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Forgetting Edward

Chapter 10

Gifts For The Newborn

"I have to teach you to hunt. Feel the burning in your throat? You need to drink to ease it. We will go into the forest once we show you to Jane and she leaves and takes her henchmen with her. Bella, you are still the most beautiful creature in the universe."

She smiled and approached me in a flash, and laughed.

"Geez, that will take some getting used to, I was here before I even finished the thought."

She put her arms around me and I gasped in shock. For the first time, I was the one in danger of being crushed by her.

"Loosen up your grip a little, you are stronger than me now."

Her eyes widened in alarm

"Sorry, sorry."

She stepped back, afraid.

"Bella, this will pass, you just have to think before you grab. You cannot do any permanent damage to me anyway, look, I am fixed already."

She examined the place she had dinted with her enthusiastic arms.

Smooth and perfect again.

"You will have to learn how to touch Jacoby though, even Jacob. Maybe you should not even try to touch him."

I don't know where that came from, she is truly mine now but I guess the old jealousy still hasn't realized completely.

"Knock knock" called an enthusiastic Emmett, walking into the tent carrying a dazed but still alive deer in his arms.

"I thought you may like take out as your first meal."

He grinned, and whistled as he looked Bella over.

"Man, Rosie is not going to like this, she just got eclipsed and lost her title as World's Most Stunning Vampire."

"Emmett, don't be silly" trilled Bella.

"Look at yourself" I said softly and she turned and looked in the mirror Alice had given her.

Her face looked shocked and she gazed with an open mouth at the reflection of herself, the new Bella.

Her hair was darker, black, straight and longer now. Her skin was even paler and more beautiful, her body barely changed, having been perfect already before.

She pulled Alice's blue dress off, over her head and stood completely unselfconsciously in front of us.

"Out, Emmett" I ordered, watching my brother gaze lustily at my mate.

He lay the unconscious deer on the floor and reluctantly left, taking in another look as he closed the tent flap.

"Emmett!" I warned.

"Sorry, sorry, I always knew she had the most engaging personality but now, man, you are the luckiest bastard in the fucking universe."

"Yes, I can't wait for you to tell Rosie that."

He sighed and walked away.

"My scars are gone" she said, examining her abdomen, now smooth and flawless.

"Is that okay?" I asked.

"I kind of liked knowing Coby came out of there. I will get used to it. I like my ass, it's kind of perfect." she said, turning so it showed in the mirror and she looked over her shoulder.

"And my boobs. They dropped a little after breastfeeding. Look at you now, Girls, back to your former spot and so much perkier. I think I like this whole vamped up vampire thing, Edward."

Chuckled and circled my arms around her waist.

"You were always perfect in my eyes,love. But I am happy you are happy."

She carefully put her arms around me and leaned in and waited for me to kiss her lips.

"My God". I swooned. She had tasted like nectar before but now her taste was enhanced.

"Bella, I have to taste you."

She was lying across the bed before I even took my now empty arms down, her perfect legs apart.

I sunk between them and hesitantly licked the length of her inner folds, and had to stop and rest my head on her thigh.

I had feared she would lose her wonderful taste but it had transformed into something way more potent.

Now I understood how Tanya was able to have those many men begging for more from her.

"You taste...indescribable." I murmured.

I cautiously licked her again, scared I would not be able to stop ever.

"Bellaaa". I felt my body come undone and my boxers were suddenly drenched as I had released without thought.

"Edward, get that inside me now and stop wasting it." she growled quietly.

I ripped my saturated shorts away and plunged inside and an orchestra exploded inside my head.

"Bella, Bella, Bella" I chanted, rocking in and out, hearing the main instruments climb and soar as we made love.

"Can you hear that?"

"Yes!" she cried and pushed herself closer, rocking me harder.

I could hear every instrument individually, violins, cello, harp, all were sweetly playing, rising, reaching the climax as she shuddered and jerked beneath me, clawing at my hair.

I flinched, as her hands tore at it but nothing could dampen the passion as the choir of angels sang as our bodies climaxed together.

