I'm still not sure where the idea for this pairing came from. But I rather like it. For some reason this roguish pair also wanted to be written in far fewer words than what I am usually accustomed. Ah, well. Also, for anyone who has read my other Gothic Sports fics, could you please tell me if the individual voices of my characters' points of view are distinct enough? Thank you. (Reviewing is a very nice thing to do).

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It's Monday morning when you see it.

Everything starts out the same as usual.

You wake up and rub the sleep from your eyes. Yawn. Take a shower. Get dressed.

Running late. No time to eat breakfast. Scurry out the door.

Greet Anya at the corner. Same as everyday.

Give her your jacket. She's always been kinda forgetful.

Wrap your arms around her slim waist. Let her lean on you and close her eyes, as you two walk in companionable silence to the school.

She never was too good with mornings.

Nothing that doesn't happen every day.

Then you get to class.

Walk Anya to her seat. Perch on the corner of her desk. Look for ways for to make her smile or at least lift her head off the desk.

You grin at her and tell her a joke.

Then your world shatters into a million crystalline pieces.

She throws her head back and laughs.

Her eyes twinkle.

And you're stunned.

Because before your very eyes she transforms.

Now she's not just Anya anymore.

She's all translucent and fucking glowing like light.

That's when you see it.

Some sort of strange ephemeral thing that makes your heart give a funny little ache and half-beat. That thing that other people (Leon), maybe see when they look at her.

But you're not Leon.

You're Louise.

You really lack the vocabulary (or fully functional brain cells) to describe it.

It's just one of those things that make you laugh and smile while crying from the sheer prettiness of it all. All strength and fragility. And you're wondering why you've never seen this before. Maybe you just never looked hard enough before.

So you spend the whole class just looking.

At one point, you even catch Leon's eye. He just looks at you for a moment. Doesn't nod, doesn't smile sadly, no other kind of bullshit motion like that.

Just looks at you for a moment and then slowly looks away.

Because you know, he sees it too.

Before you know it, you've spent the entire hour just looking.

Memorizing it for a later time.

Just in case when that bell rings, it not only steals away the silence in your head but it as well. Wiping it straight off her face.

The bell rings.

As you watch Anya all but dance over to your desk (all grace and beauty of a deer at her disposal), you're struck with a sudden thought.

Anya is it.

This has you so stunned you hadn't even realized she was standing in front of you.

So when she grabs your wrist and pulls you to the next class you follow clumsily albeit obediently, legs moving in a stumbling half-hearted motion.

The two off you slip through the door just as the late bell rings.

She lets go off your wrist.

Apologizing quickly to the instructor, you slide into your seat.

You glance at her to make sure it's still there.

Once again, you're stunned.

Because looking back at you is a certain twinkle in Anya's eyes.

She might just see it, too.

It's Monday morning when you see it.

By Tuesday, it is all you can think about.