Chapter 3

Together Always

1 hour and 30 minutes until the wedding…

''Well then, today is the day!''

said the happy-going trumpetist to Kahoko, who was currently preparing herself for the upcoming event.

Though Kazuki's smile seems to be wide enough to make someone believe that he is happy, Kahoko, with her curios eyes could sense the sadness hidden behind those cute smiles. She stared at the trumpetist, unintentionally making him feel a bit touch of awkwardness about it.

''W-What's wrong?'' Kazuki asked having a faint blush on his soft cheeks.

''Nothing.'' Kahoko replied, not taking off her eyes from Kazuki's.

She wanted to open up the topic why he seem to be sad, but do not have any idea how. Besides, she does not want to fill the room with awkwardness and sadness.

''Today should be your best day. But I'm a bit sad though.'' said Kazuki returning the weird gaze upon Kahoko.

Kahoko was shocked, slightly relieved, now that she doesn't have any more problem on pushing out the topic. But that only made her more curious why.

''Huh? '' Kahoko said.

''You already know why…''Kazuki replied, pouting.

''No, I don't''

''Yes, you do!''

''Nope.'' Kahoko teasingly replied.

She seems to enjoy the thought that Kazuki is being annoyed by her, which is obviously a very unusual scene. Kahoko is smiling now, making the trumpetist frown.

''I'm serious. ''

''I am too, seriously.''

The smile on the red haired girl faded as she saw the very rare serious mask on his best friend's face. Silence filled the room for a slight moment until an unexpected action overcame the two of them. Kazuki grabbed Kahoko's hand and pulled it towards him making her lean forward to the warm body of the trumpetist. Kazuki wrapped his arms around Kahoko, giving her a chilly feeling all around her body. Kahoko was shocked by her companion's sudden action that made her become mute as what she wanted to say. Kazuki wrapped his arms around her tighter, while uttering five little words…

''I like you, darn it.''

Little by little, tears started to fall down from Kazuki's eyes. Kahoko cannot speak nor have any idea what to say. She likes him, but only as a friend. Kahoko, hugged him back, slowly.

''S-Sorry…'' she said.

Just one word. One word, that means the world for Kazuki. He knew this would be her reply but it still breaks his heart out. He hugged her tighter.

''Please let me stay like this until he takes you…''

Kazuki showed a slight smile. They closed their eyes, feeling the warm presence of each other. Kahoko could feel the fast beat of his heart. She felt bad for the thought of hurting the feelings of her best friend, the one who took care of her for seven years of Tsukimori's absence. The awkwardness of being together, part by part, with each other seems to go away as they stay there for seconds, maybe minutes.

''Tell me whenever that bastard mistreats you so I could finally kill him, Mrs. Tsukimori-chan…''

1 hour before the wedding…

Today you'll be gone for real.

Len thought as he held a crumpled photograph of his former girl.


To Len's current situation, that term appears to suit well.

Len looked outside the window. The weather is fine, and he hates it. Why can't the weather cooperate this time? To his desperation, he spent the whole night praying and hoping that rain will help him stop the wedding. But that seemed to fail. Instead of rained, an irritably fine weather approached. He frowned, thinking how foolish he was for thinking such a childish strategy. He wanted to sleep this day off but only saw the ripped tuxedo and a crumpled wedding invitation resting in his bed. He went closer towards it and stared at what his frustrations, sadness and grief made him do. He smirked a little, making fun of himself. What had he been doing? That, he does not know.

He laid on his bed, in between the shredded tuxedo and the hihara-hino wedding invitation, closing his eyes and tried to reminisce on his memories with her that he thought would be just a weird tale of his greatest regrets.

45 minutes before the wedding

Azuma Yunoki, after busying himself in the over-all preparations for the wedding, sat down in front of a mirror, brushing his long hair. He smiled, thinking how great or perfect their plan is. He is peacefully arranging himself for the wedding until an unexpected visitor came.


A cute clarinet player slightly banged the door, with a little shocked expression on his face; he asked curiously what was wrong. He stared deeply at the sad-looking girl in blue dress. Fuyuumi is covering her face with her hands, but Azuma could smell of sadness. She's not weeping, nor crying. But why? Azuma waited for her answer but found nothing. He stood up and walked closer towards her. With every hint of gentleness, he reached for her hand hands that were covering her face and slowly took it off. As he did, a small phase of laughter took over the silence in the room.

''Please help…'' Fuyuumi said, blushing as she reveals one of her weaknesses.

''You did that? '' Azuma asked, trying his best to not to let himself push out a great laugh.

''I-I wanted to look beautiful for Shimizu-kun so I applied make-up and in every minute, I-I didn't notice it but it got thicker and thicker…''

A greatly embarrassed Fuyuumi said. Azuma understood now. He led Fuyuumi sit in front of a mirror and prepared all the materials he would use. He put out a wet cloth and gently washed out the excess cosmetics on Fuyuumi's face.

