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Summary: Naruto being an orphan, live with the other kids with the same fate. Sadly, their leader didn't treat them well, so Naruto and his friends run away, and luckily the royal family has some jobs to offer. SasuNaru.

Naruto's POV

Chapter 1- Every small thing you do can change your whole life

Will I have a freedom?

Will I have someone that loves me?

Will I have a better life?

A beautiful home to stay in… A comfortable bed…. Beautiful clothes to wear… Servants… Breakfast in the bed… Someone to hug… Someone that will kiss me and said "I love yo-

"Naruto! How could you be daydreaming in the middle of work?"

I came back to reality. Oh I wish that dream would never end…

"But Sakura! The traffic light is still green! We can only wait until it turns red, and I'm bored!"

I ruffled my hairs and groaned. Sakura just smiled.

"Yeah and while you're talking, it's already turn red. Now come on guys! Let's move!" she shouts to the other kids.

In an instant the other kids separated and one by one ran to the huge amount of cars, randomly picking cars to ask for money. I sighed, and running to a black car, defeated.

Well, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. People call me Naruto. Now, why am I standing on the road and standing besides people's car asking for money? Well, I'm one of the poor people that have to fight for their lives. I'm an orphan. My mom and dad died because our house was burned, I don't have a place to live, and luckily I found this group, of orphan kids begging for money and we all live together. So now, here I am, and today is my first day working since the first time I joined this group, about 5 months ago.

Our leader, Orochimaru-sama (yeah he told us to call him like that), told us to search for money using our talent. Now, what talent did I have? Sai drew some simple pictures to sell, Sakura using her beautiful face to flirt with some guys inside the car, Kiba does some attraction with his dog, Akamaru, Gaara does some magic with the sand and me?

Well since people said my voice is beautiful, let's try to sing.

I sing a children song, 'Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star' since that song is the first song that popped to my head, and after about 6 seconds, the car's window slid down, revealing a man with a suits and a black glasses.

"Your voice is good."

He said, while tossing me some money. Wow that was easy.

"Thank you so much, I hope God blesses your journey."

I bowed my head and I saw him smile to me. I smiled back and ran to the other car.

I sing three times exactly until I saw the traffic light turn green. I ran as fast as I could to the side of the road where the other kids were already forming a group, while behind me the cars were moving to a place where they wanted to go.

"Hey Naruto! How much did you get?"

Kiba shouted, waving his hands. A very energetic guy.

"Not that much. Only $1."

I sighed and showed him the money I got, and I think Sai heard our conversation.

"Well, that's a good start. This is your first day after all."

He said that while still moving his hand around the paper. His hand moves so fast and in a blink, he can already make a Chinese lion drawing.

"Yeah I guess so. But not every person will give us money huh? While I standing besides the second car, I sung for about half a minute but that person still didn't give me even a single coin!"

I groaned and sat beside Sakura, who only patted my head and laughed.

"Yeah, not every person is a kind person. If you sing long enough but that person still doesn't give you any money, just change to the other car! Hell there's a lot of cars, so you don't have to waste a lot of time for something that you won't get!"

She smiled once again. I put my head on her shoulder, taking a deep breath. I saw Kiba playing with his dog, Akamaru, while Gaara was practicing his sand magic or whatever he calls it and Sai counting the money we got.

Sai is a nice guy, but somewhat creepy.

Kiba is a hyper guy, the one who will make every kid smile even though they're crying. Gaara is a silent guy, but he's the most mature guy.
Gaara... I think he's the same with Sai. Nice, but creepy.
Sakura is the leader of this small group. She organized everything perfectly for our life. Sometimes she tried to save us from Orochimaru-sama's abuse, even though it cost herself. She's like a mother to us, even though our age difference not very big, me 14 years old, Sakura 17 years old, Sai 17 years old, Kiba 15 years old and Gaara 16 years old. Well, since the other kids are about 15 to 17 years old, I was like a little brother for her and the other kids.

"Okay guys. I think this amount of money is enough to get us some bread and milk from Orochimaru-sama. It's late, so let's go home."

She clapped her hands and the other kids, packing their things, ready to go home. I sighed once again and took my bag. We walked about 2 minutes until I finally asked her;

"Sakura, do we have to go back to Orochimaru-sama? I don't wanna see anymore of you guys get hurt."

I give her a sad look while looking at Sai's injured arm. Yesterday he unconsciously used Orochimaru-sama's pen to draw and when Orochimaru-sama found out about it, he hurt Sai's arm with a kitchen knife and shouted cruel words at him. Yes Orochimaru-sama really loves to hear us screaming in pain and crying. I don't know why he still takes care of us, maybe just for fun. I never did anything that made him angry though. No, haven't. Except me, the other kids already tasted Orochimaru-sama's cruelness even it was only once.

