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Pairing: SasuNaru

Warning: In this chapter, there's OOC, cursing, and… rape… but I won't type the scene! You'll know why after reading this chapter *shudder*

Once again, Naruto's POV. I might make some other chapter from different POV though, but not now :P

Chapter 2- You don't have to hold back every single time, you know

I was walking slowly while imagining how that bastard snake will die when suddenly, Sakura stopped.

"Here we are."

She said that with a sigh and started to push the gate. The gate creaks loudly from the action. Since we use the back gate, there's nothing there that's luxurious.

In front of us there's the back of a huge house. Well, not as big as the king's, but for poor people like us, this house is humongous. Well, I can't say much about this house, since I've never been here, yep 'cause they're Orochimaru-sama's.

So where did I live with the others? There's a 100 times smaller house behind that castle-look-like. Maybe that's why people don't know about us; the small house was blocked from view by the huge house. That small house only has three rooms; a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room-look-like since there's only a table and some chairs there. The inside of the house is exactly like the inside of a jail you see on TV; nothing interesting there, just gray walls, cheap properties, yeah kinda like that. But at least it has a fireplace so we won't get cold.

Sakura pushed the door, went inside, and started to make some fire with the wood inside the fireplace. Since there's no lamp, the fireplace is the only source of light we have at night. Suddenly rain started to pour down.

"Home sweet home."

Kiba said that while dropping the bag to the stone floor. The others did the same thing and sat down on the floor.

"Okay guys, I will bring this money to Orochimaru-sama and bring back some breads and milk for us to consume."

Sakura took the wallet that we use to keep the money and start making her way to the door, when suddenly the door burst open and a white haired man with round glasses enters the house.

"Kabuto… What do you want you fucking bitch…?"

Kiba stood up immediately while sending a death glare to Kabuto. He gritted his teeth as a sign of anger, ready to punch him and kill him. This Kabuto-guy is a servant of Orochimaru-sama, that's why the hatred we have towards him is the same hatred as the hatred we have to the snake-lover-and-look-like man.

"Wow wow wow… Don't get angry like that… Orochimaru-sama won't be happy. After all, look! Ororchimaru-sama came all this way from his comfortable house to this horrible place just to meet with you all."

He said that with a fake smile and walked into the house, while a long black hair person entered the room.

Everybody in the room gasped. I moved slowly to Gaara, and hugged him from behind, trying to search for some protection. Sakura was also trembling as she looked at the man, but she still managed to stand in front of him.

"O-Orochimaru-sama… "

That name came out slowly from her mouth.

"Hello my little kids. How are you today?"

He says that with a fake smile.

This isn't right. This ISN'T right. Ororchimaru-sama never comes to this house. Usually Sakura will go to his house to give him the money and take the food, but never will Orochimaru-sama be kind enough to come with her to this place to see us. I wanted to tell Gaara what makes him come all the way here, but like me, none of us in that room are brave enough to say a single word. The only sound there was, was the sound of the rain and thunder.

"Ororchimaru-sama, what makes you kind enough to meet us in this small house? Is there something we can help you with…?"

Sai was brave enough to start a conversation. He says that with no fear in his eyes, just one emotion; hatred.

"Why can't I meet with my little kids once in while? Look, I even told Kabuto to bring your food here so you don't have to go to my house and take the food."

He dropped the basket full of bread and a huge bottle filled with milk in front of us.

"… I know you want something from us Orochimaru … Just tell us what you want and we will try to give it to you. After you get it you can go."


After Sai said that, Kabuto slap him hard on his cheek; it made him fall to the ground.

"How dare you use that kind of tone to Orochimaru-sama! You should be grateful that he wants to take care of you because if not you will end up a person who dies in the streets!"


I ran towards Sai and helped him sit down. I quickly grabbed my shirt, tore it a bit and wiped the blood from Sai's lips.

"It's okay Naru-chan…It's only a small cut."

