A/N: I know, I know, another WIP! I couldn't help myself. For those waiting on an update for NSITH and Exchange Program, please accept my apologies!

This is a prequel to She Who Cannot Be Turned's wonderful story, All Business Up Front, Party In The Back. I was already contemplating having a Harry/Ash pairing in the other crossover I was planning, then the bunny for this latched on and wouldn't let go. She did give her permission for linking the stories, since she is awesome.

Fair warning: I never read the last two HP books. I know what happened thanks to reading various fics and from my brother telling me, but I'll be honest – I didn't like book 6. So I'm well aware that things will be different than what happened in HBP and DH, I just don't care. One of the perks of being an AU author. I also haven't seen beyond a couple episodes into season 3 of Supernatural, but given Ash only appears in season 2, I figure that doesn't matter.

For death toll, I'm saying that yeah Dumbledore kicked the bucket. Remus didn't. Remus also didn't marry/have a kid with Tonks, she has a crush on him but he's not interested in a relationship. His reasons will be made clearer later in the fic – our beloved Moony will be cropping up in this. Snape was heavily injured, and will most likely be spending the rest of his life in Saint Mungo's, as he's unable to care for himself and doesn't really have anywhere else to go. This may be relevant later. Ron/Hermione happened, Harry/Ginny didn't. It'll be explained later.

If I think of anything else I'll do another A/N, but for now let's get on with the story.


Title: MIT: Magic Incorporating Technology

Fandom: Harry Potter/Supernatural

Pairing: Harry/Ash

Warnings: Um… language? Slash references. Spoilers, though can they really be called spoilers by now? Maybe some violence. Maybe some nudity, but given this is writing and not a movie, don't think that counts. I may decide to attempt a sex scene, but that's doubtful, and there will be a specific warning for that chapter if it does happen.

Summary: After the final battle, Harry's magical core was almost exhausted. He decided to leave the magical world behind and instead go to college in America. He chose MIT, where he meets a redneck with an affinity for technology, who may turn out to be the love of his life.


Harry sighed as he finished packing his things together. Kreacher was sulking down in the kitchen, not wanting to admit that his master was leaving, and had refused to help pack. Sometimes, Harry wondered if he was doing the right thing by the House-elf.

For quite some time after Sirius' death, Kreacher had remained mentally unstable. It was only when Harry's own mental health improved that Kreacher's did, making Harry realise just how dependent on him the elf was. It seemed that it was true of all elves, that their level of sanity reflected that of their master. And as much as Harry hated to admit it, Sirius hadn't been exactly a paragon of mental stability, what with being wrongfully imprisoned for so much of his life.

When Harry had realised that his own health made Kreacher healthier, he started taking better care of himself, and allowed the elf to look after him as well. Now the elf was much better, even if he did have a habit of talking to himself and making comments that weren't always appropriate. Harry didn't want to leave him here by himself again, but he was leaving for America, and he didn't think that it would be a good idea to take Kreacher with him.

They had actually argued over that. In fact, they were still arguing over it. Kreacher seemed to think that a Muggle college would be a great place to live, while Harry maintained that it was too dangerous to have a Magical creature with him. After all, he may have ensured a single dorm room, but it was still in a dorm surrounded by Muggles.

Slowly, Harry made his way downstairs, running his hand gently along the banister as he did so. Between them, Harry, Ron and Hermione had made a lot of changes to Grimmauld Place, and it was no longer the dark and gloomy place it had been. They had added a lot of windows and extra lights, and even moved some of the walls to create different rooms. If not for the memories, Harry could have been quite happy living here.

But England held so many sad and difficult memories, that he couldn't take staying any longer. Especially since his magic had weakened so much.

In the final battle, he'd been hit with a lot of curses, and had used a lot of his own power. Afterwards he'd fallen unconscious, and didn't wake for a week. When he finally opened his eyes, it was to a greatly changed world.

He could still remember having trouble seeing, and attempting to summon his glasses. The spell hadn't worked. Hermione had explained that somehow, a combination of curses and magical exhaustion had depleted his magical core, to the extent that he had barely enough magic to still qualify as a wizard.

In one day, he'd gone from one of the most powerful wizards still alive, to weaker than a child.

Ron had ranted for hours about how unfair it was. Hermione had been determined to find a solution to restore his powers.

Harry had spotted a chance to be free.

Thinking about it, Harry smiled as he stepped into the kitchen. He'd known for some time that he didn't really belong in the wizarding world. He had a purpose, which he'd fulfilled, and now he could move on. If he'd remained powerful, who knew what the world would expect of him? But now, he could leave and reinvent himself somewhere else.

Oh sure, he would always have a connection to magic, and in time he may regain some of his abilities, but for now he could move on.

His first step had been to go to a Muggle community college to study for and take his A-levels. He'd discovered that he had an aptitude for technology, and biology interested him too. Actually, all branches of science fascinated him.

A lack of Dark Wizards did wonders for Harry's concentration levels, as did a real interest in what he was studying. He'd graduated with high enough scores to apply for any university he wanted. After discussions with Hermione, he'd chosen MIT in Boston.

Sitting at the table for his final meal in the house, Harry closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Kreacher had prepared his favourite, scrambled egges with bacon, cheese, carrot and capsicum mixed in. He opened his eyes and met the beseaching gaze of his House-elf.

Sighing, Harry realised that Hermione would probably kill him for this.

"Okay Kreacher. You can come too."

Harry chuckled to himself as Kreacher beamed at him, then clicked his fingers and summoned the small pack he'd already prepared.

"Kreacher is knowing Master Harry would understand! Master Harry cannot look after himsef, Master Harry needs his Kreacher to take care of him."

"Yeah," Harry nodded as he tucked into his dinner. "I think you're right."