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One Year Later

The first time he got to go to Florida, Dean had been hoping it would have been for a little R&R, but here he was, mobilizing his younger brothers and a nine-year-old girl to kill a nasty poltergeist less than thirty miles from the outskirts of Miami. It was just wrong. And for once, Sam agreed with him. Not on the Florida part, but mobilizing Adam and Mary felt abnormal, even though they'd been doing it for a little while now. Mostly, Adam and Mary had only been allowed to come along on the easy stuff. But every once in a while, something disgusting would crawl out of the woodwork, and the safest place would be together.

Still, it felt strange.

They'd gotten wind of this particular poltergeist through an unusual channel, since most people didn't really believe in the damn things. But when a local newspaper had started running the story of a haunted house where an old cronie had kicked the bucket and was now committing mass murder, Dean hadn't been able to ignore it. And neither could Sam. The only good thing about this was that it was February, but it was warm out. Dean didn't even need a jacket.

After some checking with the locals, Dean had been able to discern the legends and stories about the house. Agnes Cross, 57, had apparently had a lot of problems with the girls in the neighborhood near her house, and apparently, even in her afterlife, she was still unsatisfied with them. The high teenage pregnancy rate and low graduation rate might have had something to do with that. But that was no reason for them to die. Irresponsible was irresponsible. But not deathly irresponsible. And for that, Agnes was going on a permanent siesta. With tequila.

An abandoned stretch of road about a mile from the house served as a staging area for them all to make their preparations. Dean and Sam carried to usual things to kill a poltergeist: salt, kerosene and matches along with iron rounds in their guns and rock salt in the rifles. Since Adam and Mary were going to hang back and make sure no police came around, they were going to be a little less armed. Mary had become more than proficient with her bow, now carrying a quiver of arrows and strapping a harness to hold her bow that Sam and Dean had allowed her to pick out herself. It was light-weight just for her but also intricately decorated. While Sam's 9mm Beretta had ivory grips on the handle, Mary's bow had ebony inlays along the cradle and silver bearings. It was the one weapon no one else ever touched. Adam's side arm was a little less detailed but plainly effective since he'd killed a few werewolves and shapeshifters with it. Adam and Mary had done patrol before, so tonight was no different.

"Stay in touch over the phones," Dean told Adam. "Don't call unless you see something. You see a cop? You hide and use the emergency code. Sam and me should be out in two hours, three tops. Do not go into that house. You got me?"

Adam nodded obediently.

Dean did too, moving from the car with his duffel slung tightly over his shoulder. Sam gave Adam and Mary a careful, if not hopeful look before he followed Dean. With that, patrol began as they moved in the opposite direction of Sam and Dean.

The old house on the hill looked about a inviting as a run-down shack with cracking yellow paint and drooping wood along the porch. Dean had seen some creepy places, but this house was the creepiest. He initially didn't want to go in. But after searching the grounds for a burial sight on the land around the house, he and Sam had come up with zip. The only other place that made sense what somewhere in the house. The idea of having to walk through this house was making Dean very uncomfortable. He had no idea what was inside, and he didn't want this to take any longer than absolutely necessary. If it was absolutely necessary, Dean wanted this over with as soon as possible.

Sam took the front of the house, brandishing his pistol high while Dean covered the back with the plan that they would meet inside and take the top floor together before hitting the basement — if there was one. At the back of the house, three things became obvious to Dean. One, there was no back door. It was ridiculous, but it was true. Two, the closest thing to a back door was level with the ground and had an opening just big enough for Dean to crawl through very uncomfortably. And finally, when Dean tried to open it, he heard glass shatter inside the house.

"Well," he muttered to himself. "So much for a quiet entrance."

Once he had the opening cracked, Dean slid inside as carefully as he could without cutting himself on any of the glass. It was not an easy feat, especially with his duffel. Dean pulled out his flashlight, shining it in every direction and discovering himself in what looked like an enclosed cleaning room. There was a washer and a dryer along with what looked like old drying racks with clothes still laid over them. Dean checked every corner and crevice of the room, but there was nothing there. And Dean found a door that led into the house, exiting the cleaning room and ending up next to the stair case.

"Sam!" Dean yelled.

"In the living room! Did you see anything?"

"No! You?"


Dean made it to the foyer as Sam came out of the living room, and together they eased up the stairs to check out the second floor together.