''You, don't need these to be beautiful. You already look great, naturally. Only a brush of cosmetics and you're perfect. ''

Azuma said, letting an honest smile that could comfort anyone who could see it. Upon seeing and hearing it, Fuyuumi unconsciously replied another smile.

''Thank you…''

She said, closing her eyes, thinking how thankful she is for having such a great and reliable friend like Azuma.

The wedding…

Everyone is smiling happily, waiting for the celebration to start. Everything is prepared well. Everything is tagged as perfect, with the mufti of blue and white, different kinds of flowers flourished the whole area. Little by little, guests started to gather at the well-prepared venue. Everyone prepares for the fated union of the two partners.

10 minutes after the stated wedding schedule…

Everything is ready. The guests are already complete and the bride is already inside the white limousine outside, waiting for the event to start. But one thing's missing, the groom. Everyone involved in the plan started to get nervous. They do not know what to do if he would not come. Everyone started to get worried, especially Azuma who is the one who formulated the plan and the one who is to blame when something gets wrong. He is standing in the middle of the entrance, critically thinking of a Plan B.

Kazuki and Tsuchiura were talking, fretfully, about what they should do until someone unexpectedly grabbed their arms and led them inside a car.

''I need your help''

A serious voice of Azuma was heard. As he drive quickly towards the blue-haired violinist's house.

''Why are you here?''

Len asked with a slightly moderate voice. He looked so calm as if he has no problem at all. But deep inside, he's thinking of why they're here when it is already time for the wedding.

Is it finally cancelled?

He thought deep down his head. He do not want to bring up a heavy weight of hope but was terribly confused as to what he feels.

Annoyed, Kazuki moved hastily towards Len and lifted him up from his seemingly comfortable seat by pulling Len's shirt towards him. Len could see the frustratedly hurt feeling from Kazuki's eyes.

''Are you really planning to boycott your own wedding?''

The green haired trumpetist said in a loud voice, which made him seem to be shouting. The words echoed through Tsukimori's ears… my wedding?


Len was shocked, speechless as Kazuki let him down. He's still confused about it.

Why were they here? especially Kazuki? Why did he say that it was MY wedding? Why? Could it be…

Len was still in his deep thoughts. He was so stunned and mystified that it was late when he realized that the three are already preparing him, fixing his hair, face, everything.

''What the hell have you done to this?''

Yunoki voiced out, holding a tattered tuxedo. Len took off his eyes from the suit. He's too embarrassed to admit that he is the one who did it. He just kept his mouth shut. Tsuchiura searched Tsukimori's wardrobe, hoping to find a suit to replace the wasted tuxedo, but found nothing. Len sat quietly, watching them. He knew he had nothing there because he was not able to pack well when he heard the Kazuki-Kahoko wedding while he was in Europe.

Azuma sat down, frustrated. He could not imagine Len would do such a thing. It is already too late to order another suit or to repair the ripped one.

''Oh well…''

30 minutes after the stated wedding schedule…

Kahoko let out a deep sigh as she stood in front of al the waiting guests. She does not know to do. Her groom didn't come, as what she fearfully thought of. She stood there, in the middle of the silence, with small droplets of tears penetrating her eyes. She took out her microphone and slowly, opened her mouth to let the most unbearable words go out…

''S-Sorry to keep you waiting… but my groom-''

''-is here…''

Everyone looked at the back as the cool voice of a blue haired violinist interrupted the bride's announcement. Tsukimori Len walked rapidly among the center isle, wearing a supposed-to-be beautiful blue tuxedo, but was obviously frayed furiously. Regardless if the idea of being extremely humiliated, Len walked gracefully towards his crying bride.

''Are we going to start this or not?''

Len sweetly said, putting his soft warm hands into his girl's face, wiping her fast-flowing tears. The smile and the comforting touch of Tsukimori Len seem to melt Kahoko's heart. She's happy… extremely happy. Kahoko was speechless. She does not know what to say. All she could think of is Len being hers, finally.


She said staring deeply unto Len's eyes, as it goes closer and closer to hers. Their faces went closer to each other. Their hearts beat fast with rhythm with each other. Until they could feel each other's warm breath…

''Hey! Are we going to start the wedding or not?''

A green haired trumpetist interruptedly said, smiling happily. Len and Kahoko blushingly looked around everyone., their companions, their friends. They looked specifically at each of their comrades, smiling; Azuma, the sole reason of this wonderful plan; Kazuki, the greatest friend one could ever have; Shimizu and Fuyuumi, the love birds of their group; and Tsuchiura, the most trustworthy man. All of them smiled gleefully, as they watch the grand union of two fated hearts…

Together forever, you and me. I assure you, there will always be a 'we'…

Len thought as he brushed the hair of someone he loved, he loves and will always love.

~~THE END!~~

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