Far, far away in a galaxy past the biggest dark hole laid Planet Z.

It was a volcano-like place where only about 300 people lived.

On that very planet a boy and his friends, which names were Wilson, House, Rogue, and Sunny, had no idea that they were going to save Planet Z.

It was when each of them were 19 years old and it was 9016.

The time was 20:00 army time. Wilson and House went

to the armory.

They saw a Golden Plat Blaster 3000 for $300.

Wilson knew he was buying it when he had enough money. House saw a crystal rifle.

"300 shots per second" said House.

"I know" said Wilson.

They looked around. No one was there. House looked out the window. Wilson and House gasped. There was a giant army of monster creatures from the volcanoes. Wilson called the monkey academy.

The monkeys' names were : Doug, Cole, Camden, and Ethan Wilson and House took the weapons and started loading.

Meanwhile, Rouge and Sunny were at the hair salon. They heard the noise. They ran all the way to the armory. They all thought how the monsters could be destroyed. Wilson ran to his plane. A green monster came. Volcanoes blew up and shot fire everywhere, turning the monster into ash.

Wilson thought it was over. Then from the lava came a huge Barlog!(from Lord ofthe Rings!) It carelessly swung its sword back and forth. Wilson took his jetpack and flew off.

The monster was amused that Wilson looiked like an ant. Wilson fired a squirt of water at it.

The Barlog Exploded. Wilson won. It was finally over.