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Itachi was walking in Konoha. He was looking around and he thought It feels so good to see business going on as usual. If it wasn't for the Saiyans this would all be gone…

Itachi kept on walking and he saw Bardock leaning against the wall of a store. Itachi looked surprised and he asked "Bardock? What are you doing here?" Bardock looked at Itachi and he said "Waiting until that damn woman is ready with her groceries…I can't understand why she stays that long in that damn store."

Itachi shrugged and he said "Then don't go with her next time." Bardock let out a sigh of annoyance and he said "I wish I could but if I did that she would nag and nag…all day long without interruption…this way I still have some peace…damn what have I sunk compared to the old days."

Itachi smiled and he continued on walking but Bardock said "When does it start?" Itachi turned around and with a surprised tone in his voice he asked "When does what start?" Bardock glared at Itachi and he said "You know what I am talking about…my ears aren't big but they hear just fine…so I'll repeat my question…when does it start?" Itachi looked baffled at Bardock but suddenly he turned serious and he asked "Did you tell the Hokage?"

Bardock shrugged and he said "No…not yet. It's your responsibility to tell her…not mine. I have other problems…women problems to be precise. I don't have time to clean up your mess or deliver your messages." Itachi nodded and he said "I don't know when it will start…I hope to find out soon."

Bardock nodded and he said "Just make sure you make the right decision when the time comes…or else I will take matters into my own hands…understood?" Itachi nodded and he walked away leaving Bardock to his own thoughts…

In the Hokage tower

Tsunade was looking at Naruto and Goku and she said "Remember to keep your eyes open and make sure you communicate with the other Kages." Naruto and Goku nodded and Goku asked "Are we going to use instant transmission or do you prefer to make the journey on foot?" Tsunade smiled and she answered "We are going on foot…perhaps we are lucky and we find a trail that leads to the Akatsuki on our way."

Naruto nodded and he said "Good idea Tsunade." Tsunade was dressed in her Hokage robes and when she nodded he said "Just keep your eyes open…sometimes it can occur that these meetings aren't a secret and that some other people are trying to abduct Kage's for ransom or power." Goku shrugged and he said "We'll be fine…for some reason Draganth don't want to attack us head on…perhaps he is waiting until he has the power to go on par with us."

Tsunade sighed and she said "Anyway…I'm just saying to keep an eye open." Goku and Naruto nodded and they went on their way. The trip would take 2 days on foot if they stepped on so Goku made sure that they had enough food with them…in other words…he was carrying a very big backpack.

After a few hours Naruto asked Goku "So…how are you doing with the babies and all?" Goku shrugged and he said "A bit nostalgic…it reminds me a lot like Gohan…only this time two-fold." Tsunade looked at Goku and she asked "Don't you mean Gohan and Goten?" Goku smiled and he shook his head when he said "No…I was dead when Goten was born…he was around 7 when I came back."

Tsunade smiled and she asked "And was he the ladies' man like his is today?" Goku shook his head and he said "No…actually…he was a lot like me. He liked to fight, to eat and he was very happy. I don't know where it went wrong."

Naruto laughed and he said "He inherited your looks…perhaps that triggered it." Goku glared at Naruto and he asked "What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto sighed and he said "Come on…ever since you came to the village you seem to attract women by bulks…did you ever notice their gazes?" Goku seemed very surprised and he said "No…no I haven't."

Naruto let out a sigh of annoyance and he said "You're so clueless. It even annoyed Vegeta so much that he considered to mutilate your face to make it stop." Goku glared at Naruto once again when he said "It isn't my fault…and Vegeta isn't someone to judge! I also saw some women around him one time."

Naruto laughed out loud by Goku's remark but suddenly he became silent and he looked around with a stern look on his face. Tsunade noticed that Goku did the same and she asked "What's the matter?" Naruto answered "We're being watched…I sense four of them…" Goku nodded and he said "Yes…definitely four…three just above average level and 1 just below Kakashi's level."

Tsunade looked around as well and firmly she said "Come out…you've been discovered." Suddenly four shadows came out of the bushes and four men were standing in front of Tsunade, Naruto and Goku. Tsunade looked at the group and she asked "Who are you people and what do you want?"

The leader of the group made a carefree gesture and he said "We're mercenary ninja's and someone wants you to be captured alive…our client is very…convincing." Tsunade glared at the group and she said "Don't you people know that it is a very serious thing to abduct a Hokage…even for mercenary ninja's?"

One of the ninja's shrugged and he said "We're the top of the food chain when it comes to mercenaries…what do you say Jin?" The ninja talked to one of his teammates but the one that was called Jin said "You're way too cocky Aro…I told you that many times." And Jin looked at Tsunade, Goku and Naruto and he said "Keep a good eye on them…I don't trust this mission."

The leader looked at Jin and he asked "What do you mean Jin?" Jin said as he looked at Tsunade "I'm the oldest of the group…I've been in a war and I can distinguish a good fighter from a weak one…" The leader sighed and he said "I know…a Kage is always strong but we'll manage with the four of us." Jin shook his head and he said "I don't mean the Hokage…I mean the other two…my gut is telling me that they are extremely skilled fighters."