I gasped for what seemed like necessary oxygen intake, and lay still on top of her.

How on earth do my parents and siblings ever manage to leave the bedroom in the mornings?

Will we get used to this?

Dammit, my stupid brain had delayed this for years? If I'd had any idea what it could be like, I would have lured her out of that Biology classroom the first day, dazzled her to love me and changed her there and them, in the forest behind the school.

Consequences be dammed.

Sure, it had been a fun journey but in this case, it was all about arriving.

"Wow" she said, looking at me, grinning.

"Wow indeed" I answered.

"That was..."

"It was."

"Can we..?"

"I think you should eat something, Bella."

Her eyes lit up and sparkled.

"I didn't mean me. I meant the deer that is starting to awaken on the floor."

I held it and quickly killed it painlessly and showed her where to bite into it"s artery in it's neck and she tried, and succeeded first time.

Her arms grabbed the body and she would have squeezed it to death as she drank it down and emptied the whole animal in an instant.

"Hot damn, now I know why you all screwed your noses up at human food. That was the best thing I ever tasted."

She dropped the carcass and walked towards me, licking the remaining specks of blood from her lips. She was amazingly free of any blood. Usually the first few feedings are disgustingly messy occasions.

She circled me, watching my eyes. Suddenly our roles had been reversed, I was her prey, she my hunter.

She moved faster than light and her red full lips encircled my cock and I gasped at the sudden assault on my senses.

"Mmmm" she murmured loudly and sucked me into a delightful state , I had always enjoyed her blowjobs but this...this made them disappear from my memory.

"Bella, Bella, Bella" the chant had me hypnotized as I rocked deeply into her throat and for the first time, I ejaculated deep inside her mouth.

She cried out, licking me hungrily.

"Edward, you taste better than deer's blood" she cried in amazement.

"Nobody has ever said that to me before" I murmured, standing beside her, running my fingers through her impossibly softer hair, nuzzling her long, pale neck, biting on her exquisite little shell of an ear..

Everything about her was so...perfect.

My few fears I would miss her heartbeat, her blush, her God, I had no idea they would lose relevance the moment she became this, something so much more.

"Um, are you two ever coming out? Jasper and Alice are in the forest, humping like bunnies, you really need to tone it down around him, you know" shouted Emmett.

We both laughed and I know we would both have blushed if we could.

I pulled Bella's dress over her head and took her hand, kicking the deer corpse out of the way.

The gasps of shock greeted us as everyone looked at my beautiful Bella and I felt immensely proud of myself. I waited 109 years for her but it was so worth the wait. I had waited and saved myself for the best and now she was mine. For eternity.

No longer would I envy any other creature in existence.

I had the best mate possible, all theirs now were lacking in her shadow.

I made her into this Heavenly being, I felt a little of what God must have felt when he made Adam and Eve, but my creation was far superior to his.

I knew in that moment, she was right. She was always right.

Only a instrument of God could have changed her from a human to this true masterpiece, I did have a soul. And she was right again, I must have a truly magnificent one.

I had tortured myself for so long, over nothing. I had thought my superior brain knew it all, but in that moment, we were Adam and Eve.

We were perfection.

Renesmee ran to Bella and held her tightly, Jake looked stunned and licked is lips. Interesting, even his imprinting with Renesmee was not blinding him to the beauty of my Bella. I smirked at him and he blushed and turned away, adjusting himself.

"Um, Nessie, we need to go bond" he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her off into the forest.

I had worried the mating between the two of them would bring some parental urge to kill him into being, but no, it was right.

I had my Bella, how could I deny anyone the right to fully enjoy their mate?

I know I will be.

"Charlie? Will he recognize me?" she whispered.

"Uh, yeah...Surprise!" shouted Emmett.

"What's happened?" I growled, seeing the images flashing through my mind.

The Volturi had decided he was about to learn our secrets so Emmett had bitten him, and he was still changing, but very close to the end.

