After re-reading my story after about 2 yrs, there were some changes that I wanted to make to the story & I ended up revising it a bit lol! I hope everyone enjoys it! ^_^ I DO NOT OWN CARDCAPTOR SAKURA OR FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!


CCS/FMA crossover. After a terrible accident takes the lives of the ones she loves most, a 15 year old Sakura is sent to live with her great-grandfather on the countryside. She makes new friendships & maybe even a new love. Can she deal with her new feelings & let go of the past?


Sakura Kinomoto stared out the window of the family car, looking up at the gray clouds that seemed to pass by. She was sort of bored since they had been riding along for almost 2 hours already. She, her family, Yukito, & Syaoran had all just left from spending summer break at the beach. Tomoyo was unable to come due to her & her mother taking their own trip for the break, which made Sakura very happy. Tomoyo & her mother hadn't gone on a vacation together in ages, so it was nice see them spend some time together for a change. Kero was watching the watching the house, which he protested to, but Sakura promised him a treat for doing so when they got back. Besides, he'd be too occupied with playing video games to get bored anyway.

"How much farther is it home, dad?" Sakura asked her father, as raindrops started to fall from the sky.

"Well, since it's raining, it might take a little longer than usual." he replied.

Touya sighed. "I know I'm ready to go home, so that I wont have to have that kid hanging around us anymore." Syaoran then gave an him an angry glare.

"Be nice, Touya." Yukito scolded.

"Shut up." Touya mumbled under his breath as he turned away from the others.

Sakura glanced over at Syaoran who was staring down at his lap. "Did you enjoy the trip, Syaoran-kun?" she asked, giving him a cheerful smile. He looked up & smiled back. "Yeah, I did."

Sakura beamed & gently squeezed his hand. "I'm glad!" she replied. "You know, maybe someday we can go on another trip like this!"

"Yeah." He nodded as he squeezed back. Sakura's face turned red as she glanced down at his hand clasped in hers. She then turned to Yukito, who then gave her a friendly smile.

"I really had a lot of fun as well, Sakura-chan." he said cheerfully. "So did I!" Sakura replied smiling up at him. "Next year, we should all get back together for another beach trip!" Yukito grinned. "Sounds like a plan to me! Maybe next time Tomoyo can join us?" "Yeah!" Sakura nodded. She then turned look outside the window again. The rain was really starting to pour very heavily now & Mr. Kinomoto struggled to see through the thick sheets of rain.

"I think we'd better stop dad." Touya said as he tried to see through the windshield. "It's getting pretty bad out there." Mr. Kinomoto then nodded.

"Yeah, we're stopping at the next exit." he replied. As he drove along, he started to see lights up ahead. "That must be a rest stop." he said driving up to it. "Maybe while we're there, you guys can get out & go inside for snacks or something."

Yukito nodded, "Yes, maybe we-" Suddenly, he cut off by the sound of a blaring horn. Mr. Kinomoto looked closely & saw that the lights were the headlights of a semi tuck. And it heading straight for them! He yanked the steering wheel to the opposite direction to avoid the truck. The car then spin out of control.

"Dad watch out!" Touya shouted as they headed towards a guardrail. Mr Kinomoto slammed on brakes, but it was too late. The car smashed through the guardrail & started to flip down an embankment. Sakura closed her eyes tightly as she felt herself being thrown about the car, her head hitting the window. The car tumbled and tumbled, until it finally came to a stop on its rooftop. Sakura's eyes fluttered open. She struggled to get out of the seatbelt but she was in terrible pain & it hurt to move. Everything around her was spinning. She looked to see Syaoran still strapped in next to her. He wasn't moving.

"Syaoran-kun…" she whispered hoarsely. No answer. "Syaoran-kun…." she whispered again, reaching for his hand. "Syaoran…kun….." she whispered once more as her eyes slowly closed & she drifted into an unconscious state.