Are you sure this is the only way to protect ourselves from the Red Court? Warden Morgan asked of the White Council. They had convened in an emergency meeting that had been so heavily protected with spells and wards that the very atmosphere seemed to shimmer with contained power. The White Council, having barely managed to call a truce with the Red Court, were feeling how vulnerable they were. Their arrogance and belief in their superiority was shattered and they needed desperately all the help they could get. The Summer Queen and Winter Queen had been generous in granting the White Council safe passage through the Astral Planes of their existence, but they would do no more. The Order of The Knights were too few in number to protect all the members of the wizard society, and they could not be relied upon due to their sacred oaths. The Head Wizard, elected this time to the position due to seniority and seniority alone, looked panicked and sick every time anyone saw him. He had not expected his ambitious reward and all his careful planning to result in his gaining the title during times of strife. Instead of looking for others to treat him with respect and glory, they now looked to him to give them a strategy to save them. George Ingus didn t have a lot of practice looking the part of a calm and commanding leader. He looked like a scared old geezer. He did know though how to find people who would do as he said to be closer to his title and had employed one such to research. They had found a solution. It was a forbidden type of magic, and one that could result in terrible consequences for any who performed it, but at this point the White Council were willing to look at the possibility. We should just go all out and attack the Red Court! Why should we cower behind other powers when we are wizards! Warden Morgan yelled while raising a fist. Ingus glared at him then rolled his eyes. There had been a time when Morgan had worshipped his every word and obeyed unfailingly. Now though he was too enthusiastic about trying to go to war with forces that could wipe them out without a thought. You are missing the big picture as usual. You might win a few battles, but the war would be lost. We are fortunate that the council was able to call this truce with the enemy in order to recuperate. The Councilors looked at him with a bit of confusion. They hadn t done any part in the truce, but didn t want to admit their most hair brained misfit, Harry Dresden, had succeeded where they had failed. This is a solution that guarantees the vampires will never come near us. We have begun actively recruiting new talents, but until we can muster our forces this is our best hope. We will vote on this issue now. All those in favor? Almost overwhelming amount of members agreed. All opposed? Only Warden Morgan and the younger members raised their hand. Settled. We shall begin the ritual of the Grim Reapers.