Well, this is my Naruto Fan fic! I hope you all enjoy reading it however I would like to make it clear to everyone that I do not own Naruto (unfortunately)...

I would also like everyone to know that this fan fic is my remake of the whole series.

This means it's pretty much the same story line just different in the characters actions, so really its more like an abridged series, if you all know what that is.

Thank you.

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The Third Hokage's Last Goodbye:

"Long ago the great and powerful Fourth Hokage fought a huge demon fox that had nine tails. Ultimately the Hokage lost and died but not before he sealed the fox demon inside his own son (like every loving father would.)" The Third Hokage stopped talking and looked outside his hospital room window before carrying on. "And I once again took the role of being Hokage for the village of Konoha. And in the end, after all I did for them; those bastards couldn't even be bothered to visit me when I'm on my death bed!"

The Third Hokage finished writing out his will and sighed, this was the end, soon any day now even, he would die. From lung cancer.

Suddenly a bunch of Shinobis jumped out from all sorts of random hiding spots in the room, "SURPRISE!"

"Ahhh!" The Third Hokage nearly shat his pants in astonishment but instead died of a heart attack in front of everyone.

Tsunade and Jiraiya were part of the crowd and stared at the Third Hokage as he lay as motionless as a rock.

Hiruzen Sarutobi's will lay in his lap and Tsunade stepped forward to read it.

"Good news everyone," Tsunade said mockingly, "your all my bitches."

#?&! No Jutsu:

Even though many had rejected the claim, the Third Hokage's will clearly stated Tsunade would be the next Hokage. So like that Tsunade was now known as the Fifth Hokage and now ruled Konoha.

But as much as I would like to ramble on about Hokages that isn't what this story is about. In truth this story revolves around a young boy, with no parents and no friends, named Naruto.


But if it helps, he's training to become a ninja, even if he has failed the last two graduation exams.

But all is not lost because when the exam comes around tomorrow, he's determined to pass, (which doesn't really account for much, seeing as he was determined to pass the last two times.)

Iruka Sensei, Naruto's teacher and fatherly figure, stood in front of the class as he glared down at Naruto. He had been caught by Iruka and dragged back to class after vandalizing Mount Rushmore and now Iruka believed Naruto needed to be punished.

"For today's class were having a review test on Henge no Jutsu, everyone line up!"

It's at this point in time that we meet two other characters, the solemn and emo boy with blue hair, Sasuke Uchiha and the two-faced young girl with pink hair, Sakura Haruno.

Both complete the test into turning into their Sensei, which is more that can be said for Naruto.

Oh, he transformed alright, into a #?&!

Iruka is shocked and so is the rest of the class, never before had they seen such a #?&! and they all know that only Naruto could transform into something so grotesque.

He called it '#?&! no Jutsu'.

Ninja school was cancelled for the rest of the day.

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Naruto: You killed the Hokage already?

ShadowGirl: *looks up innocently* Well, yes but technically-

Naruto: And made Tsunade the new Hokage...Already?

ShadowGirl: Is that...gonna be a problem?

Naruto: *shakes head* Oh dear god.

ShadowGirl: Umm...Sorry?