Since it was winter, Adam didn't really expect to be able to hear any birds or insects, but it was Florida, so it wasn't quiet. And with them being so close to the city, it wasn't exactly dark either. But it was dark enough, and that made Adam even more jumpy than usual. It was bad enough he had to keep an eye on the surrounding areas, but he also felt obligated to keep an eye on Mary. She was still only nine, and that meant she was more than three feet shorter than he was. He could tell she was going to be a petite one, and Adam knew he was going to be protective of her for the rest of her life and probably his too.

In the last year, his ears had started to perk up and so had his eyes. He hadn't told Sam or Dean, but having Michael inside him again those few days had been different from the first time. It had been more of a two way radio as opposed to a bull horn, like having a guide instead of a drill Sargent. And it had changed Adam in more ways than he was willing to let on. It allowed him to see farther and hear more keenly than he'd ever been able to as a mere Mortal. And it also allowed him to know when something wasn't right.

Like right now.

"Mary, stay close," he told her. "Something's wrong."

She eased closer to him, lifting her bow defensively. "What is it?"

"I'm not sure. Did it just get cold for a second, or was that just me?"

He looked at her, seeing in her eyes that it wasn't just him, and he moved her in front of him to keep an eye on her while he glanced back toward the house.

Since Dean and Sam had decided to keep Adam and Mary with them, three things had happened to direct succession. First, less than a month after leaving New York that day, Adam had killed a Shapeshifter outside of Richmond, Virginia, and Dean had decided to make Adam the one who would watch Mary since she'd still been learning to use her bow. Second, Mary had been taken hostage by a deranged Witch out to bring back her dead husband, and Sam had taken it upon himself to teach her a few self-defense moves in case it ever happened again. And finally, a werewolf had tried to infect Adam with its curse. If Mary hadn't been there to kill it, Dean and Sam were pretty sure they would have had to kill Adam.

Now they were a team.

"Do you think Dean and Sam are finished?" Mary asked.

"I doubt it," Adam told her. "Be quiet."

They moved around the edge of the property, Adam scanning everything as he kept Mary within arm's length, and for a few minutes, it looked like nothing was around. Hopefully, Dean and Sam would be done soon, and they could get the hell out of Dodge.

Then Adam wasn't sure. There weren't any lights that he could see flickering or any scurrying sounds to be heard, but Adam was pretty sure he could feel a ghost nearby. He thought for a minute it was coming from the house, but then a cold shiver slid down his spine and his breath vaporized in front of him.

He stopped, grabbing Mary's hand to keep her close.

Sam lit a match, waiting for Dean to finish with the kerosene and the salt and then throwing it into the pit where they'd finally found Agnes' bones in the basement of the house. Sam was immediately reminded of a hunt he and Dean had been on where a witch's poltergeist had been haunting the little girl of a family friend. Of course, Sam's body had been taken over by a naive, seventeen-year-old kid who thought he was going to get a hefty pay-off. He was glad things like that didn't happen that often.

As soon as the bones were nice and toasty, he and Dean collected their gear and headed out. There hadn't been any word from Adam in a long time, and Dean was getting worried. Their trek out of the house was a quick one, and Sam led the way to the car. He pulled out his phone, dialing Adam as he and Dean loaded up the car.

"He's not answering," Sam told Dean. "We should have made them stay with the car."

Dean grabbed his own gun, slamming the trunk shut and then moving along the property line of the house. "Don't do that right now, Sammy. Let's just get 'em and go. Come on!"

They both hurried away from the car, shining their flashlights over as much of the area as they could and covering more ground than they thought two people could get over in an amount of time that didn't seem possible.

"Where are they?" Dean demanded. "Damn it! How could they have gotten this far from the car?"

Sam shined his flashlight right and then left, seeing something in the corner of his eye and then realizing what it was. "Dean," he yelled, moving over the ground and confirming his suspicions as he discovered both Adam and Mary unconscious over the ground. Sam knelt at Mary's side, discovering blood smeared over her shirt and jeans. "Dean, she's hurt!"

Dean didn't waste time looking over Adam, lifting his youngest brother in his arms and then turning to run to the car. "Let's go!" he ordered.

Sam followed quickly, picking up Mary and holding her close as he followed Dean to the car. Neither of them said anything as they both shuffled inside, and Dean got the car started so they could get away from the house as fast as his wheels could carry him. Sam tried to look over Mary to find the source of her injury, but he couldn't find it. He tried to wake her, but even after several minutes, she still wouldn't wake.

