You may notice that I write a lot of Hibari x I-pin. Want to know why? It's my favorite pairing, but there's not enough love for it /3 so I'm writing a bunch…and hope that others will do the same T~T

Please? I'll love you all for it .

"I love you I-pin, I've loved you for a very long time!"

I-pin could hardly believe that Lambo had said that to her, but he did. Ever since he said those words to her, he's been clingy, as if it's okay for him to show his feelings. Everyone keeps asking if they're going out, finding it cute, but she simply found it annoying. She felt bad that she found him annoying, but she couldn't help it. He seemed to follow her everywhere, hugging her no matter what she did. No matter how many times she hit him or hurt him for it, he would keep doing so. What annoyed her the most was that Lambo KNEW that she loved Hibari, but would always remind her that he might not even know she exists. She would have to run away from Lambo to escape from his annoying unwanted public displays of affection.

Running away from Lambo again, she hides on the roof, almost freaking out when she saw Hibari sleeping in front of her. She felt her breathing stop as her heart danced, trying to jump out of her chest. Almost as if he heard her heart pounding, he woke up, very slowly. I-pin's heart almost stopped as he got up and looked at her. She felt a blush creeping onto her face as he walks up to her. She lowers her head, bowing, "I'm sorry for waking you up Hibari-san." She knew that he 'bites whoever wakes him up to death'

Hibari tilts his head slightly as he studied her, "Hm….you're I-pin." I-pin holds her breath when he says her name, "You're the one that gives me Valentines chocolate every year…."

I-pin blushes deeply, happy that he remembered her and nods, smiling at him, "Thanks for remembering me Hibari-san."

Hibari smirks, chuckling softly, "I could never forget someone like you…." I-pin turns red at his words, "You are….interesting."

I-pin lowers her head in attempt to hide her blush, "I….I'm glad you think that Hibari-san…."

Hibari puts his hand on her shoulder, making her flinch slightly and look up at him, speaking in a low, seductive voice, "Call me Kyoya….."

"A….are you sure?"

Hibari nods, "I like you….so it's fine." He lightly nuzzles her cheek, making her whimper softly. She couldn't believe what Hibari was saying.

I-pin looks down, blushing deeply and playing with her hands, "Um….I…..I like you a lot too….Kyo….Kyoya-san…."

Hibari chuckles softly, "Just Kyoya is fine…"

I-pin pouts slightly, "But….but are we close enough for me to call you that?"

Hibari sighs softly and gently kisses her cheek, "I-pin….I know that you stare at me all the time…..I do the same thing….." He holds her tightly and growls softly, "I noticed that stupid cow making moves on you….so I'm not holding back anymore….even if you really are going out with that herbivore….I know you still have feelings for me….feelings that I would hope is stronger than the ones you have for that guy."

I-pin shakes her head rather violently, "I don't have any feelings or Lambo!" She blushes and looks up at Hibari, "I only love you…..Lambo is like an annoying little brother to me….even though he's older than me."

Hibari smirks, "Shall I bite him to death then?"

I-pin shakes her head again, "Don't…..mama will worry….."

Hibari looks into her eyes before sighing when he sees how serious she was, "Fine…I won't, unless he does something that I can't forgive to you…."

I-pin smiles and before she knew what she was doing, kisses him on the cheek, "Thanks Kyoya!" Hibari's eyes widen slightly from her actions, so does I-pin's. I-pin blushes deeply and opens her mouth to apologize until she notices the soft smile on Hibari's face. I-pin glances to the side, blushing more, "I…..I like your smile Hibari…."

Hibari blinks, confused as if he didn't know that he was smiling, "Huh?"

I-pin looks up at him, pouting, "That smile is for me only right?"

Hibari chuckles softly, lightly kissing I-pin's forehead, "Of course…"

I-pin blushes and smiles happily at him, "Yay." He hugs him, nuzzling into his warm chest.

Lambo growls angrily from the other roof, "Damnit….she's with Hibari….I thought you told me that he didn't know she existed."

Fuuta whimpers softly, "Sorry….I don't exactly stalk them you know…."

Lambo sighs in frustration, "Sorry…..I shouldn't have gotten mad…."

"You should just let I-pin be with Hibari-san…."

"WHAT?" Lambo snarls, angry again.

Fuuta flinches, wondering why Lambo was acting so differently, "Well….can't you see how happy Hibari-san makes I-pin?"

Lambo's eyes narrow as he glares at Hibari, "He'll just break her heart….."

Fuuta sighs softly before turning away, "Alright Lambo….but you're on your own…"

Lambo pouts angrily, "Fine…whatever. I don't need your help anyways."