Renesmee had convinced his mind he was not feeling pain, but pleasure, so he was happily writhing in the bed of Sue Clearwater, Harry's widow and she was chanting ancient Quileute spells as she sat and waited for her man to finish changing. She had lost her daughter and grandchildren but gaining a new man was filling the void in her heart and Jasper had dulled her grieving and filled her with anticipation and hope of a new start instead.

I wondered if Charlie would change her, in turn. He was sure to want to keep her for eternity, unless he decided to merely let her live out her life naturally, and age with her, then start again with another younger woman once she died.

Who could possibly make the decision to only spend a natural human lifespan with the woman they loved? Only a fool, such as I had been.

I had thought myself selfless for resisting changing Bella years ago, how wrong I had been. I was being selfish, keeping her from her destiny. It was clear she was born to be my mate, and I had stupidly stumbled about, delaying the inevitable, risking her life over and over again.

I shook my head.

I had thought my brain superior because why?

Learning the lessons at school, parroting the facts back to teachers, a recoding device could do that and it had no brain.

True intelligence was being able to see the right path, and choose the right future, and do it wisely.

I was an idiot.

Not now, I finally got it right.

I smiled at Jane as we approached her and the two men at her side bowed to us.

"You two will rule over all vampires one day soon. And that dhampir, she will be the third.

The Volturi leaders will no longer be needed, they will finally turn to ash and move on. Aro, Caius, and Marcus have been eclipsed." Jane informed me.

"I have no intention of taking my wife and daughter to Volterra, she has a human child here."

"Edward, I am not speaking of human time, once everyone she knows dies, she will want to be our queen."

Bella smiled and held a hand out to Jane, who took it and kissed my wife's knuckles.

"My Queen."

She bowed her head and I read her thoughts, all were full of respect and wonder, as she impatiently waited for the new realm.

"I shall look forward to serving you the rest of my existence" she said.

The three bowed again and Jane chuckled as they left.

"Oh, I am going to have such fun with those three old fogies, their days are numbered. I shall miss human blood, this new realm will make it law we drink from animals only, but I guess we can get used to that. I never liked Italian's anyway. Too much garlic."

"Better than Chinese" answered Demetri."I hate the MSG they ingest. It gives me heartburn after I drain them. At least animals only eat grass."

"And other animals" pointed out Felix.

"We need to start building up our Zoo, and wean ourselves off humans. I shall not miss the fatty ones." he shuddered.

I turned to Bella. "Well, I hope we enjoy our eternity as the new royalty, my love. I hope it leaves us a lot of time for ...private meetings. I will never sit on that throne and pass judgement on the vampire miscreants."

"That will be Emmett's job" trilled Alice, looking a little ruffled for the first time in her vampire existence."He will enjoy it, I have seen it . Bella, can we have the bedroom next to the one you and Edward occupy, because Jasper just did some stuff I didn't know was even possible for vampire's.. I love the inspiration you two give him." Alice laughed.

I scanned her mind and filed away a few of their activities.

"Whoa, I had no idea we could do that either." I gasped in amazement at the final scenario.

"Oh bro, you haven't existed until you try that" said Jasper, winking at me.

"I think having adjoining bedroom suites will be mutually beneficial" I agreed.

"I can read your minds now, you know" said Bella, winking at me.

Bella sat before her son and smiled at him and he climbed off his seat beside Billy's chair and sat on the grass facing her.

"Mom, you look hot. And cool. I have the prettiest Mom in the school. No, in the world."

Bella touched him gently, tentatively.

"You won't hurt him, Bella" Alice assured her.

Jacoby kissed his mother then ran after Jacob, eager to rekindle ties with his father, who was looking mighty happy. Renesmee smiled and blushed, as we took in her tattered clothing.

I tried to stay out of her head. While I was glad they were a couple, I didn't want to see the proof with my own eyes. Renesmee took Jacoby's other hand."Let's go to the beach."

Billy stood and stretched and walked towards Jake and 'Nessie'. Oh joy, my daughter is named after Australia's most fanatical football fan.

"Thanks for fixing my legs, Daughter." said Billy, walking down to check on Charlie's progress. He had no fear his old friend would attack him or any other human, Nessie had ensured every new vampire would embrace the vegetarian diet.

