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Chapter 1

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"Kill the spare," a dark gravelly voice said as a spell hit Cedric causing his body to fall to the floor.

"NO!" Harry yelled as he shook Cedric's body madly trying to get the older Hufflepuff boy to wake up, "Come on Cedric, wake up."

"Diggorey won't be waking up any time soon brat," one of the Death Eaters growled out as they tied him up to one of the grave head's, it was easy because of Harry's wounded leg.

"Let me go," Harry yelled as he tried to ignore his injures and get out of the ropes holding him down.

Peter Pettigrew came up to Harry with a sharp silver knife in his hand.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked as he tried to get away from the knife that was coming closer and closer to him only for Peter to grab his arm and hold it still.

Harry could only watch on in horror as the knife sliced his skin and a glass potion vile was moved under his cut to collect his blood.

Harry did his best to ignore the throbbing sensation coming from the new cut as he watched the Death Eaters pour his blood into the cauldron while saying something along the lines of 'blood from an enemy'.

"Bone of a loyal follower," the Death Eater from before said as he moved towards Peter and grabbed his arm.

Harry closed his eyes and turned his head through that didn't stop the sounds of pure torture as Peter's arm was cut of and thrown into the caldron.

"My arm, my arm," Peter cried as he was left to heal what was left of his arm.

Harry opened his eyes again to watch as what seemed to be the lead Death Eater threw a black robe into the caldron along with something else from a potions vile before the caldron went up in green smoke.

As the smoke cleared away a human figure stood up out of the caldron.

"I'm alive," came Voldermort's voice as he ran a hand over his head to feel the hair that he had been missing for so long, "And now onto the first matter of business."

Voldermort made his way out of the caldron and towards Harry Potter who had just managed to get free of the ropes.

"Stay away," Harry said as he scrambled backwards still on the floor as Voldermort came closer.

"You have stopped my plans one too many times boy," Voldermort said as he raised his wand, "Death is to good for the likes of you, let's see if your precious light side will take you back in once I've awoken your creature side that all Purebloods have."

Harry froze as a blue light hit him followed by a blood curdling wave of pain as he felt his body change and twist along with two objects growing upon his head and a large amount of pain at the bottom of his tail bone as his tail bone grew until he had something medium length and furry coming out of him just above his bum.

The pain started to slowly ease off causing Harry to let out a sigh of relief only for the pain to come back ten times as worse.

This time when Harry screamed Voldermort screamed with him.

The Death Eaters watched on in shock and worry for their master as a white light came out of their Lord's chest and connected with the new Harry Potter.

The sound of a horoux being destroyed was heard and the screams came to an end.

Not one of the Death Eaters made a move to check on their Lord.

The first to come around was Voldermort, he slowly gathered himself together and slowly made his way over to Harry where he took the now puppy eared and puppy tail Harry Potter into his arms as if he was the most precious thing in the world and was made of glass.

"My beloved the spell has been broken," Voldermort said softly as he gently scratched one of Harry's puppy ears, "The spell that horrid man placed on us is gone…my beloved mate."

The shocked gasps from the Death Eaters was ignored as Harry just gave a sigh of contentment and snuggled into the body of his newly found mate.

To Be Continued…

Okay so Voldermort and Harry aren't really enemy's now because the horux in Harry and the spell that Dumbledore placed on them is gone. This will be explained in the next chapter so hang on okay?