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In Australia the aborigines believe that everyone has a story. Some sort of background they can tell others. Sometimes their cool and sometimes their very boring. Everyone I know have cool stories, their always fun to listen to…my story. Well let's just say it isn't as much fun to hear. Why am I writing this then? Maybe I want someone to hear it. Maybe I'm bored, and have nothing better to do. Who knows…not me. My name was Susan Carlson. Now I'm known as Alex. Just Alex. I've given up my real name, my real home, my real family, to board a boat to an island full of culture. At least that's what I thought…back home in the US it was boring, torture. I left Wyoming thinking this island was where I would feel at home. Boy was I wrong. This country was nothing but ruins of a once lively place. Where am I? Ha! Isn't it obvious? The country of Australia…the city I'm in? Darwin…or what's left of it after the attack from the Jap's. Why am I here then? Well I thought an outback adventure would be fun, and I was away from home. Yet I'm stuck in a city with no thrill…no life. No people. Except for the soldiers who are doing clean up. Every time I would move forward, trying to find an exit to this city, a solider tried to direct me south.
"I'm not going south." I tell every single solider who got in my way.
"It's the safest place now, the north is too dangerous." One of them told me.
"Fine." I got in face. "If the Jap's wanna kill me, let 'em. I'll go out of this world kickin' and screamin'." I says to him and walked away. Leaving the man standing there in shock. I move on to the dessert and the ruins of Darwin behind me.

The outback…is HOT! Who the hell knew during their winter time, the dessert still felt like 108̊̊̊?
"Damn!" I complain and wipe the sweat from my forehead. I fell to my knees, and let the sun beat down on me. I soon came face to face with the hot ground beneath me and laid there. Too weak to move. I let my eyes drop and soon the world was black. I heard sometime in my world of darkness someone talking. She was panicking, and yelling to someone else.
"We can't just let her lay here!" She yells.
"What are we supposed to do Sarah? Bring her back to faraway downs with us?" A man asks. He sounded mad.
"I'm not just going to leave her here Drover. We'll bring her back with us and home." She says. The man sighed and soon I was lifted up in the air. "I wonder where she's from." The woman said. I was laid down on a more comfortable surface.
"Who knows." He no longer sounded mad. And with his last sentence we were moving. Who knows where…not me.

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