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Jacob and I didn't speak for the next few days. We never looked at each other either. The only time we had to bare each others presence was at dinner in the evenings and in gym class. We were paired together for tennis. I wanted to kill Sam. He just gave me a smile. I still wanted to kill him.

We didn't speak throughout our game either. Everyone else was laughing and having fun. Even Ness was enjoying herself while avoiding hitting herself in the head with the racket again.

Jacob served first while I was distracted by my task of watching Ness. The ball hit my right arm and I called him a fuck head. He ignored me and picked up another ball. I sent it flying back and we weren't just playing an ordinary game of tennis. It was a competition of who could hit the ball harder and faster. I got the faster part and he got the harder. Half way through our second rally, Sam came up to the side of the court and watched us. Jacob hit the ball to the edge of my court and I smacked it back just before it went out of the boundary line. He missed it and I won the game. The bell went shortly after and he was still snotty nosed. Any other day I would have been happy to put Jacob in his place. But the fact that I had chemistry next period darkened my mood and I ignored Ness when she walked next to me to class.

"Hello, is anyone in there?" I tried so very hard to ignore her, but her waving her hand in front of my face made it difficult.

"There is. Now, shut up. I'm not in the mood for talking." She was quiet after that and we walked into class with about a minute to spare. I walked straight up to my chemistry teacher and gave him a stern look. He mirrored my look and asked me what I wanted.

"I'm moving seats." I told him and he shook his head at me.

"That type of behaviour won't get you anything, Miss Cullen. Now take your seat so I may begin the lesson." To him this was over, but to me I wasn't sitting down until my seat was far, far away from Jared.

"I'm not sitting next to Jared. There is no way in hell I would sit down next to him. If you don't move me next to someone else you'll be hearing from my father, who is also a barrister, might I just add? He could get your ass fired with in seconds after I dial his number." I knew I was taking this whole avoiding the pricks in my life over board, but it had to be done. The teacher smiles, and I was getting my way. Threats always worked. Or so I thought.

"Sure Miss Cullen, I'll move you. How about a seat in the principles office? That's far enough from your lab partner." His smile turned sinister and I was then handed a note explaining to the principle about my behaviour. I scrunched it up, threw it in the bin and walked out of class. Everyone was watching by then, but I didn't care.

I skipped happily to my car and sat on the hood because the rain had not yet poured. There was something about skipping class that I loved, but barely got to experience. I had skipped once before in my freshman year back at home. I just wanted to know what it felt like. I was alone and I walked to the children's playground not to far from my old school. It was close enough that I could walk back for my next class and it was secluded enough so I didn't get caught. Of course the school noticed my absence and my father was called. His disappointment beat the school's and I not only had two afternoon detentions, but I also was given an hours lecture on 'Cullen behaviour and expectations'. Nothing pleased my father more than a winning case and a proper, well-mannered and correctly brought-up daughter. And nothing pleased me more than disobeying my father and bringing shame to his name.

My free alone time was cut-short by about three quarters when he decided to skip class also.

"You know skipping class could get you in trouble?" He asks, taking a seat next to me.

"You know being annoying could get you a slap in the face?" He saw it as a joke and laughed, I wasn't joking.

"You know I'll take any physical touch from you as enjoyable?" It was hard not to smile at him when he was being sweet and corny.

"How did you know I skipped class?" I watched as Paul took my hand in his and squeezed it ever-so-lightly.

"I can predict the future." He chuckles. "And it also helps that Renesmee is in your class and likes to update me on the activities of your day." Paul flicks out his phone and shows me the message.

Rose just got kicked out of class.
I don't know what for.
But she may be upset.

"So you two are keeping tabs on me now?" Stalkerish. I'm beginning to think that Seth might be right.

"It's only fair if she informs me what's happening with you if I'm telling her about Jacob." He scrolls through his outbox and shows me one.

Jacob is talking about you again. Nothing major. He's just telling Leah the story about when you were younger and you almost drowned. I think he's trying to open up about Rachel. Leah's not listening.

