaky breath. "The only person I'm going to watch die is you."

"Anna!" Face called out to her as he jumped from the ship that was rapidly sinking to one of the claws he was using to move the crates. "Get away from Pike! I mean it, Anna! This is the perfect moment for Lynch to strike out!"

Just as she was about to say something else, Pike used what strength he had left to attack her, knocking her gun out of her hands. Even though the action caught her off guard, Anna fought back with everything that she had, slashing at him with the knife and crying out when he swept his foot under her and knocked her on her backside, going for the rocket launcher again. She stopped him by throwing the knife at him, him grunting angrily as the knife went into his hand. He pulled it out and lunged for her, Anna evading the attack and catching him in the face with her knee.

Staggering and stunned, Pike dropped the knife, watching as it fell to the ground, reaching up to hold his now wounded face, losing blood and fast. Anna had the upper hand here and yet he still fought against her, falling to his knees rather hard as she elbowed him in the back of the neck to make him stay down and then swiftly kicked him in the head with her boot. There was a lot of anger and aggression in her for what he had done to her and to the A-Team and she kicked him again, only in the shoulder this time.

"Face, what's happening?" Hannibal asked rather hurriedly.

Face shook his head as he made his way across the top of the wreckage. "I have to go for Anna! She's with Pike!"

Hannibal understood, Lynch making his way for him as Bosco came to try and get to him too, needing to be there for Murdock and Hannibal. The whole team always managed to somehow get out alive and this wasn't going to be an exception to that, so he moved as quickly as he could toward Hannibal's and Murdock's positions. Face continued toward Anna, getting there as she pointed a gun at a very bloody, beaten Pike and he paused a moment—this wasn't his Anna.

Anna had always been the one in the group that kept her cool and found a way to get around things with 'seduction' rather than pain of torture but now? Pike had snapped something inside of her and while flattered to see the lengths she would go to for them, Face was also a little bit disturbed to see Anna like this. She had always been a momma bear of sorts and if you provoked a bear you got torn to shreds, but Anna was a gentle soul and right now she was a little bit terrifying.

"Anna…" Face said shaking his head. "He's not worth it, you don't have to kill him."

Anna looked up at Face, Pike lying there on his back with his eyes closed. "You would rather me let him lie here in agony? Killing him would put him out of his misery and as much as I want him to be in excruciating agony…I can't."

That was more like his Anna.

"Baby, just put down the gun," Face said as he neared her.

"Only if you promise me that you'll pull the trigger," Anna responded shaking her head. "He has to die—some people just have to die."

"You've never believed that," Face tried again, Pike moving and Anna cocking the gun. "Baby…"

Anna felt the tears well up in her eyes. "He's the reason you all went to prison. He's the reason I got my father taken away from me. He laughed when he found out that my mother was dead because it 'served Hannibal right'. He doesn't deserve to live."

"No, he doesn't," Face admitted, taking in the new information. "He doesn't deserve to live, you're right. Can you live with this, though? You doing this kill out of revenge?"

"It's for the greater good," Anna said gently before she pulled the trigger, shooting Pike in the head and then staggering backwards.

She had killed people before, but Face was right about one thing—she had to live with doing this killing purely out of revenge. Sure, it was for the greater good, but she felt sour about it and her knife wound hurt, Face going over to her quickly when he saw that she was bleeding. He tried to open up her jacket to see the wound but Anna pushed his hands away, putting her gun in her holster and moving toward the wreckage instead.

"I have to find my father," Anna said, pausing when Face took her hand, making her look at him. "I'm alright, I just…we have to find my father."

Face nodded and gave her a smile to reassure her, both of them moving toward the wreckage when one of Lynch's men started shooting at them. Just because Pike was dead didn't mean this was over, and Anna moved quickly even though she was losing some blood, determined to find her father. Face alerted Bosco of their position because they were running low on ammo to fight back, Bosco showing up to kill the man and save Face and Anna just in the knick of time.

"Anna, you're hurt?" Bosco asked as he pulled off his black hat to reveal his Mohawk and his new outlook on life and what he believed in. "We need to get you safe."

Anna shook her head. "Not before I find my father…"

Nodding, Bosco explained that Jana was with Sosa for the time being to help her to catch Lynch at the right moment, Anna moving swiftly to her father. She was ahead of Face and Bosco even though they were trying to keep her safe, understanding that this was her family—the only pure blooded family that she had left—and this was her fight just as much as it was theirs. They were worried about her, but they believed in her and she had faith in herself to get there in time, hearing two shots and booking it even though she was cringing and beginning to get light headed.

"Oh look at this," Lynch said, blood on his mouth from hitting Hannibal once or twice. "Your gun, your problem."

Anna cocked her gun from behind him. "I think I'm your problem, asshole."

"So you brought your daughter along, huh? I think that's bad parenting," Lynch joked as he moved to put the gun back in his hands.

"I swear to God if you move anymore, I will put you down like I put Pike down," Anna promised, finger on the trigger.

