A.N: I literally just finished watching episode 14, when Romeo starts working at the Gradisca mines and Petruchio dies, and so then I started to wonder about Petruchio and his thoughts as he died. So, yeah, ENJOY!

Petruchio coughed yet again, his body draining of what little energy he had conserved from that small effort. Swallowing, his throat stung, it was most likely scarred forever. Every word he uttered was a challenge, his head was constantly swimming, and his body wouldn't stop trembling. A bitter cold wind blew into the quarantine hovel, feeling like the very breath of death against his hot skin. The damp rag on his forehead did little to calm the raging fever he had taken to; he could barely feel it's coolness over the heat of the fever.

Coughing, he turned his head slightly to glance at Romeo, who had kept vigil by his side all day long. The nobleman was fast asleep, his arms resting on the back of his chair and head placed down on top of them.

Petruchio knew he wouldn't make it till morning; the Reaper darkened his door, nearing to enter. Giving the sleeping boy a weak smile, he was happy that he'd at least he'd told Romeo of his dying wish, for his younger brother and sister to be granted a ride on Romeo's white dragon steed. He just hoped he'd be able to see that spectacle from heaven; the three of them taking to the skies, his siblings smiling again. Romeo was such a kind and considerate man, as Petruchio had come to realize, full of such vigor and youthfulness, ready to tackle any task given him. Romeo had loyally stayed by his bedside all day long, tending to him and trying desperately to calm his illness; even calling for a doctor, despite its futility.

Petruchio only hoped that if he really was born a nobleman in his next life, he could be as great a one as Romeo. Smiling softly, he whispered, "Thank you, Romeo . . . for everything."

Then, as his limbs went numbingly cold and his head pounded like it was ready to split open, he laid the useless wet cloth on the pillow beside him, and turned his back on his sleeping friend.

He held an image of his young siblings riding on Romeo's white dragon steed in his mind as he closed his eyes. He smiled at the joy he imagined upon their faces and their shrieks of delight as they flew to grace the clouds. He imagined that they were up so high that you would have to squint to see them from the ground.

A weak hacking cough was the last of Petruchio, as the illness took its toll and he finally breathed his last.

A.N: I know I mention both reincarnation and heaven in this and I'm sorry if that was confusing, but I only did it because Petruchio mentions both pf them himself in the episode.

He first mentions reincarnation, "I hope in my next life, I'm born a nobleman." And then mentions, "My mother awaits in heaven.", a little later.*I didn't even have to look those lines up! Cool!* And I did it, because it fit so well within the story, too.

But, anyway, I like to think Petruchio is in heaven. : )