After being shocked by how many people liked Bittersweet Nothing I decided to write a story, via a series of one-shots looking into a zade turned zadr with hints of bittersweet nothing.

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Betrayal of the Game


"Am I Going Insane? (Insane)
My Blood Is Boiling Inside Of My Veins
An Evil Feeling Attacks (Attacks)
My Body's Shaking There's No Turning Back"
'Your Betrayal' Bullet for My Valentine

"You're pathetic you know that right, Dib?" the teen looked up at his little sister from his spot on the couch. Her eyes never leaving the screen of her Game Slave 2, her lips turned down into a permanent scowl.

"Yeah, pathetic. Why do you even care?" he rolled his eyes sitting up, it had only been a week and yet it felt longer than that. Why should he care? Hadn't he saved Earth and proved he wasn't insane? That's all that mattered, isn't it?

"I don't care; I just don't understand why you did it. He wouldn't have succeeded anyway." she paused her game, something she rarely did, to look her brother in the eyes for a moment.

"It didn't matter, it was just a game and I won." he shrugged taken back by the sudden change in character.

"Does it hurt to think about him?" she asked in a rare moment of concern.

"I don't know." his voice trembled slightly in confustion.

"Then it wasn't a game, not even from the first day."she turned her attention back to her game, leaving her brother in stunned silence.

"If it wasn't a game then, what was it?" he asked himself thinking back to the first day he saw Zim, all those years ago.