Hikaru knew he shouldn't be here, but he couldn't resist the chance to explore everywhere. The box thing with the squares on it like the one in the house was in a corner. It looked just like the one Grandpa didn't want him touching except that there was something spilled on it.


Fujiwara no Sai didn't know how long he had sat in this grey silence within his old Go board. Outside, the scenery was not much better, as it was an equally silent storage shed.

"Oops?" said a small voice as something poked the board where Torajiro's blood covered his tears.

"Can you see it?" he asked, excited to finally find someone who might possibly see him and therefore allow him to play once more.

"Hewo?" the small voice said.

"Can you hear me?" he asked, hoping beyond hope that he had found another like Torajiro who had seen him, heard him, and had freed him from the board for a few years.

"Hear? Hear?" the small voice said.

"Oh thank you Kami-sama for giving me this opportunity." he said as he rose from the board, prepared to connect with his new link to the living world.

When he had fully risen, he found himself face to face or rather shins to face with a small toddler. There was no-one else within fifteen feet of the storage shed.

"You can't be serious." he said.

"Up!" the toddler said happily, standing up and holding out its arms.

It would seem that the Kami that had given him this opportunity had been serious as when he tried to return to the Go board, he found that he could not.

Grumbling, he wrapped himself around the child that couldn't have been older than two and joined with his consciousness.

Once the process was over, he found himself in a strange room standing next to a strange barred box that contained his new link to the living world. There were several odd strings going from the child to a machine that made odd beeping noises, and a tube that led from the child to a water filled bag on a stick. At one end of the box was a strange board with something written on it. All he could clearly make out was the name and age of the child in the box. As with doctors the world over, the handwriting of the author of this particular document sucked.

The small child who was 28 months old and apparently named Shindo Hikaru was awake, and based on his whining wasn't too happy with his situation. He didn't know how to comfort the boy as he wasn't very good with children.