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They could be heard throughout half the school, and from everywhere more and more students were cautiously gathering around in the school yard. A circle of equally excited and scared kids were watching as two class mates fought tooth and claw with each other. One of them swung their arm around while the other one ducked, then bounced back up and connected with their block.

"Go Spike! Teach the bitch a lesson!" One of the older boys cheered; he wasn't the only one.

"Get him girl! Show him what you're made of!" A few of the girls screamed from the other side of the ring.

"Punch her!"

"Claw him!"

"Hit her in the face!"

"Kick him in the-"

"ENOUGH!" All eyes turned to the principal who looked like he was about to explode.

The two people that had been fighting in the centre of the circle eventually threw each other away and began to dust themselves off, ignoring the furious looks from the principal.

"So, you two heard the bell for lunch and just couldn't help yourselves...William Rayne and Elizabeth Summers, TO MY OFFICE NOW!" He yelled at the top of his lungs even though the whole yard was silent.

The two students held their heads high, walking proudly out of the ring and into the school building. Principal Snyder glared angrily at the rest of the students before following his two most hated students to his office.

- The Principal's Office

The door closed with a loud thud, but neither one of the kids was scared, shocked or at all surprised. The boy was fidgeting with his Zippo lighter and the girl was holding up a pocket mirror, trying her best to fix her tangled golden hair. Snyder was only enraged more so by their lack of any sort of reaction to his authority. He stormed through his little office and sat down in his seat, the back towering above the short man's balding head. He waited for the two sitting contently in front of him to look his way, but, just like every time this happened, he had to slam his fists down on his desk and even then all he got were two lazy glances.

"This needs to end. This has to end! I don't care what silly little issues you have with each other, fighting in the school yard, setting things on fire, food fights in the lunchroom with vegetable soup on the same day 3 weeks in a row...and violating a school building. You have scared off four P.E. teachers, frightened away at least ten students and traumatised more than 50% of the school's staff! Your behaviour is despicable! Outrageous! There is nothing that would give me more pleasure than to expel the both of you! But your families' generous donations are what keep the school going so I can't do that. This is your last year of high school, so, for everyone's sake, stop this ridiculous battle long enough for your class mates to leave this school in one piece."

Snyder looked like he was going to choke them both to death, like he would kill them right there if either of them dared to breathe. After a long time of sitting in his presence without the slightest ounce of being even a little shaken up, Snyder dismissed them both. No one had ever walked out of Snyder's office so calmly before, no one left his office without calling him a goblin for one reason or another. He waited for the door to close before he slammed his head down on his desk, thankful that he had left a thick book with soft pages there to stop him from doing himself an injury. 'If those two don't kill each other before Graduation, I think I'll lend them a hand. Those kids are driving me insane!' He thought bitterly.

- School Corridor

The two mortal enemies were completely silent as they walked side by side, equally beside one another, not daring to give the other the chance to clip them from behind. They didn't dare make eye contact, but if one were watching their struggled steps and forced silence, they would cringe at the level of complete and utter hatred between them. Anyone could see the loathing and disgust they held for each other, like two vicious wolves tearing each other apart.

Out of the blue, one of them decided to speak after what felt like hours of silence. "So, was that a draw? Or do you want to finish what we started?" The boy showed pride in his snarl-like smirk.

The girl glared scathingly at him, wishing that she could mentally force him to have a fatal heart-attack.

"Ooh, if only looks could kill, huh Lizzy?"

"Stop calling me that stupid name!" She yelled suddenly.

He grinned in triumph, having made her speak. "But it's your name, Lizzy! Or do you prefer 'Beth'? Doesn't matter what I call you, you're still the ugliest bitch on the planet." He laughed at her flaming eyes.

"My name is BUFFY! You jerk!" She spat in his face and watched with mild satisfaction as he wiped it away with a look that would scare the devil himself.

"Wow, Betty, that was pretty harsh, you might wanna take that back bitch!"

She punched his jaw sharply and sent him hurdling into the wall, almost smiling as he stepped back holding his head where it had smacked into the brick. He quickly regained his balance and sent his fist flying across her face, slamming her into a set of lockers where she bruised her forehead on a padlock. She turned back to him with a piercing stare that seemed to slice right through his very soul. They both stood still for a long time, wishing the other was dead. But after no one made a move, they slowly walked off in separate directions.

Spike grinded his teeth, fighting the pain that was coming from every inch of his body. He walked over to one of the art rooms that was dark enough inside to create a mirror against the light in the hall. He inspected the damage that bitch had done to him as closely as he could with his bruised vision. He had a black-eye, a badly bruised jaw and a clean slicing cut over his left eye, scarring his eyebrow, where she had slashed him with her nails. She was a bloody animal in a fight, he knew no one that could be as sadistic as she could be when it came to him. She could actually be a really sweet person, just not when he was around.

