Full Summary: Rosalie Cullen's parent's separate. Her mum gets married to a different kind of man, Billy Black. Moving in with her mum she finds herself adopting not only a new stepdad, but also a brother, Jacob. Their differences make the hate easier, but as Rosalie learns more about this trouble maker, Jacob, she finds out the reason behind all of his outbursts. Both being young, stressed out with school, friends and girl/boyfriends, they find comfort in each other. The normal brotherly/sisterly love isn't the only thing going on between the two. One long weekend, their parent's go away for a romantic vacation, and they have the house to themselves. The weekend starts with their usual bickering and practical jokes. But, the underlying feelings behind all the hate and dislike comes to the surface when the silence fills the room. Will they be able to express their true feelings for one another and hide their immoral actions from their parent's?

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The long stretch of never ending road seemed to be mocking me. I told mum it was a stupid idea to be driving half way across the country when we could have just taken a cheap flight. But no, she thought it would be nice to spend some 'quality time' together. Personally my mum is great, caring, loving, we have our laughs, and she's the type of mum I can talk to her about friend problems and even boy ones too. But, sadly she has her moments where I just want to press the pause button on her remote control, or even the mute button would be nice.

Every mile that we came closer to our destination I would always winged repeating the irritating line, "Are we there yet?" Which my mother would roll her eyes at me telling me to stop being a snotty nosed teenager. But hey, I couldn't help being what I am. My iPod didn't help much either, all the same songs playing over again in the headphones. I groaned an unladylike groan and ripped the headphones from my ears, throwing my iPod on the floor. My mother jumped in the driver seat as she heard my outburst, but she didn't say anything to me.
Lying the front seat down, I attempted to sleep although the bumpy roads made it impossible to do so. My mum and I have been driving for what feels like forever, but I know it's only been about ten hours. Of course we have stopped every two or three hours for toilet, food and stretching breaks. But I can't help being in this mood when my mother decides to take me miles away from home, so I could live with her and her new husband, Billy. Oh, and not to mention his teenage son, Jack? Josh? Something starting with J.

My parent's separated about five years ago, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for both of them. I was mostly sorry for my mum, because my father had found someone else. Esme, my mother, told me that she didn't care and that she was happy for her ex-husband. But I knew she was still heartbroken. So, I thought it would be cool to hook her up a bit, I tried firstly with all my friend's single dads, but she wasn't happy with any of them. Next, without her knowing I made her an account on one of those dating websites. She was furious with me when she received a tonne of phone calls from random single guys all over the place. But I influenced her to change her mind. One thing led to another, and my mother found Billy.
I would say something lovey dovey right now like, "they're perfect for each other", or "you couldn't find two people right for each other". But, I couldn't because really, Billy is not the type of man I would see my mother with. He is so different to my dad, if you were to put both Billy and my father, Carlisle in the same room together; I swear the room would turn into a battleground. My father is a successful barrister in partnership with an old college room mate from Yale, but his smarts aren't the only thing that would make you turn your head, his personality screams "rich boy", and his looks scream "male model". Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, he's my dad, but it's the truth. Billy on the other hand, from what I saw from the first few times he and my mother went out on dates, and what I experienced at the wedding, his sensitive, but ruff as guts attitude is something you can appreciate, his looks, while not as good looking as my father, he has that face that you could tell as a younger man, was something nice to look at. Their differences not only in personality and appearance, but also in work ethics, mum said that Billy barely even graduated high school. She said he was the type that was better with his hands rather than with his brain. I really did not want to think about the underlying sexual meaning of that, but having an older brother who decided to corrupt you at the age of nine, my brain does it on it's own, sorry.
Billy and my mum got married about a month ago, and my mother hated me not being with her. So, to make her happy I begrudgingly agreed to move out to this part of the country no one new about. They called it The Reservation. How lame.

