Gotta be my favourite chapter so far. Prussia is a little angsty, and Canada is optimistic but what can I say, this is war. Enjoy.



Poor père. I suppose it was only a matter of time before he got occupied. I mean if someone put me in as bad shape as Germany was I would want revenge too. I do hope père is alright. As long as he doesn't try to spread l'amour he should be fine. Hopefully. Well at least brother hasn't joined the war yet, he'd probably do something stupid. Like insult one of our allies ambassadors, I don't need to be worrying about him too.


"I can't believe you! He's killing our people and you couldn't care less."

"Bruder, please. You need to calm down. If anyone heard you talking like this-"

"Whose going to hear me? You? Would you really report your own bruder?"


"Nein? Really? What a surprise, you wouldn't hand me over? I don't believe you. You hand over you're own people without a second thought. Have you seen where he keeps them? His concentration camps? Can't you see how un-awesome this is? Why can't you understand what you're doing to our people?"

"They aren't our people. These Jews, they are not from our lands."

"Bullshit. Can't you feel their pain? Every time one of them is killed? I can, and it hurts. Bruder, please. What about all the others you're persecuting?"

"Gypsies and homosexuals. They are not my people, not our people. The Kaiser is right, bruder, we must rid ourselves of them."

"Are you blind? Can't you see anything? What about our Allies, what about Italien?"

"W-what? I d-don't understand you."

"Lügner (Liar). I'm sick of you bruder."

"I can't let you visit any of our enemies."

"France is occupied, I'm not sure he counts as 'the enemy' anymore. I'll be back when I can stand to look at you again."

"You know I'm going to have to -"

"Report this? Go right ahead. Why do I care. Its not like I'll be back anytime soon. Tschüß (bye) bruder."


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