This is my first fic so I don't expect much out of it. I don't have a beta so please excuse any grammatical errors of mine. This isn't a song fic but it was sort of inspired by Carrie Underwood's song "Just a Dream".

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Star Wars franchise. Not even in my dreams ha-ha.

Italics- Thoughts

: ~ : Comlink

Just A Dream

Ahsoka Tano: Jedi Knight, Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, ex-Padawan of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. All of these titles, all this honor, but none of it mattered right now. Except for one titleā€¦friend.

She stared in horror at the blaster pointed at her chest, just a plain reminder of how much of a failure this mission was. Negotiations fell short, they were ambushed, and all her men were wiped out. Except for one. The blaster was in the hand of this one trooper and all she could think was why?

He was her friend, or at least she thought he was. She looked from the blaster to the trooper. He looked very reluctant to be the last one standing, the one that has to do this.

Why won't he just shoot already?

Ahsoka bit her lip in anticipation for what was to come, what wasn't coming fast enough. Her vision was blurred with her unshed tears.

No, she thought to herself, I will not cry.

Her eyes remained on the blaster, for she could not bring herself to look this trooper in the face again.

Rex. Her captain. Her second-in-command. Her friend. All these names, yet they meant nothing right now.

"I love you."

It came out of nowhere and Ahsoka looked up to see his face.

She let a tear fall.

He pulled the trigger.

And it was over.

Just like that.

Ahsoka bolted upright in her bunk, breathing heavily. She looked around her quarters and slowly drifted back to reality.

It was just a dream.

But what could've brought in a dream like that. Her line of thought was interrupted when Anakin's voice came over her comlink.

: Ahsoka, we need you on the bridge in ten minutes for a briefing.:

Ahsoka sighed. "Copy that, Master."

She pulled herself off the bunk and headed towards the bridge. Her mind drifted back to the dream. Had Rex really said that he loved her? Does he love her now? What caused the dream in the first place?

I don't know.

I guess I'll never know.