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Kyuubi/Fourth Hokage/Inner people


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Other World:

The open field was in ruins. The once so grassy fields was destroyed in many ways and there where were once hills with beautiful flowers was turned into huge craters. In the distance people could only see two bright golden dots, moving at high speeds, and each time those two dots connected heavy winds blew over the field, lying destruction in their wake. Two clear beams appeared between the dots and when connected an abnormal hard wind blew over the field the and after that the dots disappeared to make place for two tiny black dots and came down.

Two figures were sitting in the destroyed field. One was wearing an orange GI, while the other was wearing a blue spandex battle suit.

"Phew Vegeta, it's been a long time since I had a good sparring match against someone, every time I fight you, you seem stronger" Said the man in the orange GI.

"Well what did you expect Kakarot, since you are immortal when you absorbed the Dragon Balls and I am dead, I had enough time to train while you were traveling the universe protecting the fools who aren't strong enough to defend themselves" Said Vegeta.

Goku laughed saying "Since I made that agreement with the Kais, that I would keep an eye out they dragged me all over the place, but hey, someone has to do it"

Vegeta turned away his head in annoyance and mumbled "Tsk, the day I help those useless Kais is the day Hell…."

He suddenly was interrupted by a man with purple skin and long white hair, who said "The hell WHAT?"

Vegeta suddenly jumped up by the surprise while he took an defensive stance "NEVER SNEAK UP AGAINST A SAIYAN IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE KIBITOOOOO!"

Kibito was flapping his arms in defense "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you…as a matter a fact, I came here to speak to Goku about a serious problem"

Goku raised his eyebrow, just like Vegeta.

"What kind of problem…a problem like last time or a Buu-sized problem?" asked Goku, hoping for the latter.

"Well, not a Buu-sized problem, rather an Multiverse-dimensional problem" said Kibito Kai.

Goku sighed and said "I thought protecting this universe was enough and now I have to take care of another dimension...oh well maybe it will be a nice experience, tell me about it"

Kibito Kai explained that on a planet in another dimension there were some anomalies, that the people there called "the tailed beasts", demons with high levels of energy, able to destroy villages. The people on that planet found a way to stop the free-roaming demons by sealing them in people.

Goku shrugged and said "If the people there solved the problem, why am I needed there".

"Because" explained Kibito "If someone ever comes up with an idea to steal those demons and bring them together as a weapon, those power could tear holes in the inter-dimensionial system, causing a huge chaos or even destruction of several universes"

Goku's eyes became as big as teacups saying "that would be bad, what would you want me to do?"

"The strongest of "the tailed beasts", the nine-tailed fox is recently sealed within a baby called Naruto, since the leader of the village hidden in the leaves sealed him in there at cost of his own life, my idea is to let him grow up with you, so you can train him until 2 weeks before the Genin-exam in that village and at this point I want to ask Vegeta a favor" explained Kibito.

"What favor?" asked Vegeta while his eyebrow rose in suspicion.

"Well, this was the old Kai's idea…he wanted to turn you back to life, turn you at the same age as Naruto before the Genin-exams and became a part of the same team he is on, so you can keep an eye out for him in case something unexpected comes up. He chose you beca…."


"One moment Kibito kai" Said Goku while he was pushing Vegeta away from him. Kibito Kai looked strange when he saw the two men arguing while he heard Vegeta screaming a few times CLOWN, IDIOT and MORON. Then Vegeta suddenly calmed down while Goku was whispering something in his ear. Vegeta nodded his head a few times and then walked back to Kibito Kai with his famous evil smirk around his face. Kibito fears the worst since Goku came with an idea and Vegeta agreed with it…those were omens that were even more fearful than Buu at the time.

Vegeta was close to Kibito "I accept your offer on one condition"

Kibito looked scared at Vegeta and stuttered "w-w-wwhat is it?"

"After this whole mess is over with, I want that Old Kai gives me my adult form back and give me that same status Kakarot has".

Kibito was deep in thought, measuring the threats and possibilities with such an decision. Eventually he came to an decision and said "Deal, but that means until Naruto is ready, you must make yourself familiar with the technique's of that planet so that you know what you can expect".