Lynch didn't bother to listen, moving to hit her and getting shot in the arm, which disarmed him enough for Hannibal to barrel at him. Hannibal was a bit disoriented, sporting blood on his mouth too, but no one went after his daughter—no one. The scuffle took Anna for surprise and she went for Murdock, being careful not to say his name because it wasn't time to reveal that yet. Still, Morrison had meant a lot to her and she was Annabelle Smith: everyone expected her to be the bleeding heart.

"So you took out Pike?" Lynch asked her as Hannibal knocked him down to the ground. "Well, I gotta say that's impressive, but…"

With the gun he'd gotten back off of the ground, Lynch shot Anna in the arm and she screamed out, Hannibal up and attacking Lynch again, but this time he was on the ground and it was just as well, as the freight container was lifted up. Standing outside with guns all around him as he held the plates and Murdock sat up and Morrison's voice went over and over again, gun pointed at Hannibal, Lynch realized that he had been played…and he had lost.

"Gotta say, I like the display part of the plan," Jana said with a smile as she stood next to Sosa and nodded.

Lynch nodded slowly. "Surprise!"

Sosa moved in to arrest Lynch, Jana moving to help Hannibal up as even though she wanted to go to Murdock, Bosco was already headed there and Face was to Anna before anyone could stop him. He stroked her hair and kissed her temple, checking out her arm and helping her to stand, letting her lean on him because she was losing some blood and even though Sosa looked over at him, he only had eyes for Anna and she was grateful for it. Jana laughed a little and patted Sosa on the back, breaking off Sosa's stare.

"Maybe if you hadn't been such a bitch, it would have worked out for you," Jana told her with a shrug. "As it is, I think my girl won."

Waving it off, Sosa moved on and Jana went to help with some clean up, getting her weapons, as the A-Team stood there and took a deep collective breath. Murdock was feeling sane and he didn't like it, telling Face he wanted Hannibal to make the plans from now on even though he was totally fine, and Hannibal looked to Bosco and asked him how his conscience was: it was clean, and Bosco was happy about that. Everyone smiled and the medics showed up while the teams and clean-up crews showed up, Anna getting her arm and her knife wound looked at, Face by her side the whole time.

Hannibal tried to stay near her too, but once he was given a cigar from her, he went to go and smoke it away from her, smiling a bit when he saw Face stroke Anna's hair once she was bandaged and kiss her gently. He knew that his daughter was in good hands and after this she needed someone other than him to lean on even though he knew how some of the healing process was going to go and it was going to involve Face in ways Hannibal didn't want to even imagine. Still, as the sun came out and the new day was upon them, they saw that Lynch was being taken into custody by the CIA and it made Anna weary.

"All you have to say is 'sorry'?" Anna asked the new agent as he apologized to them for the inconvenience.

He smiled at her. "Something tells me that you're going to get along just fine, Agent Smith."

"We didn't catch your name," Hannibal said as he puffed on his cigar, Lynch flipping them off from his handcuffs as he was put into the new car.

"It's Lynch," the new agent said with a nod.

Hannibal nodded too. "Of course it is."

"Why wouldn't it be?" Anna chimed in wearily.

She took a deep breath and then looked at Face, smiling as he smiled at her and kissed her gently, over his 'fear' of the PDA. Anna might have been Hannibal's daughter, but he loved her and he wanted everyone to know that he did, even though he was aware that Sosa was upset about the new developments because she suddenly believed that she could trust them. Then some more suits showed up and Anna moved to talk to them, slowly letting go of Face's hand because as she stood he still held on, smiling at her when she smiled and then pulled away.

Sosa had a director and so did Anna, and even though she knew that part of this had been sloppy, she also had connections deep within the organization and her connections didn't stop there. Anna wasn't just an agent—Anna was part of the A-Team whether that was officially in the records or not and she was getting her team out of this. There were bad people in the world that needed stopping off the records and she was here to make sure that no one had to go back to prison…do her part as the inside into the government.

"Says here in this folder that this was an undercover project," her director said nodding. "You do nice work even though it's messy, Smith."

Anna smiled at him. "Well, I can't take all the credit—most of the plan was the A-Team. So how are we handling this?"

"Oh, it's handled," the director told her smiling. "I'm even getting her boss off of everyone's back, so it's handled." Anna's director explained as he pointed to Sosa.

"And Sosa gets her promotion?" Anna asked slowly.

"Yes, she gets her promotion," he said with a nod. "Welcome back to the fold, Agent Smith. Next time, though, go through me before you go through the higher ups."

Anna smiled at him. "That can be arranged."

Note: I know I didn't end off with them going to jail again, or you know, getting charged again to go to jail, but Anna is part of this and she's in the FBI and she has connections that not even Hannibal knows about that I will delve into very, very soon. Next chapter starts us off with the other main story line and cliffhangs you to a lemon. The chapter after the next, everything comes to a climax and yeah, I suppose that is kind of a dirty joke, haha. Feedback is always appreciated!