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Child of the Sky


Chapter 1


Words: 158

Soft white snow fell upon the ground in soft drifts, blanketing the earth and freezing all unprotected life. The white powder fluttered down from the darkness of the cloudy night sky, glowing against the backglow of the pristine white ground. Everything was silent. Suddenly, a bright beam of light parted the clouds and shot down from the stars. It soundlessly crashed into the snowy forest floor and narrowed before disappearing into a few glittering specks. The only evidence the light existed was one, large parting gift.

There, in the midst of the spotless white, huddled a splash of crimson.

The being shivered and reached out for something she could not see and could not find. With a soft crunch, her hand dropped and her eyes fluttered shut, and she released one last, ragged breath. It puffed in the cold air, rising into the atmosphere like a small cloud before fading into the darkness.

Gomen nasai...