Harry and Ginny Reunited

Harry made his way back to the Great Hall with Ron and Hermione. The three were battle-worn and tired, but filled with joy over the defeat of Voldemort. One chapter of their lives had finally closed, and Harry couldn't help but feel a little sad that his life was changing. The wall of this castle echoed so many memories, made his first true home, but now it was time to move on. His years as a student at Hogwarts were really and truly over.

The elation had settled a bit now, and the faces that he passed were showing the exhaustion from all that had happened. He passed them in silence, seeking out one person above all others. The red strands of her hair were visible before the rest of her, and Harry rushed forward. Almost as if she could sense him coming, Ginny turned and their eyes met. Withdrawing herself from the rest of her family, she slipped away with Harry and slid her hand into his. No words passed between them as they made their way out into the silent grounds.

"I knew you could do it," she told him. "I knew you would come back to me, eventually."

Harry basked in the moment, brushing a hand gently across her cheek to sweep back her flaming red hair. He couldn't believe he was finally at peace, could finally do with his life what he wanted without fear of how it might hurt the ones he loved.

Without saying a word, he drew her tightly to him, and pressed his lips against hers. She kissed him fiercely back, and the two were locked in an embrace, time meaningless. Her body was soft and warm, such a contrast to the cold fear he had faced just hours before. He and Ginny could be together, finally and infinitely, with no worry and no constraints. When they finally broke apart, Harry kept his fingers wound in her hair, revelling in her scent.

Smiling gently, he whispered in her ear, "Love is what kept me away from you, but it's also what brought me back."

"I know." And her eyes blazed as brightly as her hair. She turned away from him to watch the sun rise ever higher in the sky, as strong and bright as the day to come. There were shadows that would lay across their lives, the loss of friends, the scars of battle, but Harry trusted Ginny to be his sun, to show that though there were shadows, the light always outweighed the dark. Their lives had changed forever, but Harry knew it was all for the better.

As oranges and pinks streaked across the sky, Ginny gripped Harry's fingers tightly. Her voice was barely a breath caught on the breeze, but perfectly audible. "I love you, too."