Hold Me, Kiss Me, Just Don't Love Me

Disclaimer: Surely you know this by now. If I owned Harry Potter, do you really think I'd be here?

Warnings: slash/yaoi/shounen-ai/BL, het, M/M sex, and possibly more later on.

I'm going stir crazy here on vacation! I miss my computer TT-TT on the upside I now know how to write and upload fics on my phone. I admit, I'm a bit rusty at it and can't write something in bold or italics without fucking it up, but it's better than nothing. I hate the long title on this, but after writing it, I kinda went braindead. This has been bothering me all day so I just had to get it down.

Pairings: Sirius/Harry, Remus/Draco (cuz Remus needs some lovin' too), and James/Lily.


"No, y-you can't..." The smaller boy gasped as he gripped onto the seventh year's robes.

"And why the bloody hell not?" The older boy demanded. "I LOVE you and I'm tired of denying it. You're my everything."

The sixth year shook his head furiously. "Don't say that, you can't love me..." He cried, his voice bordering on hysterical.

Growling, the older boy pressed their lips together, devouring the younger's mouth and savoring the moans it elicited. "Tell me, tell me that didn't mean a thing to you."

Big doe like emerald eyes stared back into his gray ones, shining with unshed tears. "I-I..." He couldn't say it. What they had meant everything to him, but their love was doomed. He shouldn't have let it get this far, he should've stayed away, but yet he hadn't. The wound had been too fresh and the power to heal it had been right in front of him.

Now, now the hole in his heart would be ripped open once again, only this time it would hurt much more.

"I-I'm sorry, Sirius." He stuttered, willing his tears to stay at bay. An unknown ache spread throughout his chest as he watched the pain flash in Sirius' gray eyes. He quickly averted his gaze to the floor. Wrenching himself from Sirius' grip, he started off down the hallway back towards the Slytherin dormitories, the tears already flowing down his cheeks.

His escaping was cut short as a strong grip on his wrist pulled him back and twirled him around. Sirius' lips immediately found his and too soon they were gone.

Determination filled those gray eyes now and he felt his heart racing. "I won't give up on you, not without a fight." Sirius exclaimed. "You will be mine, Harry."

A blush crept up Harry's cheeks and he pulled his wrist back, hastily turning away to run back to his dorm where he would be safe.


Isn't that just so depressingly short? Oh well, it's a prologue, I'm allowed to make it short. Anyways, if you enjoyed this, please review! Jya, mata ne.

Edit 8/13/10: In case you're wondering where chapter 2 is, it's been removed. ^^; It should be back up in no time, after I get over the want to skip over how Harry and Draco even got there. So yea.