"I sent her that one a few weeks ago. We're just trying to keep each other in the know of what is happening with the ones we are crushing on." He ducks his head in embarrassment as he must have realised he just admitted his feelings towards me out loud. I shrugged off the strange feeling I got when he told me he was using Ness to watch me.

"So, why did you skip out on class?" He asks when I don't say anything.

"I wanted to move away from Jared and the teacher wouldn't let me. I was rude, so he sent me to the principles office and I scrunched up the piece of paper he gave me and threw it in the bin. Let's just say I won't be getting any extra credit anytime soon." I made a joke of it, because it really was a joke. The teacher should have just moved me.

"Ask the guy that sits next to Renesmee to move. I'm sure he would love to have a lab partner that doesn't spill acid on him." Paul's words made me laugh. "So I'm guessing you're okay then?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I would have preferred to be alone right now, but the company isn't bad." This made Paul let go of my hand and he got off the hood of my car.

"I'll just leave then." He turned away. Well that was unexpected. I didn't mean for him to leave.

"Why are you always following orders?" I shouted at him. He turned back to face me and gave me a quizzical look.

"Would you rather I stay and piss you off?" He didn't return to his spot until I asked him nicely and patted my hood.

"You have to stop taking everything to heart and stand up for yourself. It's like Jacob leads you around on a leash and collar." My words weren't exactly nice, but he needed to be told. I didn't like weak men. And there were few that weren't. This got Paul a little shaken and gave him enough balls to stand up to me about it.

"No, he doesn't. I'm just being a good friend. And I don't take everything to heart. If I did I would have a bullet in my head." He was right in the last part, but false in the second.

"Yes, he does. You left because he hinted you to on Saturday night. I wanted you to stay. You don't speak to me or even look at me properly while he's around. You've moved back to his table for lunch and I know it's because he's told you to stay away from me. You let him control you, Paul. I don't know how long it's been going on for. But it needs to stop." I grab his arm when he tries to walk off again. "And for fuck sake stop walking away from me."

"Listen Rose, I'm sorry I listen to my friend. He's the only one I can trust. If you knew all the history behind our friendship you would understand why. I left on Saturday night because if I stayed, Jacob would have punched me like he did Jared. Although Renesmee was there to calm him down, he still would have done it because I had no reason to stay except to be with you. I don't speak to you because you said you don't like Jacob seeing us together. And I look at you a hell of a lot I'm surprised you don't notice. I'm back at his table because I'm not welcome at yours. Seth and Claire hate me and you push me away like I'm the shitty food they serve there. So, next time you want to tell me off, make sure it's for something I actually do wrong." He was right and I was wrong. It was hard to accept that.

"I'm sorry." I say as a reaction.

"You don't sound it." He shakes off my hand. The strong feelings of rejection hurt.

"I usually don't." And I didn't. I was never sorry for anything, even when it was my own fault.

"You know you're exceptionally hot when you're angry." He teases, placing a hand on my hip.

"You don't like fighting do you?" I leave his hand attached to my hip and asked an obvious question.

"No, especially not with you." His grey eyes bounce around my face and land on my lips.

"If you're going to kiss me, I would hurry up before the bell went." I whispered bringing my hand to brush his floppy hair out of his eyes. Paul's chapped lips collide with mine not a moment later. It's a sweet, soft peck of a kiss but it's just as nice as a full on make-out session. My eyes flicker open to see a confused expression on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm confused." I already could see that.


"Your feelings towards me. You seem to always be pushing me away and then pulling me back. You tell me I'm a coward, but then you want to kiss me. You said you wanted to get to know me, but you just make assumptions about me without even asking. Yet, I can't keep away from you." Ouch, the truth hurt like a bitch slap.

"It's the pretty face and the hot car. I'm like the lady out of Hansel and Gretel. But instead of luring little children to eat them, I lure teenage boys to use them for sex." I did lure guys in because of my outward appearance and my father's money. But I never used them for sex, except for James of course. He was willing and I had a motive.

