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I was laying in my bed at 12:15am just stairing at my ceiling when I heard a pound on the door. I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs. I could faintly hear my dad behind me as I approached the door. I looked through the peep hole and saw Edward standing there.

"Who is it?" Charlie asked with sleep heavy in his voice. I looked back at him a worried look.

"It's Edward." he sighed and leaned against the wall and rubbed his forehead while shaking his head.

"Well see what he needs but it better be important!" he grumbled. I opened the door and noticed immediately that something was wrong. he looked up at me and I saw his eyes were red and watery. I also noticed he smelt like beer, and my eyes widened when I realized he was drunk.

" Edward -" I began but he cut me off.

"My parents are getting a divorce." He slurred before a tear fell down his cheek. I pulled him to me and he clutched to my shirt. My dad cleared his throat so I turned to look at him, my gaze pleading.

"Please dad, he needs me right now." I begged. He sighed and his head fell back, lightly hitting the wall.

"Bella, he is drunk, its illegal for him to drink, and you want me to let him stay here while he is under the influence of alcohol when I really am supposed to take him to the station?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes, because he is hurting right now and he needs me. you know this isn't something he would normally do! His parents are getting a divorce, I know he could have handled it better, but-just, please Dad." I said as I felt my eyes begin to water. He sighed a nodded. Mumbling a 'fine' as he starting up the stairs again.

" Edward , did you drive here?" I asked praying he didn't. he shook his head and looked up at me with an apologetic look.

"Bella I'm so sorry." He slurred making it sound like 'belra I soa sury' I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, closing the door behind us. When I looked back at him he had his forehead pressed to the wall.

"Are you akay?" I asked rubbing his back. He shook his head and looked at me with a heartbreaking expression.

"She cheated on him. She's been cheating on him for a year now! How could she do this? Bella, I don't understand it?" he sobbed. He seemed to be sobering up a little bit. I took his hand and pulled him to the coach.

"Your mom?" I asked. He nodded his head. " Elizabeth ?" I couldn't believe that. " I would never have guessed! I thought she and Carlisle were perfect! I wanted our relationship to be as strong as there's one day. Well I guess ours is stronger huh?" I asked with a small smile. Edward looked at me and nodded, his eyes full of love. He leaned in and gently kiss me on the lips.

" I love you so much Bella. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you in my life." He said once we pulled away. I smiled and pecked him on the lips one more time.

"I love you too. Now you need to get some sleep. Your drunk" I said with a small laugh. He shook his head with a smile.

"No I'm not." He said while slightly slurring. I laughed and made him lay down with me on the couch, I pulled a blanket over us and fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up and saw Edward was still sleeping. I carefully got out of his hold and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. But first I made a cup of coffee, knowing Edward will need it when he wakes up. I heard Charlie come down the stairs and smiled when he entered the kitchen.

"Dad thanks for last night." I said as he sat down at the table. He smiled up at me and thanked me as I set food in front of him.

"No problem bells. What exactly happened though? I wasn't really awake so I don't really remember." He said with a laugh.

"Edwards' mom cheated on his dad." I whispered. "His parents are getting a divorce" I said again in a hushed tone. Charlie nodded in understanding, and before he could say anything else I heard Edward wake up with a groan. I laughed and a minutes later Edward walked into the kitchen.

"Hey sweetie." I said quietly, giving him a soft smile. He rubbed his head and greedily took the coffee I handed him.

"Hey," he said softly. He finished the coffee with a few more gulps and put the cup on the counter. Charlie cleared his throat and Edward looked to him.

"Ok Edward, sit down." He said with a serious tone. Edward sighed, but took a seat across from Charlie. I sat next to him and took his hand. "Ok, I know you had a rough night, but we need to talk about what happened. You know the legal age to drink." He said looking Edward in the eyes.

"Yeah, now that im thinking clearly I guess going to the chief of polices house wasn't that great an idea. But I just needed bella. Im so sorry sir. I now it was wrong to drink, but I was just too overwhelmed and I didn't know what to do. But at least I didn't drive right?" he said rubbing the back of his neck with the hand I wasn't holding.

"Yes, it's very good you didn't drive. And I am gonna let you off the hook this time, but if it happens again…" he trailed off. Edward sighed.

"I know sir and thank you for the second chance" he said gratefully. Charlie nodded and stood up.

"Alright, I need to go to work. Behave both of you." He kissed my head and left. After a few minutes Edward turned to me and smiled.

"Im really sorry about that." He said sadly. I put my hand on his cheek and he closed his eyes.

"Edward, I love you. You can always come to me. I know if the situation was reversed you would have done the same thing." I said lovingly. He smiled and leaned in and kissed me.

"I love you Isabella." He murmured against my lips. I smiled and pulled away.

"As I love you." I spoke softly giving him another kiss. I was about to say something when there was frantic pounding on the door. "I will be right back." I got up and went to answer the door. To my surprise I found Elizabeth standing in the doorway.

"Bella! Please tell me Edward is here!" she asked on the brink of tears. I nodded my head.

"Yes, he is here and he is fine." She sighed and relaxed a little and asked to come inside. "Umm, sure." I said and she walked in and straight for the kitchen. I followed her and went right to Edwards' side taking her hand.

"What are you doing here?" he asked with acid in his voice. She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Come on, we are moving to Chicago. She said grabbing his hand. He pulled it away and looked at her with wide eyes.

"Im not going anywhere!" he yelled backing away from her. She looked him in the eyes.

"You are seventeen, and I can take you where I want. Now lets go." Edward put his arm around my waist and shook his head.

"No, im not going with you. Im staying right here, with the love of my life, and dad. You can go where ever you want, but your going alone." He said his voice hard and serious. Elizabeth's eyes watered as she looked between her son and me. Finally she nodded her head and walked out the door. I turned to Edward to ask if he was ok, but he cut me off with his lips.

"I love you bella, you are all I will ever need." I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you Edward. And know, I will always be there for you." He smiled and kissed me again.

"I know." he pulled me into a tight hug and I sighed in content. I would always be there for him as I know he would always be there for me. The one and only man I will ever love.

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