Bad Situation.

Of all the stupid things Dean Winchester had done to get a job done, this was one of the worst. Jail had been a stupid move. The crazy house had been a stupid move. This almost topped those, but it was close. Seriously, being chained to an alter as part of a Demonic sacrificial ritual definitely had to be the result of a stupid thing to do. And what made it worse was that he wasn't alone.

"Mary," he called softly.

"Yeah?" she replied, indicating that she was alive and conscious.

"I know this looks bad," he admitted. "But it's gonna be okay. I promise. Sam's gonna find us."

"How can you be sure?" she pleaded.

Dean paused. He turned his head as far to his right as he could, seeing her on another altar and chained to it the same as he was. She looked tiny from where he was, her petite, 8-year-old frame barely showing over the edge of the small indent she was laid inside. Dean knew she was scared. He had to admit he was scared too. But Sam had never let him down before – not when it mattered.

"Dean," she cried.

"Sam hasn't let me down in a really long time. He won't start again now. Trust me. He'll find us."

Dean didn't mention the fact that he'd had to get captured to find this place. He didn't mention the fact that they didn't even know how to stop this Demon.

Sam would figure it out. He would have to figure it out. Or Dean was gonna die.


I know it's short, but there will be more. This is just the set up. Tell me what you think!