Summary: Booth has a haunting dream of the young Dr. Sweets and while in a mental confession he gets carried away then begins to reenact his dream…Total lemon, guyxguy action, don't like it don't read! Booth/Sweets!

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Wicked Temptation

Chapter 1:The first strike.

"Would you like some coffee?", Lance Sweets offered kindly as he sat across from Seeley Booth crossing his thigh over the other ready to analyze Booth's actions and facial features.

The FBI agent merely nodded and took a mug with the text, "World's Greatest Psychologist" from the glass coffee table that separated him from Dr. Sweets. Booth usually dreaded visiting Dr. Sweets especially if it was a problem concerning his work ethic with Dr. Brenan, but this time the problem was too big for even the burley cop to cope with on his own.

Seeley sipped on some of the warm and overly sweetened coffee, his rude slurping was the only sound that invaded the room. After setting down the mug the awkward silence was cut once Sweets asked, "So what seems to be the problem?"

Booth shifted in his seat and so did his eyes trying to find the words to form into a reasonable sentence. Sweets automatically noticed his body language, Cocked downward head, eyes focused away, his right foot constantly tapping: All signs of being pushed into an uncomfortable state of being. A small toothy grin worked it's way onto Sweets full lips, "There's no need to be nervous Booth, we're all friends here."

The older man rolled his eyes ,and scoffed, body language retorting back to his cocky attitude, "Shut up, Sweets", he started out, but then cleared his throat, and began again, "So a few days ago I had this dream…..", Seeley shifted in his seat.

The young doctor nodded, "Mhmm….what kind of dream"

"You know", Booth motioned as to emphasize the understanding between the two.

"No, I'm not quite sure I do"

A scoff appeared back onto the cop once again, "You're still a kid, you should know what kind of dream it is"

The younger man's jaw clenched tightly, and he shifted in his seat folding his hands in his lap. Lance never liked being called a child or discriminated for his young exterior by his coworkers-especially by Booth- but he pushed the comment away then dryly replied with a deep sigh, "Alright and who of?"

This time Seeley was drawn silent, not sure what to say.

'Is that….' Sweets noticed somewhat squinting his eyes. There it was! Across Seeley's perfectly chiseled features was a soft blush that only made the doctor sit back in surprise having his mouth slightly hang out.

The man in distress noticed Lance's reaction and stood up embarrassed, "God I knew this would be a failure", He groaned making his way to the exist.

The curious psychologist quickly stood up, and grabbed hold of the embarrassed man's thick arm-mostly from all his muscles- "Wait-!", he began, but Booth turned around with the gaze of what seemed to be frustration and irritation. Shock striking him, Lance fell frozen expecting to be punched or strangled, knowing Booth's anger management issues were still a force to be reckoned with. But his guess was wrong, no Booth didn't hit him, but pressed him against the door making a dull thud.

The psychologist looked up in fear and surprise unable to read what the furious man in front of him was about to do next. He felt the heat of Booth's hands next to both his ears pulsating with his heart rate, blocking him from running away. His back was hunched over to meet Sweets's gaze-Light brown meeting a timid chocolate- and with that the larger brunette leaned in and kissed the boy with immense pressure.


-The Surveillance Room-

The guards watched the black and white screen in interest, some in disgust, as Booth continued to kiss Dr. Sweets roughly. The gentlemen-there was really nothing gentlemanly like about them- started a poll: Was Booth going all the way, or not ,and if so how long will it take to get Sweets hard?….The Poll was a majority yes, and the participants betted around 3-5 minutes of foreplay. Suggestive whistling and cheering were heard from behind the focused group of men, cheering Booth on.

-Sweet's Office-

Booth's big calloused hand was gripping onto Sweets jaw making sure his lips wouldn't stray. Without permission Booth slipped his tongue through the almost melting boy then rubbed and tangled his tongue with Sweet's-small groans were coming from Booth-

His eyes closed shut and struggling for air Sweets squirmed within Booth's grasp, hoping to be let free. Small gasps and heavy breathing slipped through Lance's lips. Finally being let free from Booth's unforgiving lips, a string of saliva connecting their lips. He felt Booth step closer, tangling their legs with each other and his chests rubbing against the taller male's. The feeling of his chest rising and lowering against his made Lance arch his back in response-this alone was enough to turn him on-

"This….",Booth began, his words mixing with his heavy panting, "is what I was dreaming of….", Booth gazed at the already melting psychologist who's eyes were glazed with confusion and desire.

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