"It's too bad you don't have a house made of gingerbread. I'm feeling kind of hungry." Paul doesn't seem shocked by my metaphor and he even goes along with it. I laugh and it puts my worry of chemistry class behind me. "Do you want this to work?" Difficult question, an even harder answer. Paul notices my hesitation. "It's okay, you can think about it. I just don't want to be played."
I was going to have to set some things straight. It wasn't going to be pretty and I was most likely going to confuse him even further.

"I like you, Paul. Just not enough to start something serious." Simple part done. Difficult part next. "Just let me explain." I say as Paul begins to speak. "Less than two months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of almost three years because I cheated on him. I still love him and everyday it kills me because I miss him so much. But, what I found out before I dumped him kills me further. I don't want to get serious because one, you're Jacob's friend. Two, I'm in love with someone else. Three, you really are not the type I would go for. Four, I'm afraid I'll hurt you. So, really it's up to you. Do you want to be with someone who's in love with someone else? Or would you rather go our separate ways?" Hard, demanding words that cut my throat as they escaped. The space between Paul and I got suddenly almost…electric and I took a hesitant step back.

"I like you, Rosalie. I like you a lot more than you like me. I've never had a girlfriend that has lasted longer than three weeks. Love is a word I say too soon and too many times. I've never actually been in love, I just say it hoping people will accept me. I want to get serious because one, you're amazing. Two, who gives a fuck what Jacob thinks. Three, you're the type I enjoy going for. Four, I don't care if I've been hurt. I can handle it. So, if it's up to me, I would be running through the corridors looking for Jacob so I could tell him how much I want to bang his step-sister on the hood of her hot car. Do you want me to do that? Or would you prefer I say nothing at all and we take it slow?" I would have to say that Paul beat me in my little rave about myself.

"That's not fair." I complained, as per usual.

"Nothing is fair. But, if I really have to answer your question then I would love to be with you, even if you love another guy." The cheeky smile and jokes were in. The deep and meaningful explanations were out. I liked this Paul. He was much better than depressed and nervous Paul. Happy, fun Paul was good.

"Fine and I guess if I have to answer your question. Slow and steady wins the race." I smile. He smiles. Smiles all round. But I am not buying.

As the bell sounds for class, Paul and I drift in our separate ways. But we make plans to spend the afternoon at his house. He said Ness would cover us saying I was studying at hers so Jacob wasn't suspicious. Apparently, Ness couldn't be happier about Paul and I having a go at something.

"We're not dating. We're just seeing if something could work out between us." I explain to her and she just bobs her head up and down like one of those toy dogs.

"Yeah, yeah I know. But it's just so cute. And once Jacob breaks up with Leah, he's going to come to his senses and ask me out. Then it will be like old times, except with a new addition of course." She smiled, but the sadness of me replacing Jacob's sister was shining through her chocolate brown eyes.

"No, I would never try to replace Rachel. Also, Jacob will never, ever, ever find out about this. Ever." Our conversation is then interrupted as we turn the corner only to find my worst nightmare.

"Jacob won't find out about what?" I swear I could have crapped my pants.

"N-nothing." Ness stumbles over her words. He gives her a heated look, which I could only describe as pained and had no real feelings attached. The look he gives me is filled with hate and anger.
I turn to Ness and pull her away. "Like I said, he's never going to find out." I speak louder and pull us further down the hall. Once I make sure Jacob doesn't follow us, I let out a huge gush of air that I had been holding in my lungs.

"Oh my goodness, that was so close." Ness freaks out.

"No more talking and no more slip ups." I say before we enter our next class.

"Go fish." Kimberley, Paul's five-year-old sister tells me and I pick up my next card.

"Do you have any fours, Paul-Paul?" Kimberley asks her older brother. Cutest thing ever. This whole afternoon we have been hanging out and playing with Paul's little sister. Who, might I add, is the cutest fucking kid. Ever. I told Paul when I met her that I wanted to take her home.

"Here you go, baby sis." Paul hands off his card to his little sister. She smiles in triumph as she places all her paired cards down on the table.

"I win!" She exclaims and I fake a groan.