Sai said that with a warming smile on his face. I could only watch him with sad eyes.

"Well you see Sai, you're pretty smart. I did come here because I want something from you, Naruto."

Hearing my name coming out from his lips shocked me. I start to tremble, tears starting to fall down from my eyes.

"You-you want something from me…?"

I try to look like nothing is happening, but my body betrayed me. I started to sob, looking at him like he's a cannibal. He's the only one who can change me from super-hyper-uzumaki-naruto to crybaby-uzumaki-naruto.

"What did I do wrong? What makes him want something from me? Will I finally have to taste his whips? Or maybe other more horrible things..?"

Thinking like that makes me even more scared.

"Yes, Naruto. I want your necklace. Simple, isn't it?"

Now my eyes were bigger than a dining plate. I clutched my necklace tightly.


"I know you're not deaf, Naruto. I want your necklace. Hand it over to me now."

He started making his way towards me. I walked backwards to keep the distance between us.

"You can't have it! Anything but this necklace!"

Hell no he isn't gonna have my necklace that easily! This necklace cost my parent's their souls!

"So you're not going to do what I'm telling you to do…?"

His murderous eyes make me squeak. He walks faster towards me, and I didn't realize that my back had already hit the wall.

"No no no please no…" I can only close my eyes.

"You can't do that Ororchimaru-sama!"


Suddenly before I realize it, there in front of me, Gaara standing between me and Orochimaru-sama, looking at him murderously, panting.

"Oh I'm so sad…! Not only my little Naruto but also you, Gaara? I never remembered teaching you such a manner!"

He says that with a look of disgust towards both of us.

"You don't know how important that necklace is to Naruto!"

"Gaara! Please stop!"

I knew that this conversation would lead to more horrible things…

"… And you're just going to take it from him! Do you even have a heart?"

With that last sentence Orochimaru's eyes twitched slightly. Oh please please no!


"… And you know what? You're evil for treating us like this! You should just go to HELL!"

After the screaming session, Gaara's hard panting was the only sound, except the rain. Awkward silence, until Ororchimaru grab Gaara's arm.

"That's it. You come with me right now."

He started to drag Gaara away towards the door. I can see Sakura screaming and trying to release Orochimaru's grip from Gaara but failed miserably. Kabuto starts smirking murderously while trying to dodge Kiba's punch. I can't move; my body is too scared to think what will happen if Ororchimaru-sama says that sentence.

That means whips, crane, handcuffs, gags, knife, beating, bloods, or worst thing than that all over night.

Gaara looked at me, smiling and mouthing 'it's gonna be okay' before…


The door closed. Silence.

"No no no NO!"

I sit on the floor, crying while clutching my shirt.

"Oh my God how could I have been this stupid? If only I had immediately given the necklace to him, Gaara wouldn't have done that and that snake wouldn't-

Sai put his hand over my mouth. He wipes my tears and says;

"It's not your fault Naruto. We all understand how much that necklace means to you. We understand if you didn't want to give it up, and I think Gaara wants to protect you from that man. If Gaara didn't do what he id, I think I would have been the one who screamed at him to stop."

"… But why do you have to sacrifice yourself like that…?"

I sob.

"We are family right?"

When I hear that sentence I start to cry again. Not the cry of sadness, but cry of joy. I fell so important to them. Sai smiled and hugged me, patting my back and saying comforting words. Kiba tried to comfort crying Sakura. If only that bastard man didn't exist…

"What should we do now Sai…?"

I asked him, hoping that he would tell me some plan to rescue Gaara, but…

"We can't do anything right now Naruto…"

I shrugged when I hear his words. I can't just sit here and let my family hurt!

"There's gotta be something I can do…"

"Don't be foolish Naruto. Even if you want to try rescuing him, I know it's hard, but there's really nothing we can do. The only thing we can do is pray, and hope Gaara will not have a serious injury so we can help treat it."

I still didn't want to believe that there's really nothing we can do, but that's true. So I just sit there, hide my face with my palms and sighed.

