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Soul set the plastic tray that had their food on it on the table, and slid into the booth. The young death prince slid into the other seat facing his date, and began spreading a napkin across his lap. The scythe, who was less well mannered, immediately started swallowing large chunks of his hamburger.

"You sure you're okay just going to a fast food restaurant?" Asked the weapon with a mouthful of half-chewed food.

At first Kid wasn't sure if he was disgusted or amused by the way the scythe was eating, but eventually he decided that he found it rather adorable. "I'm fine," He said. To be honest eating such greasy food made him feel slightly unclean, but he didn't want to say anything.

They ate in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, until the shinigami looked up and noticed a smudge of ketchup on the other boy's chin. Before he could stop himself he reached across the table and wiped it away with a napkin. Soul stopped chewing and his ridiculously red eyes widened, meeting with the other boy's large yellow cat-like ones.

The death prince felt like a sharp object had pierced his chest, and was letting all the desperately needed air leak out of his lungs. The pianist's gaze held him in place, and his mind shut down for a few seconds. The Earth seemed to stop moving, along with time it's self for a few moments before he snapped back to his senses.

Kid sucked in air sharply and his pale cheeks flushed in embarrassment. He jerked his hand away from the Soul's chin as if it'd burned him, and looked down at his food as if it had suddenly become very interesting. "S-Sorry," Muttered Kid, looking anywhere but at the other boy.

The weapon sat up straight and coughed into his hand, flushing slightly as well. "S'okay,"

This little incident was followed by a much longer, less comfortable silence. When the two boys were finished with their meals Soul threw away their trash.

Kid lifted a well manicured, perfectly symmetrical eyebrow when his date returned with a single milkshake, with two straws sticking out of it.

"Well," He said while slipping into his seat and scratching the back of his neck "I thought things like this were what people did on a date... Plus it'll make this seem more convincing to that boy who tricked you," Kid just nodded with a slight pink color dusting his cheeks, ignoring the fact that said boy had not followed them from the theater, so there was no way he would be seeing this to convince him that it was in fact a genuine date.

He sat the cup down between them, and took a sip out of the straw closest to him. "I hope you like chocolate. I wasn't sure, and coming back to ask would have made me look uncool,"

Kid chuckled slightly, "Chocolate is fine," He leaned forward as well, wrapping his soft pink lips around his own straw and drank some of the cold sweet liquid from it to prove his point. The meister was a little too enthusiastic however, and a sharp pain surfaced in his head making him wince.

"Brain freeze, eh? You gotta slow down," Soul warned in a teasing tone, taking another sip of their shared drink.

The little grim reaper scowled as he rubbed his head with one hand. "I know that!" He huffed.

The scythe was about to speak as a brain freeze of his own struck him. He grumbled an 'ow' under his breath as he rubbed at his own forehead, which made the OCD afflicted boy in front of him stick out his tongue at him.

The laughter and mutual headaches caused from the drink soon faded, and more sticky silence took it's place. Soul racked his brain for something to fill the gap in conversation.

"So, you like me," He stated, mentally cursing himself for bringing up a topic that would probably just make things more awkward.

Kid blushed and looked away from his crush. "Yes. I do," He glanced up at Soul with a look on his face as if he expected him to make fun of him or be disgusted.

Instead the darker skinned boy just nodded thoughtfully. "That's cool... Why?"

The death prince gaped at him. Obviously that was not the reaction he had been expecting. "I-I dunno just..." He took another quick glance at him and then sucked in a deep breath, "When I first came to my father's school and we fought I noticed by that you had skills, but you were reckless and didn't have much order to your attacks. You treat the people around you as if you don't care much about them either way but sometimes when you get serious and stop trying to be cool you prove that you really do care about them. You're loyal but mischievous, and really funny, and your piano playing is some of the best I've ever heard," All of this just seemed to spill out the shinigami without his consent like bubbly word vomit, and by the end of it he was breathless and extremely red.

Soul just stared at him blankly for a few seconds before becoming red himself. "Oh... I see," He hadn't really expected an answer to his question, maybe a 'I like your hair,' or something, but not all of that.

Kid squirmed around in his seat, not sure what to do with himself after admitting all of that unintentionally. The other boy's quietness made him afraid that he'd upset Soul or made him uncomfortable.

"It's getting pretty late," Said the weapon as he looked out the window at the starry night sky. "I should take you home,"

Kid bit the inside of his cheek, sure that he must have angered the teen, but he nodded and stood up with him. The whole way to the orange bike that was parked outside he just wanted to kick himself for bringing their fake date to an end so abruptly.

