A/N: Alright, first off I have no idea why I wrote this. I was bored, my crazy, loveable cousin (who's nickname is Kevin, even tho she is a girl) was visiting and well... we started talking and since I'm fairly certain she's on crack, it's not really so surprising that I wrote this as a result. LOL. Anyway...

There probably won't be too much of the whole team, just Morgan and Reid. The team will make appearances, do the profile and everything they do to catch the killer, but a lot of this story will be from Morgan and Reid's POV just because it's mostly about them. This is NOT slash, just to get that clear. No offense to anyone who writes slash. I don't read too much of it normally, but I don't have a problem with it. I just don't write it. Morgan and Reid are just pretending to be gay in this story 'cause I thought it'd be funny...

WARNING: There will probably be violence in this story, guys holding hands and being perverted, some mild language and a homophobic, racist unsub. I really think it's soooo pointless to be a homophobe and/or a racist, so there is a good chance I will kill the unsub in this story... not sure yet.


Ch. 1: The New Case

The team sat in the conference room, staring at the photos that JJ had just displayed on the screen. The first was a picture of two men, bloody, beaten, stabbed and lying in crumpled, unnatural heaps in a chaotic apartment. The second and third were much the same. Each photo had one black man, one white man.

"We got a call this morning from the sheriff of Taylor, North Carolina. It's a fairly small town near the border between North Carolina and South Carolina… three inter-racial gay couples have been murdered in the past month." JJ explained, flipping through the photos with her small remote.

"The kills look angry," Reid noted, staring at the brutal scenes. "Our unsub probably has a problem with gay people…"

"Not just homosexuals though," Hotch pointed out, "The victims are inter-racial gay couples."

"So the unsub is a homophobe and a racist," Morgan said, shaking his head.

"Looks like it," Prentiss said, "Mark Johnston, the first victim, was stabbed thirty-nine times."

"They definitely need our help," Hotch interjected, looking down at the file in his hands.

"But if this unsub is killing these men because they're inter-racial gay couples, then we could have a problem." Rossi pointed out slowly.

"And that would be?" Prentiss asked, frowning.

"Taylor is a small town… there probably aren't too many gay couples there… not to mention inter-racial gay couples. This unsub could move onto another city if there aren't any more victims that fit his MO. Or just start killing every homosexual man in town." Rossi explained, looking at Hotch meaningfully.

"That would be a problem," Hotch nodded slowly. He seemed to be the only one who immediately saw were Rossi was going with this.

"But if we were sure that there was another target…" Rossi glanced over at Morgan for a moment, "We might be able to catch this guy. And keep him in the town."

Hotch nodded, "It could help," He acknowledged.

"What could help?" Morgan demanded, not liking the look Rossi had given him. "Hotch?"

"We could give our unsub more victims." Hotch stated simply.

Morgan blinked, "You don't mean -"

"You could go undercover," Rossi said. "As a gay man…"

"But the unsub is killing couples," Prentiss pointed out, still frowning.

Rossi shot a pointed look at Reid who immediately understood and scowled, "No." he said. "There is no way that I'm -"

"Reid, it would keep the unsub in Taylor, and give us a good shot at catching this guy before he kills again." Hotch pointed out.

"C'mon, Hotch, really?" Morgan demanded. "You can't be serious. You want me to pretend to be Reid's boyfriend?"

"It would help us with this case, Morgan. You've done undercover work before." Hotch pointed out.

"Not as a gay guy!" Morgan protested.

"No one will know either of you there," Rossi pointed out, looking from Morgan to Reid. "This way we can be sure that the unsub will stay in Taylor."

Reid shook his obstinately, "No." he said. "I won't do it."

"Neither will I, Hotch." Morgan said. "We can profile this guy and catch him the way we always do."

"But he might not stay in the town. We could lose him if he decides to widen his killing range." Prentiss said.

Morgan and Reid sighed, hating that they were right. And completely unwilling to admit it. "But why does it have to be us?" Morgan demanded.

"Because you two could easily fit the victimology. He's killing inter-racial couples. You're black… Reid's white. And you're pretty close the same age. You two could pass for a couple." Rossi explained.

"Are you trying to say something?" Morgan frowned.

"Morgan, Reid," Hotch said, sighing. "This would really help the investigation. Rossi's right."

Morgan and Reid glanced at each other, frowning. They were right. They knew they were right. And how could they really argue with that? It was their job to catch killers and stop them from killing again. Sighing, Morgan nodded slowly, "Alright, alright fine. But I am not kissing him."

Reid scowled, "Who said I want you to kiss me?" he snapped.

"Neither of you have to do anything like that," Hotch interrupted. "You just have to go to the town, pretend to be a couple… go to movies and dinner together, simple things. We'll rent an apartment for you, and you can call us every night."

"It'll be like you're on vacation with your best friend," Rossi said, a small grin spreading across his face.

"You two can leave tonight… We'll wait a little longer before going to Taylor and leave first thing in the morning. That way not even the local detectives will see you two with us when we get off the jet." Hotch told them.

Morgan and Reid both sighed and glanced at each other warily. This was going to be interesting.