"Well done, Kimmy. Now, how about you go and play in your room." Paul suggests to his younger sibling and she jumps off of the kitchen table.

"Okay, but c-can Rosalie come. I want to show her my dollies." She grabs on to my hand.

"Sure, I will. But not for long sweetie, I have to get home and finish some homework." I'm pulled out of the kitchen and up the stairs. We step into Kim's room and it's decked out in everything pink. Pink walls, pink bedspread, pink chairs, pink dollhouse, pink curtains. Pink. Pink. Pink.

"Sit down." She orders and I sit on her little bed. "This is Dolly." She hands me an ugly doll with an eye missing. Dolly? How original for a five-year-old.

"She's very pretty. Although I think she might need to go to an optometrist." I joke and she looks at me like a dog, with her head cocked to one side.

"What's an opt…opt…" She asks.

"Don't worry, sweetie. It's a big kids word." I say and she goes back to introducing me to her toys.

"This is D-dino. He's a t-t-pterodactyl." Her stutter was what made her cute. When I first talked to her I couldn't help but ask Paul what was wrong. He said nothing in front of his sister. But in privacy he told me she has trouble with her speech and has a constant stutter.

For the next ten minutes I am introduced to each and every one of Kimberley's toys and even made to hug them. Best afternoon since I moved here. Kimmy shared with me exciting stories of her preschool classes and the boys who picked on her because of the way she spoke. Her boldness and confidence shone and she never let her disability stand in her way. She proceeded over that hurdle in her life. It gave me confidence in myself watching her dress her dollies in different outfits and even joining in to help with a little catwalk we had set up on her bed.

All through this time, Paul was watching me intently. He stood quietly at the door and never once interrupted. Every couple of minutes I would turn around and catch his eyes with my own and then turn back to focus on Kim.

The look in his eyes said committed, loving and caring older brother. I enjoyed watching his smile brighten when his sister called out his name.

"Paul-Paul!" She exclaimed at the top off her little lungs. "I-I want to g-go to the p-park, please." Her manners were just about as adorable as she was.

"Sure thing, Kimmy. Would you like to come, Rose?" Paul asked and I smiled like the fool I was as I accepted his offer.

"Higher!" Kimberley screamed as Paul pushed her back and forth on the small swing set. Her cute, high-pitched giggles rang out through the surrounding trees and it made me smile. "Higher, Paul!"

Paul's response was to push her harder as he laughed. I sat on the other swing as I watched the two interact. It was so sweet and a jealous feeling overwhelmed me. Why couldn't my brother and I be like that? Why did my brother have to be a selfish pig just like my father? Why couldn't I just get over myself and enjoy the moment? I sucked. Big time.

"P-paul! Why d-did you stop?" I heard Kim whine as her brother looked exhausted and slumped to the sandy ground.

"I'm so tired, Kimmy. Give me a few to rest." Paul whined back and scooted closer to my swing, nudging me a little. "Having fun?" He asked.

"Yes." My answer was almost set to automatic response, but luckily Paul took it as sincere.

"I'm going t-to go play on the s-s-slide." Kim informed us and skipped her way to the rusty, old slide on the far end of the playground.

"She's just adorable, Paul." I said, pointing to the little cutie sliding down the slide giggling the entire way.

"Yeah. But she can be annoying as fucking hell sometimes." He laughed and stood up, brushing the sand from his ass. "I'm glad you came to meet her today, Rose. I haven't seen her behave that way with anyone before."

What did he mean by that? I spoke my mind.

"She's usually so shy. Kind of like her older brother." He chuckled. I took another look at the little girl in the pretty red dress and big winter coat. "We should probably get going soon. I'd hate for mum to get home and find no children and a strangers car in the drive way." He was so light and happy this afternoon. His sister did that to him. It was as if she was the sunlight that kept him going.

"You're right. I need to get home soon and I'm pretty sure my chemistry teacher would have given my mother a call." I grumbled and Paul slung his arm around my waist as I stood. It felt nice now, to have his arm around me. I ignored the stabbing pain in my chest as Kimberley ran over to us.