Soul straddled the motorcycle, and the yellow eyed boy slipped on behind him, encircling the other's waist and they sped out of the parking lot in the direction of his house. He could feel the lean muscles of the his stomach through his shirt, and he savored the feeling of having his crush so close to him, because it would probably be the very last time he was ever this close to him. That thought was upsetting, and he snuggled closer to the object of his affections, and buried his face in the other's shoulder.

The scythe's heart leaped into his throat as he felt the Death's son press himself closer to his back, making himself comfortable. His body tensed for a few moments before he let himself relax against the touch. Kid's words rang in his ears still. When he'd found out initially that the other male liked him, he was shocked but flattered that his coolness had effects on people of either gender. Now that he realized the other didn't like him for his coolness but for who he was beneath it, he wasn't sure how to feel about the other boy's feelings toward him. Ever since the reaper had told him the reasons he was infatuated with him, there had been a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of his stomach. No. That wasn't true. He'd felt this feeling ever since the boy had played the trick on Kid, revealing his crush on him, and he just hadn't really noticed it until now.

Upon the revelation, he sharply inhaled a breath, and pulled into the shinigami's driveway. They dismounted, and he walked his fellow classmate up to his front porch, where a single light was on illuminating the door.

"I had a nice time. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable... " Said Kid, rubbing at the crook of his right arm with his left hand in a nervous fashion.

"I... had a nice time too," He admitted, which made a small smile come to the other's lips. "In fact... Maybe we could do something like this again, but for real," He said quietly, blushing and looking away, then adding hastily "I mean, if you want,"

"Are you making fun of me?" Asked Kid, hurt obvious in his voice, which wasn't quite steady.

"No!" He said in alarm, but when he tried to touch the other's shoulder comfortingly it was jerked out of his grasp. A small growl of frustration could be heard in his throat, and he lean forward to press their lips together in a sweet simple kiss.

Kid's eyes widened greatly and a muffled "Mm!" escaped him. After a few seconds of being in shock, he slowly melted into the sensation of his crush's slightly chapped lips against his, and let his eyes flutter closed. A pale hand gripped the front of Soul's shirt, and the weapon brought his hand up to cup the meister's cheek.

They parted, both flushed and breathless. Questioning amber orbs met rich ruby hued ones for a few moments, and then their lips met again, this time less innocent and with more passion. Soul's tongue brushed gently across Kid's bottom lip, asking for entrance, which Kid happily gave him. The scythe then began to ravage the other's mouth. The younger of the two let out a moan which was muffled by the other's lips when Soul rubbed his tongue in a particularly delicious way on the roof of his mouth.

The taller male push the little reaper up against the front door, and began running his hands up the other's sides, pushing up the edges of his thin t-shirt to rub his fingertips over the soft creamy flesh that was found there. Kid wrapped one arm around Soul's neck, and embedded the other in the teen's spikey silver locks, not caring for once that he was messing up the other's hair.

When the need for air became too great, they parted, each of them panting heavily and blushing. Before the shinigami could fully catch his breath, there were lips going down his jaw, to nibble on his ear for a few moments, and then they made their way down his neck. Soul sucked on the flesh there, and bit down softly, just enough to make a mark, earning very appealing noises from the boy he was pinning to the door. He then went on to mark to other side of his neck, knowing that if he didn't it might reduce the him to tears when he saw the asymmetrical bruise on his neck.

The single light overhead began to flicker rapidly on and off, distracting them and drawing their attention to their surroundings. Kid looked around confused, while Soul chuckled. "We're being watched," He said quietly, his warm breath ghosting across the sensitive pale flesh of the meister's neck.

He looked in the direction that his crush's gaze was pointed, and noticed Liz standing in the window, looking sternly out at them. One of her arms was folded across her chest and the hand on her other arm was positioned over the light switch that controlled the porch light. Her sister was busy trying to snap photos of the couple with her cellphone. Kid glared at his pistols for interrupting them.

"I guess I should go then," He said quietly as if not wanting to be over heard, even though they were the only ones there to hear him. Kid pouted, but said alright. "I'll call you tomorrow," He said a little uncertainly. The striped haired boy nodded enthusiastically.

Soul walked down the steps, half-waving over his shoulder at Kid, who waved with more vigor back to him. The scythe walked to his bike, with a giant shit eating grin on his face.

The shinigami watched his fellow student walk away until he vanished into the inky blackness of the night. He then slowly slipped inside of his house, to lean heavily on the door after it closed. Letting out a contented sigh, he rubbed lightly on his kiss swollen lips, and decided that this had been the best night of his young life.

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