I don't even realise I have fallen asleep until I hear my mother's voice.
"Rosalie, come on honey wakeup. We are almost there." My mum shook me awake. Sleepily I sat up and looked out the window and all I could see was green; green trees, green grass, green moss, green, green, green.
"Fabulous." I mumble and fix my hair and make up in the fold up mirror.
We drive down one-lane roads; we pass few houses that look more like cottages and down a small gravel road.
"Please, don't tell me we're living here?" I beg my mother as I stare at the tiny looking house that sits in the middle of the gravel drive way. She looks at my sympathetically and I groan flinging myself back on the car seat.
"Rose, it's beautiful down here. And, if you go down through the trees there," She points to a section of the forest next to what looks like a home-made garage. I am so not putting my car in that thing. "And you walk about a five minute walk, you are at the most amazing little beach. Of course, it's much too cold to go swimming, it's still lovely to take walks along." She gives me a smile, and I can tell she is really happy. So I suck it up and give her a smile back.
"Come on, Billy is just dying to see you again, and Jacob is a nice young man." She opens her car door and I stay in the car for a little longer when I feel the slight chill that comes through the open door. My mother walks about a maximum of two steps until Billy captures her in a hug. Normally, when I was younger and I saw my parent's get close to hugging I would do a fake gag. But now, I smile seeing how my mum laughs when Billy whispers something to her.
I get out of the car and walk around the front. Billy releases my mum and comes over to me, giving me an awkward brief hug.
"Lovely to see you again Rosalie. Did you enjoy the drive up?" He asks and my mum can't help but laugh at his question.
"It was fine. I tried to get some sleep. But it was nice to spend some time with mum, especially not seeing her for a few weeks." I give mum a smile and she comes over and gives me a kiss on the cheek and a hug.
"Thankyou Rose." She whispers to me and I whisper back that she is most welcome.
"That's good to hear." Billy gives me a pat on the shoulder, his behaviour toward me seems like he isn't used to having a teenage girl around.
"Listen, Billy. Could you drive me over to Forks Hospital? I got a call this morning and I have to fill out some things before I can start my shifts this week." Esme grabs on to Billy's hand and he smiles, telling her that it's fine. My mother, a nurse for babies in intensive care after being born prematurely, got a new position at the nearest hospital. Billy, I have no idea what he does. Mum said he owns his own mechanic shop or something. That's, um, cool?
"Jake, stop being unsociable. Come and say hello." Billy yells out. What I didn't realise before was the tall guy leaning against the side of the house, watching us. He kicks himself off the wall and strides over here with his arms crossed over his chest.
"Hey, Esme." He flashes my mum a smile and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Jacob, my new stepbrother, turns to face me.
"Sup?" He gives me a nod.
"Uh, hi." I look away awkwardly and notice that my mother and Billy are walking over to the large Land Rover sitting in the driveway. Leaving us time to get to know each other I guess.
"Jacob," Billy yells out again. "Help Rosalie bring her things into her new room." He and my mother leave Jacob and I standing there in an awkward silence.

I've only ever met Jacob once, at the wedding of course. He and I had to walk down the isle together as we were both in the wedding party. But when it came time for photos, I had many taken with my mum, a few with my new stepdad, some with the whole of the wedding party, a few with all of the other bridesmaids and I even had to have one taken with Jacob. It was nice to see him wearing a suit, other than what he's wearing now, a wife beater and cut off jeans, oh so very stylish. But the photographer told him to stand behind me and then to put his hands on my hips. I really didn't mind much at all, it was a tad weird, but it wasn't for very long because after the photographer took the picture, Jacob squeezes my ass before walking off to the buffet table. Jerk.
Jacob and I just stare at each other, sizing each other up. He, tall, muscular, dark skinned and dark short cut hair. Me, shorter than he, I would say I'm athletic, considering all the training I do, sun tanned skin and long blonde hair. You know how I called him a jerk just before? Well I don't think that sums him up. Stupid, inconsiderate jerk is more like it. Instead of helping me with my bags, he just laughs, shakes his head at me and heads back inside the house.
"Oi, Jacob! I thought you were going to help me!" I scream at him and he doesn't bother answering me, instead he gives me the one finger salute. Motherfucker.
"Fine, be a jerk." I mumble and go to open the boot. Pulling out two of my five suitcases, I carry them inside. The house is even smaller inside than out. Wondering how I'm going to live in such a tiny space makes me want to scream. As soon as I step into the house, it's the living room. Where Jacob sits on an old looking couch watching the sports channel. He looks up when he hears the door slam behind me and gives me a cocky grin.
"Would you mind showing me my room?" I say, slightly out of breath. Damn, my bags weigh a tonne.
"Down the hall, last door on your left." He goes back to watching the television and turns the volume up when I try to ask him to help me. Ignoring his rude behaviour, I drag my suitcases down the hall and I count the doors. One, two…three. Opening the door I see a tiled floor, tiled walls and I practically scream, but it comes out as a muffled shriek as I realise that Jacob directed me to the bathroom. Most likely the bathroom I will have to share with him. I have a quick scan of the bathroom and notice one of the most annoying male habits ever, leaving the toilet seat up. Stupid, inconsiderate, unhygienic jerk.
"You little…" I mumble and storm off towards the living room. I find a sniggering Jacob on the couch holding on to his stomach to stop the laughter. "That is seriously so immature. Now, seriously which is my room?" I am nothing but pissed at this moment.
"The second on the right, the one across from that is mine." He says between laughter, he goes back to watching television.
Hands on my hips I march down the hallway to the second door on the right. Thankfully this time it actually is a bedroom, but it's just about as small as the bathroom and I can't help but feel miserable at the cramped space. I chuck my two cases on the bed and head back to get my other luggage. I give Jacob a death stare before I get back to my room and start unpacking.

