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Epilogue: Adorable


Reid sighed contentedly as he sank down into his chair at his desk and began to do paper work. He had gotten to work early, eager to be back again after two long months of medical leave. He had nearly been ready to gouge his eyes out with boredom.

"Hey, look who's finally back," Prentiss grinned, "How's the shoulder?"

"Still a little sore," Reid said, "But I've almost got a full range of motion back already. My physical therapist says I'm progressing well. It still throbs sometimes though."

"I'll bet. I can't imagine being stabbed in the shoulder…" she shuddered, and smiled, "But it's good to see you back. You have no idea how annoying Morgan can be when he doesn't have you to pick on." she grinned.

Reid rolled his eyes, "No, of course I don't. I only spent three days undercover with him and he stayed at my house for a week after I got out of the hospital, but I don't know how annoying he is."

"Oh, sarcasm from genius doctor Reid," Prentiss teased, "Never thought I'd see the day."

Garcia spotted Reid and immediately rushed over, hugging him. "My precious baby!" she grinned, then frowned, "Why didn't you come straight to my office when you got here? You know I have gifts."

Reid blinked, "Uh… um, I didn't even think about it." he said slowly.

Garcia huffed, "Some genius," she muttered. "After all the times you've been injured, I've always given you something and you don't even think about coming by my office?" she demanded.

"You didn't give me anything when I was shot in the leg," Reid pointed out, smiling. "You wouldn't even let me have one of the cookies you made for Hotch."

Garcia rolled her eyes, "That was different. And I did give you candy, if you remember, Mr. I-have-an-eidetic-memory." she snapped.

Reid sighed, "I'm sorry, Garcia. I just… wanted to get back to work."

"Fair enough," She nodded, then with a flourish she handed him a small tin of cookies, "And if you don't eat every single on of them before today's over, I'll feel extremely hurt." she said, smiling. "And don't ever, ever get yourself hurt again. What am I saying? How many times have I told you not to do that? And yet, here you sit." she shook her head disapprovingly. "We're gonna have to get you some kind of protecting, Junior G-man."

Reid sighed, "I can take care of myself, Garcia."

"Obviously," She said, nodding her head toward his shoulder. She gave him another quick hug before hurrying back to her office.

Morgan was late that morning, yawning as he practically fell into his seat. "Hey, Pretty Boy, look who finally came back."

Reid frowned at him, "You say that I left on purpose."

"I don't know…" Morgan grinned, "You do have a bad habit of getting hurt and being on medical leave. Maybe you're just doing it so you can get out of working."

"Trust me Morgan, I'd rather be at work than at home." Reid said, not even looking up from his paper work.

"Which is why you don't have a girlfriend," Morgan teased.

"What's your excuse, Morgan?" Prentiss asked, smiling at her co-worker teasingly.

"I haven't found the right woman yet," he said, grinning.

"No, you've found several. All of them, presumably, one night stands," Prentiss said.

"That is not true," Morgan said. "Just because I'm not usually with a girl for very long doesn't mean I'm not actually looking for a stable relationship."

"Face it, Derek Morgan, you are a player." Prentiss teased, opening up another file on her desk.

Morgan frowned, and looked to Reid, "C'mon, back me up man,"

Reid just shrugged and kept his attention on the paper work, "Sorry, you're on your own."

Morgan scowled, "Alright, fine, I see how it is. You remember that next time you want advice about women, kid."

"Ah, come on, Morgan, Reid doesn't need advice about women." Prentiss said. "He's adorable."

Reid blinked and looked up at her, "What?" he asked. "You make me sound like a kitten."

Prentiss's eyes lit up, "No, you're not a kitten, Reid." she assured him. "More like a puppy. An adorable, lost little puppy."

Reid frowned at her, "I don't look anything like a puppy." he said stubbornly.

"Have you seen your eyes?" she asked.

"What's wrong with my eyes?" he demanded, looking completely confused.

"Nothing's wrong with them," Prentiss said, "They just big and honest and wide, and a very pretty shade of brown." She looked up and called JJ over, "Hey, JJ help me out." she said as the blond woman approached. "Don't Reid's eyes remind you of a puppy?"

"Definitely," JJ said.

Reid sighed, "I give up," he muttered, turning his attention back to his paper work.

"Don't worry kid, they confuse me too," Morgan said, looking at Prentiss and JJ like they were some alien species before turning his attention back to his own paper work. The two women just laughed and continued talking about Reid's puppy dog eyes.