Disclaimer: This fic is based on the story under the lost story same title by someone named "Morning Glory" I found about 10 years ago on the Internet and saved. Since then the website is long-gone and her e-mail adress is defunct too, so I couldn't contact her. I hope it's alright with everyone.

I re-vamped the story quite a bit, corrected spelling, etc. Enjoy!

( Kale paces back and forth in front of her Thornwoods Castle.)

( Morgana appears.)

Morgana: Kale, these Jewel Rider brats have made a fool out of you too many times!

Kale: Lady Kale for you. And really, I don't think you could do any better.

( Morgana's face gets furious for a while, then she calms down.)

Kale: So, do you have any ideas?

Morgana: Actually, I do. I decided I will lend you more power to create the dark side of Avalon using the Dark Stone.

Kale: Sounds like a good place for me to rule... I think I'll call it the Dark Land.

Morgana: And this place will make the Jewel Riders' enchanted jewels work against them.

Kale: Hm, like antimagic? Sounds even better...

Morgana: You must go into the Wild Magic. Remember, I will be watching you.

( Morgana disappears.)

Kale: The Dark Land shall be under my control, and soon, all of Avalon!

( She laughs loudly.)

( Splashes are heard in the lake beside the Crystal Palace.)

( Queen Anya walks over to the lake and kneels down to the water.)

Queen Anya: Starla!

( Starla splashes and pops her head up from under the water.)

Queen Anya: Starla, there is something on the jewel map that you should see.

Starla: All right. Hold on a second.

( She dives back under the water. Then she pops her head back up and so does Fallon and Tamara.)

( They hop up onto the edge of the lake and hold up their jewels. Their mermaid fins turn back into legs and they get up and head for the Crystal Palace.)

( Queen Anya points to a strange light on the jewel map. Tamara looks over at it.)

Tamara: Isn't that the symbol for Wild Magic?

Starla: That looks like the same symbol we saw on Merlin's maps!

Fallon: Where is it?

( Queen Anya points again.)

Queen Anya: It's hard to tell. It disappears and reappears.

Tamara: It looks like it is in a number of places.

Starla: Maybe we should check it out.

( Starla, Fallon, and Tamara all run out of the Jewel Keep.)

( Kale is standing in her Dragon Wagon, which is flying through a Wild Magic tunnel.)

Kale: Well, this looks like the best place to start...

Morgana: Yes, this place has great power! Start to build the Dark Land here!

Kale: Right away!

( She holds up the Dark Stone high and red light bursts from it.)

( Shadowsong, Moondance, and Sunstar gallop in the Wild Magic)

( Starla, Fallon, and Tamara glide by with their glider wings.)

Starla: Look! A porthole!

( She points to a magic portal.)

Fallon: It's the only one here.

Tamara: Maybe we should check it out.

Starla: Okay. Everyone, be ready.

( They all jump into it.)

( They appear on the ground. An evil red sky greets them and thorn trees are everywhere.)

Starla: Where are we?

Fallon: This looks like Kale has been here.

( A voice starts to rumble the land.)

Kale: And I still am!

Starla: Kale! Where are we?

Kale: You are in my Dark Land! It is the dark side of Avalon and I built it from scratch from Wild Magic. Isn't it a lovely place?

Tamara: Starla...

Fallon: Kale! Show yourself!

( The ground shakes and Kale appears.)

Kale: Here I am for my waiting public...

Starla: Kale, turn this land back now!

Kale: Oh, I don't think so. Anyway, if I did turn this land back, it would just be another bend in the Wild Magic.

( Kale holds up her Dark Stone.)

Kale: Now, little princess. Let's play, shall we?

( The Dark Stone starts shooting lightning beams everywhere.)

( Starla holds up her Sun Stone and it starts to shoot a beam. But the magic surrounds her and knocks her down.)

Fallon: Starla! The magic is out of control!

Kale: Wrong, I control all the magic here.

Tamara ( Running over to Starla): Starla! What happened?

Starla: Ah! I don't know...

( Wild Magic surrounds her.)

Starla: Ahhh!

Sunstar: Starla!

( Sunstar tries to release Starla by firing a beam, but Wild Magic surrounds her too.)

Kale: Ha ha ha! The magic really does work!

Tamara: Kale! Let Starla and Sunstar go!

Kale: Oh, I'm not doing anything now! It's the magic of your Enchanted Jewels!

Fallon: What?

Kale: You see, this world, even though not complete, will turn the power of your Enchanted Jewels against you. And now, it's my turn to play.

( Kale shoots a beam out of the Dark Stone and it knocks Starla and Sunstar out of the Dark Land and into the Wild Magic.)

Kale: Now then, I've rid Avalon of the princess.

Tamara: Starla... No!

Kale: I used the same technique to blast Merlin away.

Fallon: This can't mean...

Kale: Yes! The princess and the unicorn are gone. Nothing can save them now!

Tamara (to Fallon): We have no choice...

( Tamara climbs onto Shadowsong and Fallon Climbs onto Moondance. The unicorns gallop into the Wild Magic, back to Avalon.)

(To be continued)