I fully expected there to be some changes, with us all getting together for the first time in such a long time, but I had expected maybe somebody had a new haircut, maybe somebody moved, or maybe somebody was dating someone new, well that last one was the case, but imagine my surprise when I saw Yokas and Bosco kissing each other when I opened the door. And not a little friendly kiss on the cheek, no sir, they were a lot more like two teenagers in a dark movie theater then two friends. I asked them what was up, but Bosco, being Bosco, wouldn't have any of it, and brushed off my questions like I wasn't even asking them. He's one stubborn son of a bitch. I guess it's no surprise they would get together though, they had the strongest bond of any partners I had ever worked with, which is saying something considering how many years I spent with the department and how many great officers I worked alongside. They just had something different, something very few people have. That unique ability to speak to each other without saying a single word, and that fierce instinct to do whatever they had to do help each other and keep each other safe. I'll never forget the way he saved Faith's life in the shootout at the hospital, or the way she saved his after he had taken so many bullets for her. All the great memories I have of my time on the job, that will always be one of the top 5, because it epitomized the true meaning of a 'partnership'. All that being said, it's still not something I was expecting to see tonight.

"Did you see that?" I asked Davis in disbelief after Bosco pushed past me into the apartment
"See what?"
"Faith and….nothing"
"What do you mean, nothing? You started to tell me now you're commited"
"Nah…it's nothing, man."
"Come on, Sul, you peaked my interest now you have to tell me, you can't just leave me hanging"
"Who's leaving you hanging?" Carlos asked walking up behind Davis
I rolled my eyes "Nothing!"
"Sul started to tell me something about Faith but then got all shy and stopped talking"
"What about Faith?" Carlos asked
"That's what I'm trying to find out" Davis said
"What about Faith?" Carlos repeated his question, this time directed at me
"What's nothing?" Monroe asked walking over to us, putting her arms around Davis
I rolled my eyes "Enough with the gossip, I'm gunna go have a beer" I sighed, surprised at how gossipy everyone was getting. I made my way into the kitchen to get a beer, where Bosco was doing the same

"Beer, Sul?" He asked, already handing me a bottle
"Absolutely" I said taking it "Thanks"
"Not a problem" he said glancing at me as he picked a beer for himself from the refrigerator
"I didn't tell anyone, by the way" I told him
He stopped, stood up and looked at me
"Not my place" I continued "Whatever's going on with you guys is between you, if you want to tell me, or anyone else about it, that's all up to you"
"Thanks, man" he said letting out a slight sigh "Appreciate it"
"Don't mention it"
"Cheers" he said holding up his beer
"Cheers" I said doing the same "So how's work been treating you?"
"Same shit, different day. Don't think I'll ever get used to working in a different house though, it just don't feel right"
"I hear you, I never worked anywhere else, but what we had going at the Five-Five was something special. Everything just worked there"
"Absolutely, now I'm out in Bed-Stuy, it could be worse but working with a rookie sure don't help things"
"Tell me about it, remember Ty when he first started?" I laughed
"Yeah, I remember having a pool on when he'd wise up and get off the street" Bosco laughed
"Looks like we all got that one wrong, though" I said "So who knows, maybe your rookie could turn out to be a good cop one day after all"
"Doubt it, but then again I thought Davis would fall on his ass real quick and was wrong…."
"It's good to see you again, Bosco" I said, suddenly flashing back to all the good times we all had together at the Five-Five
"Same here. So how's retirement treating you old man?"
"Good, really good, nice to be out of the city finally after being there so long"

I caught Bosco up on all the details of my new place, as well as some exaggerated fishing stories.