"Are you guys m-married?" She asked and giggled as she attached herself to Paul's left leg.

"No, silly. Only older people get married. Like mum and dad." He let go of me and bent down to tickle his sister. She laughed harder and when her breathing became woozy and hitched he stopped. "Oh, shit." He screamed and picked Kimberley up quickly, tossing her over his shoulder and sprinted to his car parked on the side of the road.

"Paul! What are you doing?" I ran after him, reaching his car faster than he could. He put Kimberley down who was now sobbing and struggling to breath. Her lips turned a frightening blue colour and I gasped. "Paul, what's wrong?" I begged and he fumbled with the keys in his pocket. The fear built in my chest. Oh, God! Is she going to die? Fuck.

"She has asthma." He gave me and I helped him unlock his car. He quickly swung the door open and went through out the car looking for something. I turned to the sobbing little girl and held her to my chest and stroked her back, attempting to soothe her.

"Shh, it's going to be okay sweetie. Just breathe, honey." I spoke softly to her.

"Fuck! I can't find it!" Paul shouted and slammed the glove box shut. "Fuck." He said softer this time.

"Paul, this is scaring me." I didn't mean to put more fright into the situation. But, fuck I was scared.

"I-I." Paul mumbled and I looked at him. His back shook and he looked as if he was going to cry. Kimberley's heavy breathing was loud against my ear and when I looked at her I almost screamed. Her lips were a deep blue. My brain ticked and I knew we had to get moving. And now!

"Paul! Get in the fucking car. We're taking her to my mum." I commanded, picking Kim up and placing her in the back seat.

Paul moved practically on auto and he sat in the drivers seat. He fumbled with his keys and dropped them on the car floor swearing the whole time.

"Let me drive." I pressed and he willingly climbed into the back of the car to join his sister.

"She's not breathing." His voice made my hands shaky, but I still managed to pick up his keys and turn the engine on.

The next five minutes would have had to be the longest five minutes in all my life. And I'm sure they were even longer for Paul.

When I finally pulled up to the hospital entrance after Paul giving me directions he jumped out of the car with Kimberley before I could even stop the car. I left the car in the entrance way, not caring and grabbed the keys before running inside.

I followed the sound of Paul's frantic voice and eventually came to a hospital room before I even realised where I was. The walls closed in on me as I watched Paul make a rut in the hospital floor as he walked back and forth watching his sister the whole time. The nurses moved quickly and placed something over the small girl's face, which I assumed would help her breathe.

I held on to the doorframe for support as the stab in my knee matched the one in my stomach. I slide to the floor as my knee gives out. Paul didn't notice me falling down and I was glad. A nurse did though and she grabbed my arm.

"Oh dear. Are you alright sweetie?" She asked quickly, and attempted to pull me up.

"Leave me alone." I told her and she allowed me to sit on the floor for a moment longer. I managed to stand by myself. "I have to get out of here." My breathing was becoming haggard and I ran back out of the hospital. But, before I did I took one last glance at Kimberley. Her lips were a normal pink colour, but she still didn't seem quite right.

The cold wind helped the strange feeling that washed over me as I finally stepped outside. I was in there for all of two seconds and I had a panic attack. How ridiculous could you get? Fuck, I hate my life.

I yanked the car door open and managed to park it a safe distance from the entrance, yet still in view of the door so I could see when Paul came out.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

It was almost dark by the time someone came through those doors that I actually recognised. It was my mum.

I got out of the car and she didn't seem shocked to see me.

"Rose, come inside. The boy whose name is Paul wants to see you." She said and turned back to head inside. That was…different. The mum I knew would come running over and give me a hug. No hug. Nothing.

I carefully made my way to the hospital entrance for the second time today and close my eyes.

Go, Rosalie! Stop being such a pussy!

I opened my eyes once I was inside and pushed myself forward without looking back. I needed to go inside and not just for Paul, but for Kim too. She looked so scared and so vulnerable as a five year old should when I left. As soon as I entered the main hallway, someone called my name.