Sai that knows what I'm talking about just smiled to me and trying to hide the scar. The other kids also gave me a sad smile while Sakura hugged me and rested her head on my head. She looked like she was about to cry.

"Well, we can't do anything about that Naruto. If we leave him, we won't have anything to eat. We can't continue our lives. Yes I know it hurts, but I'll try to take care of all of you. If he does something that's to hard to handle, I promise we will run away from him and find some jobs. But since he didn't do something that's unforgivable, I think we can handle it."

Tears started to roll down from her green eyes. I can only try to comfort her by patting her back. Seeing her cry, I also couldn't hold back my tears. Gaara patted me on my back, while Kiba and Sai watched us with a sad smile.

"Wh-why do we ha-have to endure so-so much pain, Sakura? Why didn't the king do anything to save us? He doesn't care about his villains?"

I sob once again and hug her tightly. The king of this country, Konoha, is one of the Uchiha families. People respect them so much. He's a good King though, King Fugaku. If the royal family accepts you as one of their servants, you must be the luckiest person in the country. Your life will be like Heaven, because the Uchiha family will give you anything you need, since you're their servant. King Fugaku also respects other people, so because of this, people will do anything that he tells them to, so why can't he tell the police to capture people like Orochimaru-sama and give us poor people a good life?

"Well, it's not like he didn't want to help us. He didn't know about our existence. He didn't know that there were people, his villains that are suffering out there. Besides, Orochimaru-sama is a very rich person. He can easily hide us so the royal family will never know about us. The only thing that we can do is tell the King himself, but they won't believe it, if the one who tells them are children. They don't respect children like they respect the adults, especially rich adults. So there's nothing that we can do right now."

I hug her while letting all my tears go. I clutched the necklace around my neck tightly. If only mom and dad hadn't tried to protect this necklace… If only I was smart enough to think what would happen if I said that…


The only thing I saw was fire. Fire everywhere. I can only cry, screaming for help.

I tried to search for the way to escape, but fire blocked my way. Finally I surrender, sitting in the corner of the room, praying to whomever it is that will save me.

Suddenly I saw a figure. It was coming closer from the other room. It was a man; but I can't see him well in this smoke. In a blink of an eye, he was already carrying me and whispering in my ear, telling me that my mom is alright and he's so glad that I haven't fainted yet.

I know that sound. Oh God, it's the sound of my dad. I never imagined I'd be this happy to hear the voice of my dad. I clutched his shirt tightly, crying. He ran as fast as he could outside the house. When we managed to get outside, I realized one thing: while I prayed, I took off my necklace. Now it still inside the burning house.

I screamed and tried to run inside the house. People screaming for help, holding a lot of buckets with water inside of it. My dad holds me tightly, and didn't let me go, telling me that it's useless. My mom caressing my cheek, tried to say that it's alright, that they will buy me a new one.

But I know that was a lie. That was a necklace that my grandmother gives to me. It's only one in the whole wide world. I really love my grandma, so I take a really good care of it. Besides, she already left this world.

"Mom, dad, that's the most precious thing in my life! You can't ever know how I fell!"

Suddenly my mom and dad went silent. They let me go, and they tell me they will find it if it's really that important to me. They ran inside the house, telling me to stay there, not moving. After a second I regret what I said, suddenly the fire blocked the front door. No way out. I screamed and ran to the front door, but people holding my little body, said that it's useless. I could only cry.

The next day when the fire turned died down, people began trying to collect what's left inside my house. I haven't seen my mom and dad since yesterday. God please let them safe. When I'm helping people to move the burned wood away, suddenly one of them screams, telling people that he found a corpse. I ran towards him, and I can't believe what I saw.

It was my mom and dad; even though the fire burned their skin and hair, I could see the necklace my mom was wearing. I can hardly see my dad's hair, but I still can see a faint yellow in one of the corpse head, the color of my dad's hair.

Suddenly I felt my legs go limp; I fall to my knees. I was too shocked to even cry. Some of the people began crying when they saw the corpses. Some of them tried to move my mom and dad's corpses, when I faintly heard something.

In my dad's hand, there's my necklace. He held it so tightly, that it was hard to open my dad's hand. When I touched the necklace, I couldn't hold back my tears anymore. I cried as hard as I could, I didn't care that my voice was becoming hoarse because of the screaming I was doing. My mind can't think of anything besides my mom and dad. How I miss them so much right know, I wanted them to hold me and say that this was all a bad dream. I never thought how precious my mom and dad were, until this horrible day.

After that, my mind seemed to be blur. I forgot what happened, but the only thing I still remembered is that I cried and walked with no destination, until I found a man that asked me if I wanted to join his group or not, that now is my second family.

-End Flashback-

After a while I let Sakura's hand go and smiled at her. After that we continued walking. Kiba circled his arm around my neck and ruffled my hair. All of us continue our journey. None of us know that Orochimaru-sama has already planned something different than usual for us when we arrived at 'home'…

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