Dean made it to a motel about fifteen miles from the house, ordering Sam to get Mary and Adam out of the car while he secured them a room as quickly as he could. Sam didn't hesitate, getting Adam first and laying him in the front seat while he again lifted Mary in his arms. Dean was back in less than five minutes, and he helped, taking Adam into their room and settling just inside the door while Sam laid Mary on one of the beds.

"I don't see any wounds," Sam said frantically, easing his hands over Mary's chest where most of the blood seemed to be smeared. "Where's all the blood coming from?"

Adam came to life suddenly, coughing roughly, and even though it took Dean a few seconds to react, he hurried to Adam's side as his little brother spoke.

"It's . . . not . . . her . . . blood," he panted, grabbing Dean's arm with a bloody hand and bringing all of Dean's attention to his abdomen where wet, warm blood soaked through his shirt.

Dean lifted Adam's shirt hastily, discovering a gash in his stomach that was still oozing steadily. "Oh, God, Adam!" he exclaimed. "Call 9-1-1," he ordered Sam. "We can't handle this here!"

In the few seconds it took Sam to switch gears, Dean yelled again. "Do it now!"


It wasn't Michael. He could tell that much. It was too deep. Too gravelly. But then who could it be? And where was he?

"Adam, what are you doing here?"

He slowly opened his eyes, discovering himself in a dark room. It was kind of cold, but not uncomfortable, and as his eyes adjusted, he realized he was laying in his mother's living room in Minnesota.

"Adam, come on, you're not supposed to be here."

Who was that? His voice sounded so familiar, like a distant memory itching to climb to the surface of his mind. It made him think of his birthday and baseball games.

Adam sat up quickly, turning in the direction the voice was coming from and instantly seeing someone he hadn't seen in a very long time. There standing in the dark next the entryway of the living room was his father.

John Winchester moved closer to him, dressed in jeans and a denim button-down shirt, and Adam was paralyzed. He couldn't move. He couldn't breathe. Was he dead? Was this Heaven?

"How did you get here?" John asked him, sitting on the coffee table in front of him. "What happened? I thought Dean and Sam were keeping you safe."

Adam couldn't speak. He was so shocked that nothing real would register. He couldn't be dead. Could he?

John reached for him, shaking him slightly and surprising Adam with his firm hands. Then Adam spoke softly. "Am I dead?" he breathed.

"I thought Dean and Sam were lookin' out for you. What happened?"

Slowly, the memories became more prominent. He'd been patrolling with Mary when the poltergeist had tried to attack Mary. Adam had intervened, only to get a metal rod to the gut for his trouble. The last thing he could remember was lying the ground while Mary stood alone with the damn thing that attacked him.

"Is Mary okay?" he asked.

"That's not important," John told him. "You're not supposed to be here. He said he was going to send you back."

"Who?" Adam asked, looking up to see someone else he thought he would never see again. "Michael," he whispered.

The Archangel grinned, moving closer to them. "Hey, there, sport," he greeted. "Well, you are very early. I wasn't expecting you for at least another century or so."

"Am I dead?" Adam asked again.

When Michael didn't reply, Adam had to assume the worst. He was dead. This was Heaven.

"I don't understand," Adam said looking at his father. "It wasn't that bad. They were taking me to the hospital. I remember that. Why am I here?"

"I'm sorry, sport. But it was bad. Or well, it still is. They're still technically working over you in the emergency room. Your heart stopped about thirty seconds ago."

"So send me back," Adam pleaded. "You don't understand. Mary needs me. I have to keep her safe. Is she okay?"

"She's fine," Michael assure him. "Dean and Sam got rid of that pesky poltergeist before she could really do any damage. To Mary any way. You, on the other hand, are another story entirely," he said, now sitting on the couch with Adam and moving his hand to Adam's left side.

Suddenly pain exploded across his gut, and Adam groaned loud, doubling over and then being laid back over the couch. "The old hag hit your intestines and one of your kidneys," Michael told him, holding his hand over Adam's injury. "The doctors don't know it yet, but they can't help you."

"So help him!" John yelled. "Michael, I swear that if you don't fix him right now — "

"Relax, John," Michael said calmly. "I need to concentrate."

The sharp, uncomfortable pain spread through Adam's torso, and he started hyperventilating. He was gonna die. That was the end of it. It didn't matter where he was anymore. It didn't matter what happened now. He was gonna die.

