A.N: I literally just finished watching episode 14, when Romeo starts working at the Gradisca mines and Petruchio dies, and so then I started to wonder about Petruchio and his thoughts as he died. So, yeah, ENJOY!

Petruchio was caught up in yet another violent coughing fit, his throat scratched and his head began to swim as he finally finished coughing. What little energy he'd been able to obtain since Romeo had fallen asleep, drained from his body as he tried to remember to breathe evenly in and out. Despite his best efforts, his labored breaths still came out ragged and wet.

The cold and fever was swiftly overtaking Petruchio. Every word he uttered was a challenge, his head was constantly pounding, dizzy spells kept sweeping over him, and his body wouldn't stop trembling. A bitter cold wind blew into the quarantine hovel, feeling like the very breath of death against his hot skin. The damp rag covering his forehead did little to soothe his raging fever.

Coughing, he turned his head to glance at Romeo, who had kept vigil by Petruchio's side all day long. The nobleman had finally let sleep take him, despite how long and hard he'd tried to fight against it, wanting to tend to his friend's every whim and need that might arise throughout the dark night. But exhaustion had finally won out and his head rested down on top of his crossed arms, his body slumped over the back of his chair.

Petruchio knew he wouldn't make it till dawn; the Reaper darkened his door, nearing to enter. He smiled weakly at Romeo, happy that he'd at least told him of his one dying wish. That of his younger brother and sister to be kindly granted a ride on Romeo's white dragon steed. Petruchio just hoped he'd be able to see that spectacle from heaven; the three of them taking to the skies, his siblings smiling and laughing again.

Romeo was such a kind and considerate person, as Petruchio had come to learn, full of such vigor and youthfulness, ready to tackle any task given him. He wanted to prove himself to these hardened men of the Gradisca mines, and Romeo did, after bravely saving Petruchio's life and showing he could get his soft hands dirty and bloody throughout the long days spent toiling in the mine. He'd certainly gained plenty of callouses by now. Petruchio had gained a great friend in Romeo, for he was nothing like the evil Montague blood that ran through his veins. He was instead every inch a proper nobleman, brave and true, he cared about the all of the people here and wanted to make a positive difference with his time here in exile.

Romeo had loyally stayed by his friends sickbed all day long, tending to him and trying desperately to calm his illness; even calling for a doctor, despite its futility. He'd filled the days long hours by talking absently to him throughout the ins and outs of Petruchio's fever. He'd prattling on to him about the handkerchief girl and his plans to pave forward a bright future with her, so they could live together in peace. Children even, at some point.

Petruchio fondly hoped that if reincarnation did exist, and he really was born a nobleman in his next life, he could be as great a one as Romeo. Smiling softly, he looked to him and whispered, "Thank you, Romeo . . . for everything."

Then, all of a sudden, his limbs began to go numbingly cold and his breath rattled in his chest. His head pounded like it was ready to split open and he laid the useless wet cloth on the pillow beside him, turning his back on his sleeping friend.

He looked out the window to the sky one last time, watching the deep blue start to lighten as daybreak neared. He held an image of his young siblings riding on Romeo's white dragon steed in his mind, as he closed his eyes. He smiled at the joy he imagined upon their faces and their shrieks of delight as they flew to grace the clouds. He imagined that they were up so high that you would have to squint to see them from the ground.

A weak hacking cough was the last of Petruchio, as the illness took its toll and he finally breathed his last, the sun breaking through the clouds to grace his face with it's warm light and welcoming him into the fold.

A.N: I know I mention both reincarnation and heaven in this and I'm sorry if that was confusing, but I only did it because Petruchio mentions both of them himself in the episode.

He first mentions reincarnation, "I hope in my next life, I'm born a nobleman." And then mentions, "My mother awaits in heaven.", a little later.*I didn't even have to look those lines up! Cool!* And I did it, because it fit so well within the story, too.

But, anyway, I like to think Petruchio is in heaven. : )