It must have been hours until mum and Billy got home, because when they did the sun was setting through the trees out my window.
"Hey honey, sorry it took so long. They wanted to run some things through with me and Billy had an emergency at his workshop." She comes over to watch the sun through the trees with me.
"That's fine mum. I got to unpack everything. Except there isn't much space in the closet for all my stuff." I point to the overflowing closet and my mum laughs.
"Seems like you packed too much." She pulls me in for a soft hug and I laugh with her. Pulling away she asks me the most dreadful question imaginable, "So, Jacob's kind of cute, huh?" Ew, did she just ask me if my…ew.
"Mum!" I gasp, "No, I mean sure he's attractive. But no, mum come on, he's my stepbrother for fuck's sake." I flop down on to the single sized bed pushed up to one of the walls.
"Language, Rose. And I'm happy with your reaction. I don't want to hear about any hanky panky going on with you two." She warns with a giggle.
"Sorry, mum but your question was so wrong. But I can assure you that that won't be happening, ever. He's a total jerk. He didn't even help me with my bags like Billy asked him to." I complain and I realised that I must sound like the biggest tattletale. But all well, I've had a long day and what Jacob did to me, tricking me with rooms was so immature.
"Oh, well that's a shame. It's okay, I'm sure you two will soon be friends. It will just take some time. Besides, Billy told me that Jacob feels like were intruding. So just be nice okay?" She goes to exit my room and I whinge at the fact that she wants me to be nice to someone who seems like a total dickhead.
"Okay?" She presses.
"Yes, fine. I'll try, but I can't make any promises." At my acceptance, she leaves my room and I lay down on my new bed.

I rest for a short while and use the silence as a time to think. After this exciting, not, weekend I have to start attending the local high school, with Jacob of course. I somewhat remember mum telling me that he is actually younger than I am, but is still a Junior. So, now not only having an older brother, Jasper who still lives with my dad. I also have a younger brother, who looks like he could be older than me. If I didn't like seeing my mum happy, I would have just stayed with my dad, because seriously I do not even want to be here. But, sometimes you have to suck it up and not be selfish.

A knock on my door startles me and I smack my head on the book shelf right above my bed.
"Ugh, fuck!" I moan and lie back down. "Come in." I tell the person waiting entrance.
Jacob walks in silently, closes the door and leans against it with his hands tucked into his pockets. I sit up, this time avoiding the pain of hitting my head.
"Can I help you?" I attempt asking nicely, but it comes out as a slight sneer. The silence becomes awkward as he watches me and I can't help but watch him too. I see his choice of fashion isn't much better, but at least he is wearing full-length jeans and a sleeved t-shirt this time.
"I'm beyond help." He states and comes to sit on the bed next to me. He's beyond help? What the fuck is he on? Must be some shit ass weed him and his loser friend's smoke? That's if he has friends.
"Excuse me?" I look at him like he just spoke in another language, which I wonder if he does, considering the colour of his skin. Not being racist or anything.
"Nothing." He mutters and stares out at the cloud filled night sky through my bedroom window. "My dad and Esme wanted me to come and apologise to you." Oh, how nice. Apologising to me because he was told to. Great.
"It's okay, apology accepted." I say and attempt a friendly smile. He turns his head to look at me and quirks an eyebrow.
"That wasn't me apologising to you. That was me telling you why I'm in here." He states matter-of-factly. "So if your mum or my dad ask, I apologised and now we are the best of friends." He says sarcastically, of course.
"Oh okay." I say slightly confused in the situation I'm in. So, he's now a stupid, inconsiderate, unhygienic, rude jerk.
"Glad, you understand." He gives me a cocky grin and stands up heading to the door. Spinning around he gives me another cocky grin and says; "Oh, and by the way, were going out to dinner as a family." He uses air-quotations when he says the word family.

After he leaves I flop back on the bed and try some deep breathing to stop me from going out there and giving him a piece of my mind, because seriously how rude can you get. But I guess I should just go along with it to make my mum happy. Now it's time to enjoy a beautiful family dinner and some crappy diner or something…great.