"Adam," Michael said. "I need you to listen to me. I need you to focus. I'm not supposed to do this, but you're right. Mary does need you. She's gonna to need you for a very long time, and I'm gonna to make sure she has you. But you need to focus."

Michael laid a set of bloody fingers over Adam's lips, silencing him for the moment and then pressing his other hand to Adam's gut. The pain got worse, moving into Adam's hips and shoulders, and for several frightening moments, he thought Michael was trying to kill him. There was no way this was a good thing, no matter what Michael said.

"I'm gonna have to send you back with this so they won't get too suspicious," Michael told him, his voice distant but determined. "You know. Doctors. But you'll be okay. And remember what I said."

Softly, Michael began to chant over Adam, touching his forehead and releasing him from the pain slowly until everything went white, hot and loud.

Two things had become obvious to Dean less than twenty-four hours after both Adam and Mary had been roomed into the hospital, other than the fact that the doctors had no idea how Adam had survived. Dean was pretty sure how his brother had survived. It was just what they did. Winchesters were apparently made of sturdier stuff than most other people, and even if Adam only had their father in him, he was still a Winchester. And there was that pesky obviousness of having had an Archangel stuck inside you for a few weeks of your young life.

No. Two things obvious to Dean now was that this was too dangerous for his youngest brother. And it was too dangerous for Mary. Dean didn't want to diminish all Adam had learned in such a short period of time, but what had happened tonight only proved it. And Mary was just a little kid. Dean realized that what had been his life was different, but where Adam and Mary were concerned, he had to think about the future. He had to think about every job, every ghost, every werewolf, and he had to think about whether Adam and Mary were safe. Dean had tried to operate under the assumption that they just would be because they always had been for the last year. He couldn't do that anymore. Tonight had only proven that even more.

After talking to the nursing staff and flashing his dimples shamelessly, Dean had been able to get Adam and Mary roomed together, even though she was nine and technically needed to be on the Pediatrics floor. He wanted to be able to watch them both, and he could only do that if they were together. Sam was off somewhere talking to Bobby, and Cas had come in once after Dean had called him. He'd only looked over Adam and Mary to be sure of their wellness before he'd disappeared again without really saying where he was going. Dean didn't really care anymore.

This was presenting a very difficult situation, and Dean was unsure how to proceed. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. He knew he had to keep Mary safe, and it was his job to keep Adam alive no matter what the kid said. The problem was that this life they were living didn't always breed safety or survival. Sometimes, it meant death and chaos, and Dean wanted so much to keep his little brother alive. He wanted so much to keep Mary safe. There was really only one way for that to be possible.

"Dean," Adam breathed from his bed.

Dean stood up quickly, hurrying to Adam's side and gently taking his hand.

"Hey," he whispered to Adam. "You're okay, Adam. Everything's okay. How are you feeling?"

Adam inhaled deeply. "Fantastic," he huffed.

"Don't worry about anything," Dean told him. "Mary's safe. She's here. She didn't get hurt. You're both going to be okay."

"Michael," Adam whispered, gently slipping back into unconsciousness.

Even though Dean was confused, he didn't push it. He knew Adam was tired and needed his rest. But just the mention of the Archangel's name was enough for Dean to know how his brother had survived. And Dean didn't know whether to be grateful or not. Mostly, he was just scared. Scared that this would happen again. Scared that he wouldn't be able to prevent it. Scared that either Adam or Mary wouldn't come out of it alive the next time. Dean wouldn't be able to live with himself if that happened. And there was only one way to prevent it.

Sam came into the room then, pocketing his phone as he slowly stepped over the Mary's bed where she was sleeping.

"What'd Bobby say?" Dean asked.

"He's taking care of the police and doctors for right now," Sam reported softly, leaning over Mary and gently rubbing her forehead. "I told him we'd be there in a couple of days when Adam was strong enough to move. Why didn't Cas heal him?" Sam asked, his voice slightly annoyed. "We could've been gone hours ago."

"I don't know," Dean said. "But you heard the doctors. It wasn't as bad as it looked. Adam's gonna be fine. He just needs his rest. But we're not goin' to Bobby's."

Sam sat up straight. "What do you mean?" he asked. "We need time to get everything together again. They'll need some down time."

Dean stood up from Adam's bed, facing Sam solemnly. "We both know what they need," he told his younger brother. "And it's more than just down time."