He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw tensely as the familiar bile turned his stomach. It was eating him up inside, the hate he felt for her; it was beyond all other levels. He couldn't even remember the reason why...why it all started, what had gone so very wrong to turn them into such dark and twisted creatures. Alone, they were polite, caring, and respectful and above all, compassionate. But every time they saw each other it was like the dawning of an apocalypse.

Spike looked into his eyes reflected in the glass, he had never read any book or poem that could even begin to describe the demon he saw inside those beautiful, youthful eyes. His eyes were a gorgeous colour, so blue that even the clearest of summer skies would envy him. They had once been soft and bright with a star in the corner, but the beast inside had turned them hard, cold and merciless. He could say he didn't care, but the truth was that whatever it was that had filled him with so much darkness and hatred scared him more than anything else in the world. He hated it more than he hated her, he was terrified of it, and it was living inside him.

- Girl's Bathroom

On the other side of the school, hidden away in the girl's bathroom, Buffy also stared curiously at her own reflection. Her emerald eyes stung with unshed tears; hollow, hateful drops of sin. Her left cheek bore a large bruise that had already grown purple, her lip was split in two places and the mark on her forehead was messing with her train of thought. Looking down at her hands she sucked in a sharp breath. Fresh blood tainted her manicured nails, most likely his blood; her knuckles were worn and red and her cobalt veins pulsed under the sore skin.

Her eyes locked on the figure in the mirror, the one staring back at her. She never blinked as she examined her face, her lips, her eyes, and she couldn't help but wonder, 'who is she?' She didn't know. It wasn't her, it was someone else that just looked similar to, there was nothing in those trembling lips and stormy eyes that looked anything like her anymore.

"Who are you?" She questioned the stranger quietly, wishing that she would answer.

How was it that one person could take away so much? Take away herself? She tried harder, she looked deeper into those tired eyes, but the girl in the mirror showed nothing of the girl she was inside; deep inside underneath the darkness. Darkness, it was something she couldn't escape, more than anything she wanted to leave this life and become someone else...she wanted to be anyone but the girl in the mirror.

She prayed for the day he would die, the day all this would end. It was almost impossible to believe that such a beautiful, petite, young girl carried so much sickness inside her gentle heart. Before she had met him she had never hurt a thing, she had never hit anyone in her life and she was far from confident in any true way. But once she threw her first punch, once he pushed her that bit too far, everything had suddenly changed. She was now the most feared girl in the school, no one ever thought of messing with her anymore. Because of her daily battle with him, the normal high school dramas were over-looked or simply didn't happen. All the kids were too afraid to step out of their shells, afraid of ever becoming a problem to either of them.

Buffy heard the door open slowly and listened to the gentle tip-tap of heelless shoes on the cold bathroom tiles. When she heard a small voice call her name, she whispered back gently, afraid that if she spoke any louder, her tears would fall.

Willow, a young, very bright, redheaded girl, cautiously approached her best friend. Today's fight had not been the first, but had been by far the worst. Willow walked close and placed her handbag on the sink, she brushed her flaming hair over one shoulder and looked down at her friend with worry. She ever so slowly lifted her hand up to Buffy's face and gently stroked her soft fingers across the marked skin, apologising when Buffy winced. She looked down momentarily, before taking a deep, steadying breathe and holding Buffy's chin carefully. She slowly pulled a little so that she could see her friend's injuries properly before opening her handbag and setting out certain items down on the edge of the sink.

Buffy didn't make a sound as Willow wiped away the now dry blood from her skin, her hands, she never stopped staring into the eyes of the girl in the mirror. Once the cuts and marks were clean and disinfected, they were tended to, a bandage over her left hand, a bandaid around the other. After that was done, Willow began trying to cover up Buffy's face with foundation, a hint of blush and peach-coloured lipstick. During this entire session, Buffy didn't move a muscle, and every silent second only encouraged the fear in Willow's heart.

She held Buffy's hands in her own and tried not to cry. "I think you cut him pretty good, that's gonna scar for sure." She tried to sound casual.

Buffy didn't respond, but she did relax a little, just a little less tense, but that was enough for Willow.

"Buffy, you can't keep going on like this, please stop this. You're going to get hurt and end up in the hospital if you don't."

Buffy cringed, she had been to the hospital before, many times, but she didn't want her friend to worry anymore than she already did so she hadn't told her.

"Please Buffy, I love you, you're my best friend. I hate seeing you this way, you never smile anymore, you never laugh...this isn't you; this has to stop before somebody ends up dead!" She pleaded.