Vegeta nodded while he crossed his arms "Agreed, but who are the people who will train me in those ways"

Kibito gloated "Two of the greatest ninja that lived on that planet, the one who made the village hidden in the leaves, The first hokage and his brother, the second Hokage". And after that he explained the life-circumstances of that planet with shinobi etc etc. and that the Old Kai also made agreements with the Third Hokage

The three man began to exchange thoughts about the adventure they were about to begin. Suddenly Goku asked:

"Kibito, why didn't you asked me to be Naruto's guardian when he starts his ninja career?"

Kibito blushed while he said "This was an idea by my ancestor, Old kai, he said that if someone is infiltrated as a ninja, they need knowledge about various things, and since Vegeta is….more knowledgeable about various subjects than you, he decided to ask Vegeta's help". After saying that Kibito was scratching the back of his head.

Goku looked offended and said "Does the Old Kai think I'm stupid or something!"

Vegeta glared at Goku with eyes twinkeling with sarcasm and said "No Kakarot, everyone knows you're a rocket scientist"

Goku stick out his tongue and said Meanie! While Vegeta was laughing himself to tears, while Kibito was still scratching the back of his head thinking At least they haven't changed.

Village hidden in the leaves

The third hokage was walking in his office while thinking about the conversation he had with an strange old man with purple skin and a messy Mohawk.


"Why would you want to raise up Naruto?" the hokage asked to the man who introduced him as Kai.

"Because I believe the life of this child is in danger in the future, and not only in the future but even now as we speak, or have you forgotten how the people reacted to the "hero" child?" said Old Kai with a little bit bitterness in his voice.

The Hokage knew this, after all he even ordered ANBU black ops that he totally trusts to keep an eye on Naruto. But he wants that Naruto becomes an Ninja, just like his father, the fourth Hokage, so that he can fulfill his legacy his father had in store for him.

"When I let you take him, what will happen?" The third hokage asked.

"A very strong and virtues warrior shall raise and protect him until Naruto can fend for himself and as for the Nine-tailed fox, I shall look into the matter since I have somewhat of a mystical history."

The Hokage knew this was the best solution for Naruto, since the people of the village believe that Naruto the baby and the demon fox are the same being. But still he wished that Naruto can become a ninja and he suddenly asks the Old Kai if it was possible that if Naruto was old enough if he could come back and take the exam.

"Yes" answered the Old Kai while the Hokage sighed relieved "I know a few teachers who can teach him a few jutsu's and ninja teachings. But know this, I will send someone with him about the same age as Naruto. He will keep an eye out for Naruto in case something unexpected happens. If Naruto passes his Genin-exam, you must place his protector together in a group with Naruto…Agreed?"

The old Hokage thought about it a long time and made up his mind. He agreed with the terms of the Old Kai, with the child's health in mind. The Old Kai then explained that the warrior that shall raise Naruto will come soon to get him.

End flashback

The old Hokage was still waiting for that warrior to come. The moment he sat down, he suddenly felt the presence of someone. He knew this wasn't an enemy, the aura was too calm, too serene to be evil. Suddenly he saw a man with messy, black spikey hair stand before him. He was wearing an orange GI and looked muscular.

"You're Sarutobi, The third hokage hidden in the leaves?" The man asked.

"Yes I am, and that you know my name must mean you are the man named Goku" the hokage concluded.

"Yes I am. Nice to meet you. I am here to pick up our little hero"

Goku made a very good impression on the Hokage since he was so cheerful. He led Goku to the cradle in the room next to his office where Naruto was in. He grabbed Goku by his arm and looked deep in his onyx eyes.

"Will you take good care of Naruto? His father has high expectations for him and wished the best for him, that's why I agreed to this arrangement. So I want your promise that you will do anything in your power to give him the life he deserves"

Goku looked serious as he sensed the old man really meant what he said and answered "I promise and when he comes back you will see I kept the promise I make today to you"

The Hokage was rest assured, while he said goodbye to Naruto in thought. Goku placed on hand on the cradle while two fingers of the other hand was put on his own forehead and then they were gone.

Naruto thought the third hokage grow up and become strong and fulfill the hopes your father had for you and make him proud while he looked over the village.

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