"But you have extra angel blood to make you stronger!" I whined as Jace led me up to the training room again.

"So do you, Clary." He countered.

"Mine is focused on runes." He was always trying to make me beat him, but I knew I never would.

"Well, if you feel that I'm abusing my gifts… You can use your gifts."

"And what gifts would that be?" I asked skeptically.

He didn't answer me, just leaned in and kissed me quickly before opening the door and ushering me inside.

We sparred with no weapons or runes, just hand and feet. I was getting better, but Jace was still better than me.

He lunged at me and I just barely dodged his grasp. I aimed a flying kick at his stomach and he caught me foot, spinning me to the ground. We continued like this for a while until Jace finally pinned me down, straddling my waist and holding my hands above my head.

I struggled beneath him, but he had an advantage. I bucked my hips into his in an attempt to get free. His hands tightened convulsively and I saw his eyes go dark with lust. I took the momentary distraction to flip us so I was straddling him. I leaned in close so that my hair fell around us and whispered in Jace's ear, "What do you think, teacher? Am I getting better?"

He chuckled breathily, "Definitely."

I smiled and sat back up, releasing his hands. He moved at lightening speed and gripped my hips as he shot up so we were millimeters apart.

We just looked at each other. He was shirtless and sweaty and I'd be lying if I said it didn't turn me on. He was breathing heavily and I couldn't resist him anymore. I leaned in and kissed him, pressing myself against him and tangling my hands in his hair.

He moaned and pressed us tighter together, sliding his tongue against my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and his tongue darted in. He ran his hands up my sides and slid my shirt off of me. My hands slid across his chest as our kiss got more heated.

I slid my hands back into his hair and moaned softly into his mouth when his hands slid down my back. He moved his head and kissed his way down my neck, sucking lightly as he got near my collarbone. I felt his hands slide around the waistband off my jeans. My hands slid across his chest as I felt him unbutton my jeans.

Our mouths connected again as he dragged us up so we were standing and leaning against the door. I took that opportunity to grab a stele from the shelf next to me and carve a locking rune as well as a silencing rune onto the door t keep us from being interrupted.

I kissed him hard and felt him pulling my pants off. I kicked them off and pressed Jace harder against the wall while my hands crept down to take his jeans. This wasn't the first time we'd done this… But it was the first time I had remembered to lock and silence the room so we wouldn't be interrupted…