"Rosalie!" I knew it was his voice before I even had a chance to look at his face. When I did turn, he captured me in a hug and held me close. "Shit! I'm such a horrible brother." He moaned and moped as I began rubbing his back to comfort him.

"No, you're not." I repeated as he just shook his head.

"She could have died." He mumbled as he pulled away.

"But she didn't." I said and tugged his arm. "Come on, smile. Let's go see her. Where are your parent's?" I asked as I pulled him down the hallway to the room the nurses took Kimberley in when we arrived.

"Dad's out of town on business and Mum is still on her way. She works in Forks and had to get a friend to bring her because I took her car. Fuck, I'm stupid." He brought himself down further.

"Stop saying stupid shit." I whispered feircly at him before we opened the door to Kimberley's hospital room. When I saw Kimberley, I almost collapsed at the sight. Her pretty red dress was crumpled and looked as if she just rolled around in the mud. Her cute little braids were half undone and she looked so tiny beneath the face mask that would be helping her breathe.

"P-p-p-Paul." The little girl still had moist tears rolling down her tears and she outstretched her arms towards her brother. Her stutter seemed to be worse when she was frightened. I tried my best to look happy and smile. My best was very poor.

"It's alright Kimmy. Mummy's coming." He walked to her slowly and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before jumping on the hospital bed with her. I took the next available seat on the chair beside the bed.

"I'm s-s-scared. W-where did you g-g-go?" Her stuttering was so bad it was difficult to understand what she was asking. But Paul understood.

"I'm sorry baby girl. I was just going to get Rosalie. You know she really enjoyed spending time with you this afternoon." He talked to her sweetly, taking a glance at me and I gave him an encouraging smile. I loved the way he treated her.

"Really?" Her little voice brought tears to my eyes, I had to blink hard to fight them off.

"Really." I said, attempting my best smile. She seemed happy with my answer, but didn't smile. She sighed and snuggled into Paul's side. It looked like the best spot to be in this moment.

"Thank you, for everything." Paul said after a short moment.

"Don't mention it." I waved off his thanks and just as I was about to ask him a question, he moved carefully out from Kimberley's grasp and stood.

"Come on. She needs to rest." He grabbed my hand almost absent-minded and led me to a waiting room.

"How often does this happen?" I asked him as we took a seat in the smelly old chairs that felt as if they would break.

"Too often." He rubbed his free hand over his face. I gave the hand in mine a tight squeeze.

"Anything I can do to help?" I ask him and he gives me a sad smile.

"No…" Paul begins speaking and then is interrupted by a woman rushing in asking all sorts of questions. He lets go of my hand and stands up abruptly. "Mum!" He gets the woman's attention and she seems relieved to see him, yet furious at the same time.

"Paul! Where is she? Is she okay? God, how could you be so irresponsible? I leave you alone for a whole afternoon and this happens. This isn't the first time this has happened, Paul." Her accusations and finger pointing is starting to annoy the fuck out of me and I dislike the way that Paul's head hangs in shame and disappointment.

"Excuse me?" I asked bluntly, standing up and making my presence clear. This woman, Paul's mother, looks at me for the first time since coming in here.

"Who are you?" She spits back just as rudely.

"Mum, this is Rosalie." Paul speaks quietly, in the middle of us both.

"What is she doing here?" His mother continues to snap. If I were her, I wouldn't be asking questions. I'd be in that room with my daughter, holding her and telling her I loved her. Like I knew my mother would do.

"Rose and I were playing with Kimberley at the park when she had her attack. I tickled her and the mixture of playing on the playground and that must have set her off. I'm so sorry, Mum." His head continued to be hung low and he shuffled nervously from foot to foot.

"Oh, so you were playing around with Rosalie here and forgot to take care of your sister. Stop playing around with whores and focus on the important things, Paul. That's the mistake your father made. I don't want you following in his footsteps." She went to turn around and God, if Paul weren't there, I would have hit her.

"You know nothing about the events of this afternoon." I spoke and Paul just stood there with a shocked look on his face. Oh, thank you so much for sticking up for me, buddy.