Sam immediately knew what Dean meant, and he left Mary's side to meet Dean between the beds. "That's not an option," Sam argued. "This is the first time this has happened. We shouldn't do anything drastic right now. And you said it yourself. They just need to rest."

"And then what?" Dean bellowed. "We go to Bobby's for a few days? We get some food in 'em and get 'em rested up? Then we find another job and ship out before a week can go by? This is not the life we wanted for Mary."

Sam clenched his fists. "That's not fair. We both agreed she wouldn't be safe without us. I wasn't the only one who wanted to train her. You did too. So did Adam."

"And I'm not saying we're wrong," Dean griped. "But this? Sammy, Adam coulda died out there. Mary coulda been taken from us to a place where we never woulda found her, and for what? Because of what? Because we told ourselves she would be safe with us? How many times did we get hurt because of Dad, because he decided to train us when we were old enough to hold guns and bows and arrows? And I know this is the first time, but it won't be the last. I know it, and so do you. The best thing we can do for Mary now is the only thing we know will keep her safe. And it isn't with us anymore."

Sam huffed, glancing at Mary and then looking at Adam. "Not yet. We can't leave them in the hospital. Let's just get them to Bobby's, and then we'll talk about this. Please. I don't want her to feel like we're leaving her."

Dean didn't argue, looking at Mary and then back at Adam before he stepped away from Sam and left the room. He didn't know where he was going, but he had to get away from Sam right now. He had to get away from Adam and Mary so that when he left, it wouldn't make him feel like the total failure he felt like right now.

Despite it being February, the roof of the hospital was warm. Humid even. But it was fresh air, and the inside of the hospital had started to feel oppressive with so many decisions to be made. Dean didn't like it anymore than Sam, but he knew it was true. Being with him and Sam was dangerous for her now. And there was no amount of arguing Sam was gonna do that could convince Dean otherwise. He wasn't even sure taking her to Bobby's was a good idea. There were too many connections there, and she needed a clean break. So did Adam. Whether Dean wanted them with him or not, it didn't change facts.

"I'm sorry, Dean," he heard and turned to see Cas there alone. "I wish things could have been different."

Dean didn't have to ask what he was talking about. "Yeah, me too."

"For what it's worth, you did do your best," Cas assured him. "Mary wouldn't have lived this long without you. I couldn't have asked for more than that."

Dean stared out at the horizon, seeing the ocean in the distance and wondering what the water felt like. He couldn't think about anything serious right now. Not with what he was having to decide.

"She'll be safe with Adam," Cas told him. "And I'll keep my eyes on them as often as I can spare them. With Michael on the ground, it shouldn't be too hard."

That piqued Dean's interest, and he turned to face Cas. "Michael's on Earth?" he asked. "How's that possible? Doesn't he need a vessel?"

"Normally, yes," Cas confirmed, moving closer to Dean and leaning over the railing. "But he was somehow able to procure an independent method of existence on this plane. And you shouldn't worry over him now. He's here for a unique purpose, but the point is that with Mary out in the open, he'll be able to help. Now that he'll have a good reason."

"Why is that?" Dean asked, confused. "Don't tell me it's because he still wants Mary. I thought that was over with Lilith and Lucifer gone."

Cas said nothing.

Dean sighed heavily, leaning over the rail. "I never wanted this," he said softly. "All I wanted was for her to be safe. But I guess I forgot. This life ain't ever gonna been safe. Is it? Not for her."

"I know you want me to say it will be," Cas said, somewhat sympathetically. "And I want to say it will be. But you're right. This life won't ever be safe for her. And that isn't your doing. It's just the way this is. And you knew that before you took her."

"What do I do?" Dean asked. "How am I supposed to leave her now? She'll think I'm abandoning her. And I kinda am, right? Even if I leave her with Adam, I'm still leaving her. Right?"

Dean looked only to find Cas gone, and he exhaled heavily, covering his face with his hand and feeling the realization of what he was about to do get stuck in his throat. It wasn't fair. He'd only had her in his life for a little while. He was just getting used to her being around. But maybe that was the problem. And maybe the only way to solve it was to just leave. Whether she understood or not, Dean knew she wouldn't let him go. And he couldn't hurt her anymore. Not like this.

