Sam felt awful about being at fault for breaking Dean's PSP, he didn't talk to him for an entire week. So he decided to buy him the new I Phone. It was an expensive piece of equipment, but Dean had been extremely pleased with the makeup gift. It even had games..

But the best thing about it was the Apps, which included a facebook app. Dean was obsessed with facebook, he was constantly on it, updating his status almost every minute. Sam had a blackberry, which also included the app, and both phones had their notifications sent to each other.

Sam was in a local library, finally happy that he would be able to finish his dang thesis, when his phone vibrated.


It was from Dean.

Annoyed, Sam poked him back. He will finish his thesis!

A second later.


Gr, Sam thought poking him back.

Less than a second later. Poke.

Stop poking me Dean! He wrote on his wall and then poked him back, he wouldn't get the last poke!


Your not going to win Dean, Poke back.

This is war, brother! Dean wrote on his wall.


Their "war" went on for the next half hour.

You will never win this poke battle! Dean put up on his status.

You both do now that poking is a flirtatious gesture on face book, you bunch of homos! Bobby wrote on his status and tagged Dean and Sam.

Forty-five people liked it.

Sam changed his status to, Dean started it!

What a homo, a girl wrote...

Only those who go on facebook can understand.. lol. REVIEW PLEASE!