I own Alex and Kyle, the other characters are owned by Baz and fox.

No one has ever told me about the beauties of Australia. The small animals that roam the ground below our horses, and the small dead plants that for some reason ground out of the dead ground all intrigue me. The hot sun hitting each of our heads though, is another story. Where I'm from we have different seasons. Winter, spring fall and summer. Here there is the wet season when it rains, and summer. I'm not a big far of heat. The only thing so far I don't like about Australia. The rain is another story. Most girls back in Wyoming hated thunderstorms, they hated the sound of a thunder and the rain. I'm not like them. I love the rain. From the feeling of the rain on my skin to the sound of a loud thunder clap. Everything about them brightens my day. Call me weird, but that's what makes me… me.

"Alex?" Someone says to me, bringing me out of my thoughts. I look to the whoever was talking to me and notice we stopped. Drover sat before me with the others surrounding me. Kyle's face was painted with concern and the others look at me with confusion. "Are you alright?" Kyle asks. I look at him and nod a little.

"It's just a little hot is all." I say. They all nod and turn the horses back around. We push on toward Bowen Australia. I ride next to Drover in silence, letting my body relax just a little. He sighs and reaches behind him. He pulls a hat from a bag on the back of the horse and places it on my head.

"Don't want you to collapse again." He says without looking at me.

"Thanks." I say earning a nod from him. We ride in silence again, only listening to the sound of the small animals.

"Oi Alex look over there." Kyle says. I follow where he was pointing, and there in an open field sat a mother Kangaroo and her Joey eating what grass lay on the floor of the outback. I smile a little and watch the Joey hop around his mother.

"In a year he'll leave her and be on his own." Drover says. "He'll have his own little walkabout." He says.

"Walkabout?" I ask him.

"It's when a young aboriginal boy leaves home to become a man. Usually with an older aboriginal man." He explains.

"If you think about it, it's really not the same." I say. He looks at me confused. "He's doing this on his own. He's learning how to be an adult by himself, where walkabout is with two people." I explain. He laughs a little and watches the bulls move forward. "In some ways animals are smarter than us." I say. I look at the Joey again and watch as he hops back to his mother.

"You might be right." Drover says.

"I am right." I say and stick my tongue out.

"Have some respect Sheila. You're very lucky he even let you come along." Kyle says.

"I think you're the one who should be lucky. You got to meet a very beautiful Sheila remember." I wink at him. He blushes and looks away. The other men laugh lightly.

"Aw is Ky-Ky blushing?" One man asks.

"Shut up." Kyle says.

"You must really like the Sheila don't you?" Drover joked. Kyle's face got even redder. We all laugh and he looks away. I look up to the sky and watch as the sky turns bloody red.

"Red sky at night sailors take fright." I mumble to myself. I watch as Australia becomes this beautiful country that no one has ever told me about.