The existing vamps would have the choice of accepting their new fauna prey or being eliminated, terminated, whatever term you prefer. Alice has seen there will be very few pockets of resistance.

The New Order is already starting.

Alice started to laugh and only Jasper failed to get the joke.

"Jane just sampled her first vegetarian dish, a bush turkey. It has left her entirely covered in blood and feathers. I am glad I am not the Volturi leaders, she will take her wrath out on someone."

"So'"said Alice, clapping her hands."I had better start the preparations for the double wedding."

Her mind was showing me a new scenario to the other before. Now both Jacob and I waited at the front of the aisle and there were two beautiful brides walking down towards us, Charlie walking between them, with one on each of his arms.

"Thanks for asking me tomorrow to be your bridesmaid. Rose is going to want a deeper pink for the bridesmaids dresses, just go with it, Bella. Choose plum from the start, it will save you having a second lot of dresses made the day before the wedding when you give in to her. I quite like plum. Makes my eyes look less yellow."

Jasper turned, puzzled and looked at Bella.

"Why aren't your eyes red any more? You can't have assimilated all your own blood yet?"

"I drained her pretty much, Alice told me it would work out better, lead to a faster change." I told him.

Emmett approached.

"Yeah, I don't know what Bella's blood tasted like but if it was anything like Charlie's...great vintage. I hardly stopped myself in time. Damn, I am going to imagine that taste for a long time to come."

"Damn, I should have done that myself" growled Jasper.

"I would have shared" said Emmett, now the possibility of having to was past.

"Damn fine vintage. How many relatives do you have, Bella?" he asked. "Want any of them changed, 'cos I am your man."

"I think actually every Swan left is now a vamp and stay away from my son." she warned.

"Aw, that kid stinks. Sorry, but no way would he taste like wine. More like dog. I don't drink dogs."

"Good" she answered and grabbed him in a headlock and had him on the ground, on his knees in a millisecond.

"Damn newborn strength" he gasped out.

Rose appeared and walked up and placed her foot on his chest while he was prone and helpless.

"Really, you all forgot to invite me to the changings? I am only letting you get away with it because I am Matron Of Honor, the main bridesmaid, the important one." she teased Alice.

"I am making the dresses, I will just forget to sew yours properly, so it falls off you in front of everyone."

"Yeah? Hot." said Emmett.

Rose moved her foot so her Christian Loubouton was across his mouth. He growled and opened his lips.

"Bite that shoe and I will get Bella to kill you, Emmett" she warned.

"Have me killed and you won't have a mate" Emmett reminded her, getting up and dusting his clothes down

"Yeah, well I just saw Charlie and that man has made a mighty fine looking vampire" she answered, smirking at him.

"No way. He's like, old."

"Emmett, you probably went to school with his grandfather." Bella retorted.

Bella and I lay together in my old bedroom and she cuddled in close. The sex was still a little more than we could handle continuously yet, way too intense, so we were taking regular breaks to just snuggle in each others arms.

"Do you regret waiting, now?" she asked me.

"Waiting for you, never. Waiting to make you my mate? I don't know. I like that you fell in love with me on your own. Had I changed you that first day, it would have been 'vampire voodoo' love, not this. I prefer this. Are you sorry?""

"No, I am glad I had two babies. I loved having Jacoby, and with Nessie, I remember the few minutes I saw her after she was born and I have all her feelings and memories of her childhood now. It's enough, Edward. I have you and that's all I ever wanted."

I sighed.

"I wish I could erase the years of pain and agony my leaving caused us."

"I could do that" she said. "But it made us what we are today, we would be different people without those experiences. We wouldn't truly appreciate our love had we not been parted. We may have just taken it for granted. Love regained, now that is Paradise."

Maybe she is right. Maybe all the stumbling, slow, painful steps had to occur for us to be this right.

"I have only one regret. That you were ever with another man."

"Edward. My gift to you, I have wiped it from my memory. I only remember making love with you. It's like it never happened for me now."

"Thank you, Bella." I smiled and kissed her head.

Now she was truly mine.

The End