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Chapter 23 AND Epilogue

Chapter 23:

Voldemort let out a relaxed sigh as he allowed himself to bask in the afterglow, they had been on their honeymoon for a week and in Voldemort's option he thought that it was the best week of his life. Giving a small hum Voldemort turned onto his back only to frown as the familiar sound of throwing up came from the bathroom.

"That's it," Voldemort muttered to himself with a frown on his face, "This is the second day in a row his been throwing up in the morning."

Worry washed over Voldemort for his husband as he quickly got up and grabbed his wand from the bed side table, then with a simple flick of his wand he was fully dressed.

"Harry love," Voldemort called out as he quickly pulled out a pair of Harry's pyjamas from the suitcase, "I just got a floo call to let me know that someone will be dropping by any second now, I've got you something's to put on while they visit."

"Thanks Tom," came the reply from behind the closed door, "Can you just put them on the side for me?"

Giving an affirmative sound Voldemort quickly walked into the bathroom, placed the items of clothing down on the small table in the bathroom which was placed there for this purpose and walked straight out without looking or even glancing at Harry for if he did Voldemort knew that he would not call the healer and spend the rest of the day snuggling and pampering his husband.

'No time to stop and think' Voldemort thought to himself as walked towards the fireplace 'I have to find a healer, I wonder if Healer Brown would be willing to do the job...'

Pulling out his wand Voldemort easily lit the fire then he quickly grabbed a handful of floo powder, threw it into the fire and as he stepped into the flames he cried out, "St. Mungos, Healer Brown's office, fourth floor left hand side."

A clothed Harry groaned in relief as he slowly walked out of the bathroom, he did not enjoy throwing up like that every morning at all. Sighing tiredly Harry looked around the bedroom only to frown as he realised that Tom was missing.

"Where did he go?" Harry asked himself out loud with a frown as he looked about the empty bedroom, "Tom? No? I wonder if Dobby knows, Do-"

Before Harry could say any more of Dobby's name the fireplace came to life and Voldemort talked through dragging a confused and what looked like to be a scared medi-wizard behind him.

"T-Tom?" Harry asked in total bewilderment as he looked between his husband and the stranger, "How is...your friend?"

"His Healer Brown and his going to tell us why you've been throwing up for the past few days for," Voldemort said kindly to his husband before turning and giving a dangerous look to Healer Brown, "Isn't that right Healer Brown?"

Gulping nervously as Healer Brown nodded his head, "Y-Yes, your husband has told me of your symptoms and I believe I know what is going on with you."

"Tom you should of asked Healer Brown to come with you after explain the situation or booked an appointment for me to see him if you were that worried," Harry said as he gently scolded Tom before he turned to Healer Brown with a shocked look on his face, "Really? It's that simple?"

"Yes, I just need to cast a small spell on you to see if it really is what I am thinking," Healer Brown said softly with a small smile playing on his lips, "Just stand still alright?"

Nodding his head Harry stood still and allowed Healer Brown to cast the spell on him only for Harry's stomach to glow a soft blue colour only for Voldemort to jump in before anything can be said.

"What's wrong with him? Is he going to be alright? I don't care how much it costs I'll make sure he gets everything he needs," Voldemort ranted at the Healer, "How-

"It's nothing bad I promise but," Healer Brown said slowly as he looked from Harry to Voldemort with a nervous smile on his face, "Congratulations Lord Riddle-Potter, your husband is pregnant."

"P-Pregnant?" Voldemort stuttered out in shock only to faint.

"I hate it when that happens," Healer Brown muttered causing Harry to laugh, "Do you have any idea the amount of people who get concussions when I tell them this sort of news?"


Voldemort couldn't help the silly little grin that came to his face as the sound of small feet running echoed throughout the house followed by his husband's footsteps.

Knowing what to do Voldemort knelt down and opened his arms and only seconds later a tiny hyper bundle was in his arms grinning up at him.

"Daddy!" the emerald eyed child cried out happily as he looked at his father though his messy brown hair, "Your back daddy!"

"His faster then he looks," Harry said as he finally caught up with his son, panting hard, "If I didn't know better I would of swore he used a Portkey to get here this fast."

Chuckling Voldemort smiled as he looked at his little family and knew that this was why he came home every day with a smile on his face and love in his heart.

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