The New Era

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Chapter 1

The gentle morning breeze ruffled through Terrador's thoroughly coated lime scales as he stood on the balcony, overlooking the horizon. The sun's rays reflected in his battle hardened eyes, slowly warming up his ageing body and casting a heavenly sheen over the temple, awakening it from its deep slumber.

However, The Earth Guardian silently wished that there was someone else on the balcony with him. Another brave warrior who paid the ultimate price in the Dark Masters attempts to crush and conquer the free peoples of this world.

Terrador gave a deep sigh. He couldn't forget the rushed conversation between him and Ignitus, the last time he ever saw him. He could tell Ignitus was up to something, but he never even considered the fact that he would sacrifice himself.

I thought he would have been strong enough to survive, Terrador thought boldly. The Guardians were revered as some of the strongest and bravest dragons throughout the realms and although his heart begrudgingly accepted the dreadful news upon the return of Spyro and Cynder, doubts still crept into his ancient mind that his long time friend and ally had actually departed.

However before his doubts had any more time to fester within the confines of his brain, the peace and serenity of the morning were broken all too soon by the disturbance of his colleague.

"Morning Terrador", a voice came from behind him.

Terrador didn't bother turning around. He knew the familiar tone of Cyril's cultured voice all too well. When the Ice Guardian drew level with him only then did he react.

"Cyril", Terrador replied, nodding in his direction.

For a few fleeting moments they remained muted, calmly embracing the delicious sounds and scented smells of nature that surrounded them in Avalar. The swamp that surrounded the temple was filled with activity as the inhabitants started awakening and starting the cycle of another day. The Silver River presented a calm and eloquent flow and even the large tree-like mushrooms seemed allot less ugly in the splendid luminosity of the sun.

"I think I can safely say Terrador that I have never seen a morning as glorious as this in a very long time", Cyril said with vigorous joy.

Terrador smiled faintly in response. "Yes. When you are at war you can easily get sidetracked, and beautiful sites like these pass over you.

"And thanks to our young warriors, we are now able to enjoy them in peace and seclusion", Cyril added.

"Aye, they have battled so hard to get to this point. Those two have overcome horrendous obstacles and challenges that no dragon their age should ever have to face. But now with that accursed Dark Master banished and the world rebuilt, they can finally have some well deserved rest and recuperation!" Terrador exclaimed.

Cyril nodded in agreement. "Yes, Quite. By the way, when were you thinking of informing them of the other dra-"

"Soon Cyril, Soon", Terrador interrupted.

"Well have you agreed with Hunter when it would be advisable to get in contact?

Terrador shook his head. "Not yet, I still have my doubts as to whether all the enemies that served the Dark Master have been killed. We need to make sure that there are none of them lurking in the confines of Avalar before I relay any messages. Therefore we will scour the land and surrounding shoreline for any traces of Malefor's forces. Once we are sure that there is no chance of a counter attack, only then will I get in contact with the Exiles.

"I see!" said Cyril, his voice stepped in excitement. "And when were you thinking of arranging this little hunting party?"

Terrador quietly brooded over this question. He could tell by Cyril's joyous expression and tone that he was anxious to get everything in motion and see his loved ones as soon as possible. Terrador didn't blame the Ice Guardian, as he too was thinking the exact same thing. The Exiles have been away for too long, however the only thing that stopped him from saying that they should set out immediately were Spyro and Cynder. They had only recently returned from facing Malefor, not to mention all the other contingents of Apes, Grublins and Wyverns that they've fought recently. Their bodies were racked with exhaustion; they needed a few days at least.

"I think we should give our two young dragons a break before we begin any plan of action", Terrador said at last.

"But Terrador, surely-", Cyril began.

"I know Cyril!" Terrador interrupted. "I'm as restless as you are to get in contact, but Spyro and Cynder have put much on the line for us, far too much. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be talking right now. They are the reason that we are now a free race, a race that can now breathe clean air instead of the stink of corruption and death that has plagued these lands for so long."

Cyril dropped his icy blue head in response, ashamed of himself. "I am aware of what Spyro and Cynder have done for us and am extremely grateful for their gallantry Terrador. But now that the threat of war has all but ceased, I no longer have anything to deter my mind from it. The absence of my friends and family now fills me, and I apologise for that."

Terrador calmly placed one of his muscular forepaws on his colleague's shoulder. "There is nothing to apologise for my friend. It is I who should be doing the apologising, it was wrong of me to snap at you. I've just been such a cantankerous lark lately that I've found it hard to keep myself calm and focused."

Cyril nodded in acceptance, and Terrador swiftly removed his paw upon seeing that his friend had perked up. They both looked out into the distance and picked out the dragon city of Warfang, its many buildings and towers casting a bold and defiant outlook to the surrounding forests that encapsulated it. Despite all the attacks and turmoil that Warfang had been subjected to throughout the war, it now stood not only as a symbol of the friendship between the moles and the dragons, but also as an emblem of defiance and strength. This proved that the dragon race, with the aid of other creatures within Avalar, was still a proud and majestic race, and this warmed the hearts of the guardians.

They both breathed deeply, relishing in the haven of this thought, before speaking again.

"I guess the repair work is progressing well?" Terrador inquired.

"I'm sure it is, the moles were very eager to begin construction as soon as the war concluded. Ignitus put Mason in charge of the city in our absence, and I think it should stay that way until the other dragons return."

"Agreed", Terrador said with a slight hint of sadness in his voice.

This time it was Cyril's turn to place one of his forepaws upon the veteran earth guardian.

"I know you miss him Terrador. We all do. But you mustn't fret, for when our race has returned and normality resumed we can pay homage to the ones who lost their lives to defend and protect the ones they loved."

Terrador knew Cyril was right; he couldn't just mope about thinking of what might have been or what he could have done. He had to be strong, for his friends and for his race. With Cyril's warm and comforting words came a rare, heart warming smile that spread across his face, something that he hadn't done for years.

"Thank you Cyril", he said happily. "You're right, Ignitus wouldn't want any of us moping, he would want us to be savouring the victory and being happy and proud. I'll not brood on it anymore, only when the time is appropriate will I then open my mind to the memory of my old fiery friend."

Cyril removed his paw, and the crease of a smile also spread across his sky blue features.

"I am glad. Now, let's go find our electric tongued friend Volteer and tell him of our intentions. The last time I saw him, he was practicing in the training-"

Suddenly they both heard a high pitched, distorted sound directly from behind them, causing both of the guardians to spin around in alarm.

"What was that?" Terrador demanded, on his guard and ready to receive any sort of threat.

The same sound emanated from behind them yet again, causing Terrador to look around in confusion. He knew that sound came from within the temple, and was about to investigate when Cyril spoke up.

"Calm yourself Terrador, I am assuming that that was Volteer. These days when he uses that element of his, he very rarely gets the precise quantity that he desires.

With this news the earth guardian relaxed his tense muscles, and then began to smile once again.

"I see. Come on then", Terrador chuckled. "Let's go and see how far he has progressed with those ape dummies. Let's hope they don't push our old companion too far, otherwise he could level the whole temple."

The guardians laughed to each other as they walked back from the balcony to check on their companion, clearly enjoying the radiance of the morning weather and looking forward to a day of peace and prosperity in Avalar.