Okay so first of all, my mum and Billy decide to go to the place where we are having dinner at in Billy's truck that only has two seats so I'm left with Jacob in his car that looks like he built himself. Also, on later questioning he actually did build it himself from scraps at his dad's workshop. Nifty.
I now sit in this totally safe car, not, with some random head banging music that Jacob seems to like. And if he doesn't I'm sure he's just playing it to piss me off. While attempting to ignore the loud, eardrum bursting music I look out the window and notice that the trees seem to fly past extremely fast. I take a peek over at Jacob and he looks sideways at me, and then turns the music up even louder. I take another look, but this time at the speed-o-meter and it tells me that we are going far beyond the limit and I am about to open my mouth to complain, but Jacob turns off the music and starts up a random conversation.
"So, is your hair naturally blonde?" His voice sounds serious, but it's such a random question.
"Yes, why?" I answer hesitantly, just in case he is about to pay me out or something. Of course my hair is naturally blonde, like my father's, like how my mother's used to be when she was younger and how my brother's is too.
"Cool, so I can call you Barbie then?" He chuckles at himself and I can feel the car slow down as we approach a traffic light.
"No, that's insulting." I spit out at him and he shrugs, indicating that he doesn't care. The car goes silent for a moment and I can't help but feel awkward in this situation so I reach out to turn the radio on. Jacob's hand comes on top of mine and I recoil mine away from him.
"No. No one touches my radio. Even when it is off." He says sternly and I look out the window again. The same strange music fills the car and I can feel a headache coming on. And not just from the music either.

Finally we are at the diner, but instead of being a gentleman and opening the door for me, Jacob slams it in my face and I almost fall backwards.
"Jerk." I mutter under my breath and Jacob laughs at me. Forced to sit next to each other, Billy and my mum are deep in conversation.
"I think that would be a wonderful idea, Esme." Billy exclaims. I wonder what they are talking about as I see a basket of garlic bread with one piece left. Not having eaten practically all day I reach out to grab it, but Jacob's large hand smacks mine out of the way, grabbing the bread. He chows it down. I give him a glare before turning my attention back to Billy.
"What's a wonderful idea?" I ask him and he gives me a big smile.
"Well, your mother just suggested that we set aside one night each week to have family dinner here. And no one can make excuses not to come." My mother nods in agreement with Billy.
I moan internally at the thought and Jacob just shrugs his shoulders, not caring.
"Sure, sounds fine to me." I give my best effort of a smile.
Conversation is passed around the table, our meals are ordered and eaten. I choose the best looking thing on the menu that I know wouldn't be full of fat and carbohydrates like the rest of the menu. But Jacob, well he practically orders everything on the menu and consumes it all in the same time I eat my meal. As Billy and mum enjoy a nice conversation between bites, I catch a glimpse of Jacob shovelling food into his mouth and he pipes in on the conversation.
"I'll take Rosie to school on Monday." He says with a mouthful of food. Gross. And Rosie? Seriously? No one calls me Rosie, except for my father.
"That's very kind of you, Jacob. Are you alright with that Rose?" My mum asks me and I give her a thumbs up not trusting what might slip out of my mouth. Their conversation starts up again and I mutter under my breath to Jacob;
"Pig," commenting on his table manners, or lack there of.
"Bitch." He whispers with a fake smile, so that our parent's won't notice.

Walking out into the cold, night air I can't help but be happy that this day is almost over. Mum and Billy head off first as I wait for Jacob to finish in the bathroom. How he could use public toilets when we are about to go home is beyond me, but that just proves what I said before about him being unhygienic. Leaning against his car I shiver as a crisp breeze blows up from the beach. I am going to have to get used to the cold now, especially since I used to live where the sun would shine almost everyday, and the weather hardly even got cold enough to wear a coat. Looking around quickly I see that the car park is pretty much empty, tonight seemed like a busy night for a small town diner. Jacob steps out of the diner, hardly affected by the cold. Digging into his pocket for what I hoped were the keys to the car, but no, he pulls out a cigarette and lighter.
"You smoke?" I ask as he comes closer, lighting the stick of death.
"Really?" He says sarcastically looking at the cig in his hand, "Shit, I didn't know." Rolling his eyes at me, he comes over to my side of the car and leans against it, his body right next to mine.
"Do you?" He offers it to me and I shake my head. "Suit yourself." He finishes the cigarette in silence and I can't help but wonder to myself the whole time who exactly this guy is. I don't even know him, but my mother leaves me with him out in the middle of nowhere. I don't even know him, but I can tell he's a jerk, based on his actions. I don't even know him, but I'm judging him. Butting out the cigarette on the ground, he reaches into his pocket again grabbing out his lighter and begins playing with the small flame.
"Can we go home now?" I ask and my teeth chatter slightly.
"Sure thing, Barbie." He laughs at his own stupid joke before getting into the car and unlocking my door. Just as I close my door, Jacob's irritating voice tells me something else; "I'll take you home, if you can give a good hand job." What? That sick bastard.
"Excuse me?" I growl at him and prepare my hand, ready to slap him in the face. He laughs at me, starting the car.
"Chill, Barbie. I thought you were blonde, not a red head. Aren't they the ones that have the bad tempers?" He attempts to pay me out as we head down the road leading to my new home.
"Bad temper? I don't have a bad temper." I complain, not looking at him. "And how could you ask me something like that?"
"I was joking. Can't you take a joke?" He asks me and I just huff, and begin playing with his precious radio. "Obviously not." He says, before smacking my hand away again. The same stupid music plays again as we head to my new home.

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