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There wasn't a second glance coming from either Daisy or Agent Booth. Their ride back was silent then soon dispersed with a small smile from Daisy, trying to elicit a respectable response to Booth's stiff nod goodbye. Booth watched as Daisy left his car, her white lab coat swished back and forth with each bouncy step she took. He sighed then turned his key to turn off the ignition. There was a calm silence as Agent Booth reconciled his successful visit not too long ago. A smile crept to the burly man's face trying to stifle what seemed to be a border line giggle.

30 Minutes before the awkward car ride:

Sweets clung onto the agent's uniform in desperation feeling a sense of bliss come over the distressed doctor. Something along the lines of "I missed you", and "Where've you been", slipped from Sweets's mouth over and over. Then a soft reply of, "Me too", and, "I know". Booth pressed his thin lips to Sweets's forehead taking in the scent of Old Spice in his curly brunette felt Sweets shake in his arms, as thinner arms coiled around him, grabbing onto the fabric of his uniform.

"I missed you so much, Booth", Sweets felt a lump in his throat as if he had said it fifty times over. To which Seeley replied with yet another kiss on the forehead with a smile to match. Lance could feel those thin lips contort on his forehead.

"I missed you too, Lance", Booth mumbled kissing the psychiatrists temple, cheek and jaw, loving the way Sweets would comply to his touch. Nothing could be better, Seeley thought to himself.

There was a Euphoric bliss that swept the room, leading the lovers to let their embrace go remembering the existence of Daisy. They both knew where this was leading to, they had to go, act normal, and go on with their lives like common enemies.

"I'll come see you after work. I want to talk more", Agent Booth commented with an undertone of desperation. Lance merely nodded. They finally reassembled their composure and made their way up the stairs.

They met Daisy at the top of the stairs, in front of Lance's apartment with a smile, "Everything alright", she inwardly gritted her teeth, not fanning her composure. She wanted so much to leave, how could Lance embarrass her like that?

"Yeah sorry Daisy, I had to talk to Agent Booth about work", Sweets smiled then walked back in his apartment, "Want something to-"

Lance was cut off by Daisy, "No we have to get back before lunch is over", she leaned in then kissed her boyfriend quickly, "I love you, Lancelot", she smiled forcefully.

A smile slipped from Sweets then he nodded, "Alright, by Daisy, Agent Booth", he looked at Booth then Daisy. She was already at the stairwell waiting for Booth to follow. A lump formed in her throat.


Booth was already in his office when he heard a knock on the door. Looking up he saw Daisy, in all her glory, wearing a white lab coat, "Yes? Come in", he set aside his papers on sexual harassment-ironic, no?

"Agent Booth Hypothetically speaking, which there is no gain to ANY third party what-so-ever in this equation, though it could be possible if factored i-"

"Get to the punch line Daisy", Booth cut in, he really didn't like beating around the bush. There was a simple matter of fact charm to him not many understood.

"Well alright, again, hypothetically speaking, what remaining emotions would you feel for the one you cared for most, IF you discovered they were engaging in other 'affairs' with a third party?", she finally asked progressively closer and closer to Booth's desk. Her eyes slightly narrowed as she watched for Booth to find the answer to her question.

With a cool air Booth answered, "Well, Daisy, Hypothetically, I'd feel hurt an-"

"Feel pain", she interjected haughtily. Even in a situation like this grammar was never a force to forget, "to feel hurt is a commonly misused phrase", she smiled correctively.

"ANYWAY... I don't think I'd feel very good, and I'd probably wonder what I did wrong...why?", his eyebrows raised in question.

"Oh no reason, I'm writing a thesis on the human brain wave patterns via interaction of intimacy, and or relationships, thank you agent Booth", she excused herself from the room, sighing.

Soft brown eyes watched as the anthropologist left, weary of the fact that she might know. he rested his head against the palm of his hand, using his sleeved elbow as a means of support, then stared off in the direction that she went. He chewed on the thought, How would he feel if Sweets did in fact cheat on him? He already knew he had Daisy, but that was a minor step back. The thought haunted him throughout the day.