"I'm sorry, Renee was it?" She asked and but continued without leaving me a space to answer. And she was nowhere near sorry. "But, you should leave. You have no business in being here." She tried to leave again but I stopped her. Who does this bitch think she is talking to me like this?

"No, actually it's Rosalie, Rosalie Cullen, as in Cullen and Hale lawyers. If it weren't for Paul and myself, your daughter would be dead. And next time you wish to call someone a whore, I think you may want to have a good look in the mirror. Oh, and perhaps use a little less hairspray to hide those grey spots I can see coming through." I gave her my best "fuck you, cunt" smile and she stood there shocked to her bones. I stared into this older woman's eyes, daring her to say something back. I think I may have heard Paul cough back a laugh.

"How dare you!" His mother came back with.

"No, how dare you. How dare you come in here and accuse your son of harming his younger sister, who in the past afternoon has showed me the commitment and devotion a brother should have for his sister. So, if you'll excuse me now. I'm going to go down the hall and speak with my mother, Mrs. Black." Her eyes grew at the name as well and I stepped around her. "Oh, and if I were you I wouldn't just stand there looking like an idiot. Go and see your daughter, it's the right thing to do." With that I walked off down the empty hall not actually knowing where I was headed. I kept my pace normal until I heard yelling again.I may have made things worse, but I just couldn't stand there and watch Paul get racked over the hot coals.

When I was sure I was in the clear, I ducked into the nearest empty office and locked the door. The doctor looked as if they hadn't come in today because the little blocked shape calendar was still set on yesterday's date. I made myself comfortable and took a seat on the office chair, swinging around in it.

I knew Paul would follow, so I wasn't terribly surprised to see him enter the door only a few short minutes later.

"Why?" Was the question he asked after he shut the door and leaned against it.

"Why what?" I asked as innocently as I could. I just couldn't do innocent it was too wrong for me.

"Why the fuck did you speak to my mother that way?" He asked, taking a step closer.

"Because, you didn't even stick up for me when she called me a whore, nor did you stand up for yourself when she accused you of almost killing your sister." I rolled the chair away from him as he stepped closer, again.

"You don't get it. You just don't speak to my mother that way. She's been through a lot." His approaching steps had me roll the chair back until it hit the far wall of the office, which wasn't big at all.

"Well, she just doesn't speak to me that way. And everyone goes through shit in there life. She is no exception for how I treat people who get up me like that." We both didn't like how the other spoke and we certainly didn't like what was coming from our mouths.

"My mother should be an exception. You don't see or hear me going off at yours, and I bet if I did you would never speak to me again. So treat mine with the same respect that I treat yours." Paul's made me think back to my argument with his mother. He was right. His mother should be an exception. It's just not fair, nor right. My heart sank.

"You're right." I said. "I'm sorry." And that wasn't just an automatic response.

"Wait, what?" Paul took a shocked step backwards. "Did Rosalie Cullen just say that she was wrong and that she was sorry." He teased in a joking tone.

"Shut up. I accept that I'm not always right. Most of the time, yes. Always, no." I joked back and the tension washed away.

Pulling me to my feet, Paul captures me in a tight hug and I hug him back.

"Thank you, again. If it weren't for you…." He left the words unsaid, but I still understood.

"It's fine." I pulled back and looked him in the eyes. "If it weren't for the last part of this afternoon, it would have been perfect." Perfect didn't quite describe it, but it will have to do.

"Perfect." Paul whispered and leaned in closer to kiss me. I kissed him back, lightly sucking his bottom lip in between mine. He hummed softly before letting me go.

"Come on. I'll take you home." Paul encouraged and we stepped out of the office, holding hands.

We walked silently passed Kimberley's hospital room and I gave Paul a nudge to go inside. He did so and I took the seat next to the door to wait for him. I sat there, crossing my legs and uncrossing my legs nervously staring at the floor, making sure I didn't look around. Normal hospital noises surrounded me and I watched two skate shoe covered feet stand in front of me. For a second I thought it was Paul, but as I raised my eyes I realised my guess was wrong.

"What are you doing here, Barbie?"

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