"Come on guys let's go to sleep. It's already 9 PM and tomorrow we will be working again. Let's pray so Gaara will be back soon. Tonight only let's sleep here and I'll wait for Gaara."

Kiba said , while taking a pillow and a blanket from the bedroom, and placing it in front of the fireplace.

Sai held my hands and we walked to the new sleeping place Kiba just made. I dropped my head onto the pillow, moving around and tried to sleep when I realized that Sakura is staring at my necklace.

Guilt filled me once again when I looked at her sad face.

" Uhm Sakura… I'm so sorry…"

I whisper those words while averting my eyes from her gaze.

"It's not your fault Naruto. Let's just go to sleep. Good night, have a nice dream."

She kisses my forehead and starts drifting off to sleep next to me.

"I hope Gaara will be okay…"

After that thought I slowly closed my eyes, letting the comforting darkness fill me.

I start to open my eyes; it was still night, I'm sure of that. I checked the clock, its 3 AM. Sai and Sakura were still sleeping, while Kiba was sitting there looking into the fireplace.

"You didn't go to sleep Kiba?"

He looked a bit shocked when he heard my voice, but after he realized that it's me, his eyes calmed.

"… No, I was thinking 'bout something..."

"What is it?"

"Why that snake want your necklace? Is it an expensive one Naruto?"

"I don't know actually... My grandma and actually also my parents give it to me for my birthday..."

"... Then why?"

Just as I was about to reply I hear someone knocking on the door weakly. Me and Kiba immediately ran to the door to see who it was. The rain still pouring outside, but not as hard as a few hours ago.

In front of the door, was Gaara is panting hard. His face filled with fear and pain. I was really happy to see him, but shocked when I saw his clothes were stained with blood.

"Gaara! What did he do to you?"

I scream while helping Gaara inside. Kiba spread out a blanket that I laid Gaara down on. Sakura and Sai were already waking up because of my screaming, running away to find some medicine and the other things.

"Fuck! What did he do to you?"

Kiba ripped Gaara's clothes and start checking some wounds.

"He… He… He did a lot of-f things… He-he used a knife and other I didn't know-kicked me while shouting so-some cruel words bu-ut more importantly he…he…"

"What is it Gaara?"

"He…he… ra-raped me…"

After that last sentence Gaara started to let tears pour down from his eyes. I clasped my mouth with my hand and started crying again. Sakura dropped the medicine she was bringing and looked at Gaara with horrid eyes.

"He-he said I can go back but tomorrow he-he will be back to fuck me again…!"

Kiba started crying while checking his wounds. Sakura looked like she was gonna faint in a second.

"Damn! DAMN! Sakura his wounds are too deep! We have to bring him to the hospital!

"How could this happen… Kiba, Sai, Sakura, what should we do?"

"That's it!"

We froze when we hear Sakura scream.

"What is it Sakura…?"

Sai looked at her with questioning eyes

"I can't take it anymore! He can't hurt my family any longer! We will run away!"

She started to pack some things into a bag. Sai looked at her for about half a minute before he started to copy her action.

"But Sakura, what will we eat? We can't search for food, we are underage so we can't find a job! How will we all manage to live?"

Kiba said this while treating Gaara as best as he could.

"We will find a way… We will find a way Kiba! Now please, the most important thing is to get out of this hell! Ororchimaru-sama knows that we can't do anything, so he didn't have to be afraid that we would run away because he thinks we will need his help. That's true but now it's not true anymore! We can easily escape!"

"Tch. I guess you're right. I'll carry Gaara. But first we have to help Gaara! He might die!"

Kiba packed some things and carried Gaara on his back. I also packed some things into my bag. Sai grabbed my hand.

"Are you ready Naruto?"

"Of course. Finally we will be free."

I huffed and Sai smiled at me.

We all used the back door since nobody ever guarded that door, and we started making our way to the center of the town, hoping to find some luck there.

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