Booth left work early in hopes of seeing Sweets again. There was hardly a time throughout the day he didn't think of him. After seeing Lance it had only reminded Seeley of how much he really did care the psychiatrist, and what kind of future he wanted both of them to have. The persistent agent made his way to the parking lot, and to his black S.U.V. He piled in then drove off with a quirked smile on his face. He picked up his phone then started a text addressed to Sweets, 'I'm coming over'


Sweets was in the living room going over his patient's paperwork, a sea of white with dotted black ink. There wasn't a time when he wanted to quit his job, between the mocking, the constant threats of security, and his crazy, unstable patients he hardly had the time for himself. But now things had changed. He had something to look forward to. Sure at first he never suspected his life with Agent Booth, or even considered him a part of his life, but he had surely made his way into his heart.

A small 'Ding' sound made itself prominent in the room. Sweets's eyes darted to the phone, then picked it up curiously. There was a text from Booth, soft twinges of excitement ran through Sweets as he pressed accept: A small three letter text displayed on the screen of his i-phone, as a smile crept onto the curves of his mouth. He then proceeded to text back, ' Okay :D'. He was about to press send until he remembered he was an adult. Adults don't use emoticons, no matter how funny they were. He revised his text to 'Okay' then pressed send, and got up cleaning up his apartment, and ordering a large pepperoni pizza for him and Booth. His whole being shook with excitement.

He looked at himself in the reflection of his toaster, Lance looked horrid. Dark brown locks of hair twisted and winded itself throughout his head making all too swift loops, sprouting themselves in uneven patterns along his scalp. The old Robin tee shirt he bought from Crush Comics eight years ago, and now with a fancy yogurt stain on the front, draped itself across his chest, "Ugh, I look like a wreck", he stated covering his face and moaning into his hands.

Softly jogging to the bathroom he turned the tap on to a sufficient temperature then began to strip, shooing off his sweatpants from his ankles then getting in.

A sigh left his lips as he felt the warm pelting of the shower. It was great. Sweets stood there for a moment taking in the feeling of it all in then beginning to wash himself. Soon after his quick shower he ran out drying himself off then getting changed into and Red Sox baseball tee and a pair of old blue jeans- yes casual wear acquired.

Looking around he noticed just how messy his apartment was. There were papers and clothes strewn everywhere. He was so used to having Daisy clean up for him he hadn't even noticed. With a swift movement he took all of his papers and lightly jammed them into his briefcase as if it were in high school again, smashing assignments into his backpack; and picked up his clothes. There was a buzz at the door.

'Ah, that's the pizza guy', Sweets dumped the clothes on the floor then pushed the intercom for him to come up. There was a feeling of euphoria as he continued to clean. Booth was coming over after work, to see him, "To see me..", he muttered to himself. His outward thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door, "Coming!", he yelled then stuffed the clothes in his closet and picked up his wallet and opened the door, "How much do I owe you?", he asked looking up.

"A kiss?", Booth replied with a snarky smile while he leaned onto the wooden door frame with ease. The agent was still in his black suit and tie, but somehow still seemed to carry a rested demeanor upon himself.

"Booth you're", Lance cut in a tad stunned. His whole elation of euphoria he had just experienced not too long ago fled and was replaced with an the overwhelming feeling of what could only be described as a fleeting shyness, "here early"

"I rushed over", those enchanting light brown eyes gazed at Sweets.

Taken away Sweets leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the Agent's lips then quickly pulled away, trotting to the kitchen in salvation, "Do you want something to drink?"

Booth's eyes widened, shocked, but he didn't falter. He didn't think Lance would have kissed him so willingly, but there was no complaining on his part. Without a word he closed the door and followed him to the kitchen, slightly humming with anticipation, "Do you have any beer?", he chimed behind the psychiatrist, gazing at the nape of his neck.