Buffy thought for a moment, Willow was right, this wasn't her. She didn't want to fight anymore either, she didn't want to hate somebody this bad; she didn't want to die. But there was nothing she could do, he wouldn't leave her alone, he wouldn't let her rest; there was no end to this. They haunted each other, in their dreams, their thoughts; they were like ghosts clinging desperately to one thread of a life they no longer owned. There was something between them that kept them coming back, it was like a power drawing them together, only when they arrived at the end of the string, violence and destruction ensued.

Willow talked quietly to Buffy for a while, nothing special, just insignificant stories about people and places; anything to get her mind off him.

By the time the two girls left the bathroom, the bell for the end of lunch had sounded, echoing through the corridors of the school like a beckoning siren too old to work its magic. Willow guided her fatigued friend to the hall where their lockers resided, but once they stepped around the corner they wished they had stayed in the bathroom. Coming around the corner at the other end of the corridor were a set of pale blue eyes that turned dark once set on the green ones opposite them. No sound was made, but somehow it was like a psychic message that travelled through the students' minds; everyone in the corridor froze.

Willow looked to her side at Buffy, standing tall and still, and decided to back up a few paces; as did Spike's best friend, Doyle. The corridor was suddenly alive with panic as students either escaped the hall or took cover between the locker blocks, clearing a path between Spike and Buffy. For the longest time they just stood there staring, speaking their thoughts through the expressions that tweaked each corner of their faces.

One young brunette girl entered the hall, walking carefully as she could not see very well over the pile of books she was carrying. She had no clue of the battle that was threatening to come alive and tear the building apart. Because of the sudden need for shelter, all or most of the students had dropped their books and pencil cases all over the floor, causing pens and pencils to spill over the scarred floorboards. No one had the chance to warn the poor girl before she slipped on a pile of scattered pencils. Her books flew up into the air and she landed face-first on the floor.

A few of the braver students quickly rushed out to help the girl to her feet and get her out of the way of the fight that had begun; the commotion seeming to announce the start of the match like a bell. Spike picked up one of the books by his feet and flung it around at Buffy. She managed to dodge that one but she didn't see the heavy folder that came next. The folder scraped her arm, leaving a barely bleeding scratch with its sharp corner. She cursed loudly, making Spike grin. She charged at him with furious speed and threw him against the lockers. Spike only laughed and grabbed her upper arms tightly. Buffy tried to escape his grip, but she hardly had time to blink before he had flung her around and slammed her full-bodied into the lockers.

She yelped sharply as she slid down to the floor, little ruby crystals rolling down the side of her head. Her eyes widened when she saw his heavy boot come curling around and kick her in the stomach. She fell back down clutching her body and cursing. But she was far from finished. Her eyes shot open as she leapt up, driving her elbow into Spike's gut and throwing a kick to his face. He soared backwards and slammed into the wall. Before he had a chance to react, she picked him up and, using his own weight, she threw him through one of the windows that lined the hall, carrying into the classrooms. Shattered glass cut through the air with a piercing screech, tiny shards wrapping themselves around drops of blood.

Buffy ran over to the door of the classroom and threw it open, causing the glass to crack under the force. She walked in and searched through the darkness for Spike. He was lying on the teacher's desk, breathing heavily; struggling to move. He finally managed to pull himself up onto his elbows and shoot a glare at Buffy; his crimson blood curling through the bleached curls on the side of his head. Wide painful cerulean eyes shot a deathly grimace at her through the shadows.

Without warning, he jumped off the table and pounced on the closest of the many desks, kicking it violently and causing a domino effect throughout the room. The wreckage came crashing towards Buffy, throwing her against the back wall and trapping her there. She screamed, and when Spike heard her sobs coming from her prison, his lips curled into an evil smirk. He waited until she dug her way out of the wreckage, having great difficulty in doing so. Once her eyes were on him, he leapt across the room and enclosed his hand around her neck. The audience of peers gasped in shock, it had gone way too far this time; this had never happened before.

Everyone watched in fear from the corridor, peeking through the windows and crowding in the doorway with Willow at the front of the line. She couldn't let him kill her best friend, but she found she couldn't move. If she tried to get involved she would end up in hospital, possibly in a coma...just like the last person who tried to stop them.

Buffy clutched Spike's arms, trying desperately to pull them off her throat. But he was too strong, and as her body screamed for oxygen, her tears streaked down her face like rain. She looked up into his eyes and had never felt so much fear before in her life, she couldn't see any sign of humanity in those warm-blue eyes anymore; all she could see was the monster.

"Spike...please..." She choked, begging him to let her live.

Darkness began to close in around her and all she could see were his red eyes staring back at her.

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