Betrayal of the Game

Level Two: Aggro Pull

"I feel so much destruction

In everything that you do!

Anger is creeping in me!

Watch I don't explode on you!"

~ Bullet for My Valentine 'Take It Out On Me'

"Then tell me what I saw Gaz?" Dib spat knowing that his sister was right. His sister was always right and would always be wrong.

"You saw a walking punching bag with benefits," A hint of disgust clear in her voice. " And he let you use him that way."

"The feeling of aggression was mutual between us. We were trying to kill each other before all of this happened." That was a lie not once had he ever held an intention to actually kill the small Irken, maybe pain or agony, but never death.

"Yeah right, neither of you would have known what to do if either of you stopped fighting."

"I'd go back to proving the paranormal."

"Then what are waiting for Dibstick? There's no one standing in your way anymore. Or did you lose all motivation?"

"Shut-up Gaz! You don't know what you're talking about! "

"Are you upset that the game is over? Did I strike a nerve? I didn't realize that only your boyfriend had permission to do that, but I bet he touched more than a nerve."

"SHUT UP!" the teen screamed bolting out the front door his feet taking him back to where it had all ended.

"Hello, my little Diblet." A thick snake like tongue caressed his ear before running down the side of neck. He flinched trying to pull away only to have the PAK legs press harder against the tender flesh above his heart and delicate wrists.

"What do you want Zim?" he hissed trying to ignore the shivers of pleasure run down his spine.

"I should be asking you that seeing you were the one who entered my base without permission. You deserve to be punished, but I'm really not in mood to mess up my newly cleaned lab. I just got the stains out from the last time some earth larva managed to break in."

"You're a sick bastard. What did we ever do to you?"

"You exist. It's disgusting to watch you humans crawl through this world believing that you're the only intelligent life in the universe. To even belief yourself that you're intelligent should be reason enough." Irken let him drop to the floor in a heap.

"What makes your race better, Zim? You conquer planets for your own gain."

"But we understand what it means to stand together, we know what true loyalty is. Irkens do not turn their backs on one another. Can you humans say the same? I wonder why you even still bother to protect them." Magenta eyes studied him carefully; it was hard to place what emotion was currently being expressed within those orbs.

"I'm not trying to protect them!"

"Ah yes, you're trying to prove yourself. How pathetic, no matter what you do no one would ever believe you."

"When I drag your corpse to the FBI they'll believe me."

"Oh, Dib don't you see it? You're the perfect outsider." The Irken smirked pinning the investigator once more before capturing his lips and using his claws to reopen the scars dancing down Dib's arms. Liquid crimson pooled onto the purple colored tile.

"The perfect outsider." A choked sob caught in his throat as he collapsed on the same purple tiles dulled only by dust.