Not noticing the presence of Seeley he knelt down and rifled through the fridge, "I think", all he saw was Daisy's collection of unopened tapioca yogurts she promised to eat, another concoction.. or meal Daisy had made for him, the standard vegetables and sandwich ingredients, and, Aha! There was a case of Budweiser. With glee Sweets handled the beer and smiled, but all too quickly faltered as he stood up to meet Booth face to face with him, wearing an all too casual face, but there was no fooling the doctor; the man had perfected the art of seduction.

"Perfect", he stated in a thick baritone, taking one of the beers in his hand, the other rested carefully on Sweets's waist. Without a second glance he walked to the couch and plopped down.

Hesitant at first Sweets followed Booth to the couch and sat beside him opening the can with ease. He felt the couch shift as Booth leaned closer to him. He still smelled of rain and a soft waft of musk. Sweets liked it. He shifted himself closer to Booth, he was warm.

The next thing Sweets registered was the arm coiling around his waist as he sipped his beer. They were cuddling. Full on cuddling, without any awkward subtext, or fearful stares.

Daisy often liked to cuddle, but her pointy elbows would always rest on Sweets's thigh or abdomen, which made the whole situation unbearable. She would whine that Lance was on her hair or that he smelled like work. The worst was when they watched TV and she would comment on every damn scene. Especially the effects of Si-fi film. How that irked Sweets to no extent.

"I'm guessing there is pizza coming our way?", Booth inquired nudging Sweets to make sure he was listening. He smiled once he got a nodded and glance up from those beautiful brown eyes. He couldn't get enough of those eyes, "Excellent", his smile gleamed as the psychiatrist looked back down taking in another sip of his beer, those soft cheeks flushed a light red.

During the session of mindless cuddling and exchanging of words the TV had turned on and the pizza had arrived, Booth being the gentlemen he was paid for half and left a generous tip. They sat together watching a rerun of a hockey game, enjoying their pizza and close confrontation, Booth even sneaked in a few kisses when Sweets wasn't paying attention, of course leading the doctor to blush and even give a playful shove at times, but he would always smile under his embarrassment.

"I should probably be going", Booth said crushing his beer can. He watched for Sweets's reply, but only got an 'okay' out of it, a twinge of loneliness passed through Booth. Once he stood up he felt a hand on his.

"Maybe you should stay", Sweets pushed glancing to the side, " You've been drinking a bit, and well.. It's raining too. Double whammy", his awkward, boyish tone was too adorable.

The ex sniper leaned in and kissed the psychiatrist, pushing him down onto the couch. Sweets could feel the smile form on his lips as they mashed lips together in a tangled kiss. He didn't mind the small sounds of protest coming from Sweets, which eventually morphed into soft moans. The hot crevasses known has Sweets mouth made way for Booth's dominant tongue, rubbing and sucking on the younger man's, all the while biting on those full red lips, which were now bruised and swollen from the attention Booth was giving them.

Soft brown eyes looked down at a newly flushed Lance Sweets, his red lips were parted and swollen, once almost soft pale cheeks were now stained with a slight flush. A cold hand slid up the base of Sweets's stomach pushing up the fabric of his shirt, the only reply was a soft gasp coming from the man under Booth.

The two kissed and tasted one another, the only time their lips had parted was the disposal of clothing that was now strewn across the living room floor. Sweets was the first to move closer to Booth wrapping his arms around his neck, pulling the older man closer to him. Both men were now shirtless, working their ways down to the last piece of began working on Sweets's jaw line, and neck; softly nipping at the pale skin- he loved the way it could turn such a beautiful red.

"Bed..", Lance moaned, staring at Booth as he stopped nipping at his flesh. It was relieving yet troublesome. Another breathtaking smirk cut itself onto Seeley's face as he abruptly lifted the doctor up, one hand resting on his waist, the other coddling his bum. In shock, Lance held onto his lover tightly, wrapping his legs around his waist.