Baffling the doctors even further, Adam appeared to have healed almost completely within a few days of his injury, something they all said should have been impossible. Adam remained tight-lipped throughout most of his examinations with the doctors, and so did Dean, but that didn't make the future any clearer. Dean still had to do this quick, so that police wouldn't get involved. And for that, he complied with Sam on one turn.

So after Adam and Mary were both discharged, Dean and Sam checked into a motel just over the Florida state border to further recuperate from the last several days. But once they were there, Dean could already tell that Sam knew. He knew they weren't going to be taking Mary or Adam any further. And even though Dean hated putting them through it, he knew it was necessary.

Sam put Mary to bed after a day of driving, and after taking pain killers from the aches and stitches in his side, Adam laid down with her, leaving Sam and Dean to quietly and quickly pack what had become unpacked from this latest job. Sam tried to resist, but he diligently stuffed his clothes into his duffel, hauling it to the car and waiting for Dean in the front passenger seat.

Dean made sure there was enough money and supplies for Adam and Mary to get bus tickets and food, and he left a letter on the other bed for Adam. There was no point in saying good-bye. Probably because he hoped in the near future that they would all see each other again. Or maybe that was just a fool's hope. But it drove him forward none the less, allowing him to leave quietly so he wouldn't wake his brother or Mary.

The inside of the car was . . . icy as Dean pulled out of the parking spot, and even though it wasn't necessary, Sam still spoke.

"You sure about this?" he pleaded.

Dean put the car in gear, pulling out onto the highway in front of the motel. He never answered. Sam already knew what he would say, and there was no need to say it. But in his head, Dean screamed, "NO!"

The light of day was cruel to Adam as he woke laying on the most uncomfortable bed he'd ever laid on in his life, and that was saying a lot considering the last year he'd had. He opened his eyes to see streams of brilliant yellow-white light blasting into the middle of the room, and the first thing he notice was the absence of his two older brothers. He realized Mary's slight figure laying in the crook of his arm, and he sat up slowly, careful not to wake her as he further surveyed the room.

His bag was still in the floor, and so was Mary's. Food from the night before was still strewn over the table, and the chairs were still where they'd been before he'd laid down to get some sleep. But Dean and Sam were gone.

He stood up from the bed, stretching painfully and feeling his healing skin tug on several of his stitches before he absently scanned the other side of the room. Instantly, he saw a long white envelope laying over the pillow of the other bed, and when he sat down on the blanket, he saw that it had his name on it. Calmly, he lifted the envelope and turned it over, opening it and then pulling out a single sheet of folded paper.

His hands trembled nervously as he flipped open the paper to see his name at the top and a four tier letter within the body of the paper along with Dean's messy scrawl at the bottom. Immediately, he looked at Mary, sighing in relief that she was still asleep as he began to read silently.


This is gonna feel wrong, but I promise it's for the best. I tried, Adam. I really did, but I guess I should have known a long time ago. This life, it just ain't safe for everybody. And I wanted you and Mary to be safe. This is the only way for that to be possible. So I'm gonna trust you to keep her safe. If anyone can do it, you can.

Me and Sam gotta keep doing what we're doing. It's what we've always done, and I gotta admit that it's too late for us to have a normal life. I tried to have a normal life, and it just isn't possible. But you and Mary got a chance to have as normal a life as you possible can. No ghosts. No Demons. No Werewolves. Just you and her.

Don't worry about me or Sam. We've been lookin' after each other for a while now, and that won't change since we'll both have the knowledge that you're looking after her. I left enough money for you to get pretty far, but don't come lookin' for me or Sam. It's time for you to live your own life now. I know you can do that. You did it for a while before you met me or Sam, only now you'll be livin' for Mary. Please don't let me down.

Tell Mary I love her, and that I'll always be thinkin' about her. Tell her Sam does too. We never wanted this to happen, but I can't afford to have the two of you gettin' hurt again. I want you to be safe, and that isn't with me or Sam anymore. It's just the two of you now. Take care of each other. Please.


Despite not expecting this now, Adam couldn't say he was surprised. And he was also surprised that he wasn't mad. All Dean and Sam had ever wanted was to keep Mary safe, and the other night had been a really close call — in more ways than one.

He lifted his eyes to look at Mary, knowing she wasn't going to understand this and knowing it was going to be his job to help her. With that, he stood up from the bed and tucked the letter into the jeans he'd slept in, moving toward the bed to wake her. He figured he was going to be doing it from now on. And they needed to get on the road.

The End (For now anyway)

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