Taking the grasp coming from Sweets, Booth took it as a comply. He leaned in and kissed Lance with a sweet aggression. Somehow he instinctively knew where the bedroom was. The two fell onto the bed together, both smiling as they hit the bed, eliciting a thud from the mattress.

"Tell me what you want", Booth chimed whispering softly into Sweets's ear, nibbling on a particularly sensitive spot on his ear, and tugging at the waistband of Sweets's jeans.

Sweets writhed in anticipation, "D-Don't tease me, Booth", the doctor pressed closer to the agent, hating how easily he'd submit to him.

A small chuckle, and a crooked smile came from Booth. The agent lowered down upon Sweets trailing wet kisses upon his body. Dilated eyes followed Booth as he went lower tracing his tongue across the sensitive skin owned by the younger man under him.

Two sets of lust filled eyes met as Booth carefully slid off the psychiatrists' jeans, Sweets's breath felt stagnant for a moment, until Booth's eyed the younger man for permission, something Sweets wasn't used to. A mere nod came from Lance as he finally tried to breath,but closed his eyes. He heard a slight chuckle come from the older man, 'Oh Shit!', he thought to himself. He had changed his outerwear, but totally forgot that star trek briefs weren't deemed "sexy". He mentally cursed himself. Though it seemed as if Booth didn't mind as the agent continued to tug off the rest of his clothing, thankfully. His erection now exposed to the air, and Booth. The suspense itself was almost enough to make him cum. Without any exchange of words Booth had slipped off

For what seemed like hours, though rather seconds, nothing happened. He felt Booth shift a few times thinking he was off the bed. He felt as if the Star Trek briefs might have turned Booth off. A curious eye peeked from under its lid to find Booth leaning over and-

Sweets gasped. His eyes widened as a skillful tongue slid against Lance's erection. Booth covered the member's tip with his mouth, teasing the doctor further. Lance felt his mind was taken over, his eyes rolled back, his back arched, and his toes curled, as Booth bobbed his head in a steady pace. Both of Seeley's hand's rested on the psychiatrist's hip, periodically sliding further squeezing the younger man's tight butt. Under hitched breaths he moaned, surprised yet again, that he could ever make such a sound. In reply Booth let out a purring sound that resinated in his throat, causing a soft vibration.

"Nnngh, Seeley.. Ah!", Sweets moaned, a shaky hand rested in the neat tuff of Booth's hair, assuring him to go faster. Booth complied with ease.

Sweets was so close. His chest rose and fell so harshly. No one had ever made him feel so close to ecstasy before. Too quickly the warmth around Sweets's cock had disappeared. A whimper escaped the man. He opened his eyes to see Booth lick pre cum from his lips, "Booth please...", Sweets now begged.

The same smirk curled onto Booth's lips. Like a wolf caught his prey; he stalked closer to Lance, "Now you're teasing me, Lance.. that's not fair", The agent kissed the corner of Lance's lips. How could someone be so sweet, but frightfully erotic in one moment? A hand rested on Lance's own, "If you want it so bad, persuade me", the sensual man guided him to the hem of his own pants.

Lance, looking so adorable, and ravished to Seeley pressed closer to him, and hungrily kissed his lover, and soon dealing with the problem that was now the thing layers of cotton separating the two from complete skin to skin contact.

Booth had to admit he was surely impressed with the amount of tolerance Lance had. As they kissed he couldn't help but smile against their kiss as he felt his pants and briefs slide off so hastily, "Lube.. do you have it?", Booth had broken their kiss.

He could tell Sweets had gotten sick of these interruptions, but pointed to the nightstand next to the bed, he could hardly breath let alone talk. Booth reached into the nightstand rummaging through the drawer. Finally he felt a small bottle in his grasp, and took it out in success.

With anticipation the doctor watched as Booth prepared his finger with lube, it almost scared him at how much he wanted this. A soft kiss was given to him, obviously from Booth. A smile forced its way onto Sweets's mouth, he wrapped his arms around Booth's neck, kissing back. His lips parted, and breath stopped once he felt a finger enter him, his partner eyed him with a slight twinge of worry. Why was he being so sincere today? Either way Sweets excepted, "I-I'm fine..", Sweets breathed.

Another finger was added in, it took Sweets some time to adjust to the feeling. It wasn't like the first time they had sex. Before everything was rushed, and selfish. There was a jolt of heat and pleasure that had spread through Sweets, he arched closer to Booth. Without having to explain Booth knew he had found Sweets's prostate. The two fingers continued to move within the younger man, hitting the same spot, making the withering doctor's voice raise. He knew he was making marks on the taller man's shoulder blades, and nape.

"Ah.. Mmm", Sweets moaned, biting his bottom lip to stifle his moans the best he could, "Seeley.."

"Lance.. I can't wait...", he felt his own erection throbbing. His voice wasn't demanding, but rather strangled yet cool.

Big eyes slowly opened to gaze up at Seeley. Another soft nod came from the younger man. The fingers within him were taken out. Seeley prepared his erection with a fair amount of lube before flipping positions, to which Sweets was in total shock, "Wh-What are you doing?", he was now straddling the older gent as the other laid completely relaxed on the mattress.

That infamously breathtaking smirk never seemed to leave Booth, "You didn't think I'd do all the work Sweets?", his hands rested firmly on Sweets hips, "Ride me", the words seemed like a demand, but Sweets knew it was an option. Fear, hesitation, and modesty set into the doctor. A soft blush spread across Lance's face.

"Don't worry", his smirk softened, "I'll help you"

Dark brown eyes averted in embarrassment, "O-okay..", Sweets replied.

Sweets slowly mounted himself onto the agent. Booth was patient with him, letting him ease into it at his own pace, though there were times when Booth would help him with a bit more unnecessary force than needed. Once properly sheathed within Sweets, Booth he told Sweets to move.

Sweets tried to remember how the girls in the pornos did it. He started to rock his hips back and forth, feeling awkward at first, but assumed he had been doing well due to the expressions Booth was making. After sometime he had created a pace, with the help of Seeley's hand's guiding his hips up and down.

"Hah... Lance", Booth moaned. His eyes were closed, getting lost in the motion.

A heat spread through Lance has he heard his name being called from under him. He kept his pace, but Booth's began to buck in reply,moving his hips with his, "Ah!", Sweets cried. The synchronized motions of both men began to mix themselves. Each thrust coming from Booth drove Sweets to the edge.

"Seeley...", Lance whispered. There wasn't much he was able to say. Any other words were covered with panting, moans.

The thrusting motion coming from Seeley had began to quicken. He knew he was creating two bruises on Sweets's poor hips. He opened his eyes to watch the man on top of him. Sweets was the picture of beauty in Booth's eyes. His red lips parted delicately to let moans escape, he knew he himself was creating, his back was arched; only to be even closer to him, which felt nearly impossible.

Feeling daring Booth sat up pushing the psychiatrist over, making his eyes widen. Sweets was now on his back, under Booth, who leaned in, and pressed his lips onto Sweets's. His thrusts began to break from his pace, and became quick and impulsive. He loved the way Lance moaned into him. Sweets desperately clung to Booth feeling so close, "Nngh, Y-Yes!.. There!", Sweets encouraged.

" Seeley! Ah.. I-I-!", a strangled cry came from Lance as he reached his climax. Sparks of electricity ran through his body. His erection fell limp, but he still rocked his hips with Booth's as Booth quickly followed Moaning louder then ever, arching his back into the smaller man.

Both men panted and felt limp. Their bodies tangled together as Booth held Sweets close.

There was a sense of bliss as they had began to cuddle once again. Sweets felt content resting his head on Booth's defined chest, and Booth rested his chin over Lance's curly mess.

"Lance..", Seeley said, breaking a warm silence.

Sweets was too tired to actually look up, "Hm?"

"I think.. I love you", Seeley replied with a tone of what Sweets could only recognize as genuine adoration. Sweets's heart skipped a beat.

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