The fourth member, apparently one with the biggest mouth, almost screamed out "You've always been a wuss…just let me handle this one boss…I can take all three of them." The leader smiled and he looked back at their targets but he noticed something very strange…it looked like Goku and Naruto were ignoring them while they were whispering to each other.

Naruto whispered to Goku so that the group can't hear them and he said "It seems we are being targeted by whimps…so will you do the honors or should I?" Goku shrugged and he said "I don't really feel like taking them on…it wouldn't prove anything." Naruto looked offended and he said "I don't feel like it too but we have to do it…after all…we're the appointed guards of Tsunade." Goku let out a sigh of annoyance and he said "Shall we do this the old fashioned way then?" Naruto nodded and the four attackers saw that Naruto and Goku went into a position and suddenly they cried out "ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!" and they both made a fist.

The leader of the group, who couldn't understand what's going on, asked surprised "What the hell are they doing?" The one called Aro said in a cold tone "They are doing 'Rock, paper, scissors'…a game to make a choice to do something." The leader shook his head and he asked "But why now?" Jin showed a soft smile and he said "I know why…they are deciding which one of the two should fight us…it's the only thing I can think of."

The leader got a red head of rage and he cried out "They are making fools out of us!" Suddenly the group heard Naruto laugh as he said "Rock beat scissors Goku…you win…knock yourself out!" Goku growled and he said "Darn my luck…fine…I'll do it."

Goku turned towards the group of mercenaries and he said "I'm giving you one last chance…leave now and no harm will come to you." The group was looking at Goku who was standing in front of them, too stunned to say anything but the next second they started to laugh and Aro said "You want to stop us pipsqueak? I want to see you try."

Suddenly Aro's eyes bulged out while Goku's hard fist drilled in his gut. Goku pulled back his fist and Aro held his stomach and he fell unconscious. The leader of the group looked at Goku with different eyes but on the other hand…he owed it to Aro to avenge him and he screamed "Okay guys…ATTACK!" the three remaining mercenaries ran towards Goku who sighed "Why don't they ever listen?"

The third member of the group reached Goku and he was ready to hit Goku with a powerful punch but it was easily blocked by Goku. The leader of the group did a roundhouse kick on Goku's legs but Goku just jumped to avoid the kick. While in mid-air, Jin jumped up as well and tried to take advantage of the situation but Goku kicked him back to the ground. Goku suddenly disappeared and he appeared behind the third member of the group and he kicked him towards the leader. The two were send flying and they flew against a withered old birch.

All four mercenaries were unconscious and with a big sigh Goku asked "So…what are we going to do with them? Bring them to Konoha for interrogation?" Tsunade shook her head and she said "No. We don't have the time for that. Let's tie them up so that they won't bother us anymore." Both Goku and Naruto nodded and the tied they four mercenaries to an old tree and they continued their journey…

In Konoha

Vegeta was taking a stroll in the village. People could clearly see that he was in a bad mood. He would've liked to go with Tsunade where there was a possible chance that something happened. He felt like he was wasting his time in the village and since there wasn't much to do his attitude became worse by the minute.

Vegeta saw Bardock leaning against the wall but he didn't feel like talking to him and he was ready to move past him but Bardock said "Wait a minute Vegeta." Vegeta glared annoyed at Bardock and he asked "I hope you have something important to say because I'm not in a good mood."

Bardock closed his eyes and he said "I wouldn't have stopped you if it wasn't important. Something is going to happen soon." Vegeta looked a bit more interested and he asked "Like what?" Bardock explained what happened at the Uchiha hide-out and Vegeta eventually said "You could be right…but I don't trust this one bit." Bardock shrugged and he said "Only time will tell…let the Uchiha handle it and we will find out eventually."

Vegeta started to send an evil glare towards Bardock and he said "You do know that patience ISN'T one of my virtues right?" Bardock started to chuckle and he said "I know…it's a trait that most Saiyans have. I'm just as anxious as you and I'm ready for a real battle but at this point it's better to let things unfold rather than meddling in someone's affairs…until then…keep this information to yourself."

Vegeta growled and he said "I'm not the talking type…but fine…I will restrain myself for the moment but let's make one thing clear…I will intervene when I think it's necessary…understood?" Bardock nodded and he said "Understood."

With Naruto, Vegeta and Tsunade

The group finally arrived at the place where the Kage meeting would commence. They reached the gate and two samurai guards stepped forward and one of them said "Names please." Tsunade stood up and with her hard voice she said "I'm Tsunade, the Hokage from the village Konoha. My two guardians are Goku Son and Naruto Uzumaki."

The samurai nodded and he said "Step inside. Lord Tsuchikage and Lord Kazekage are already inside." Tsunade nodded and she, Naruto and Goku went through the big doors. They went through a big hall with huge pillars until they reached another big door, which was opened by the guards when they arrived. They came into a big meeting room and the three people immediately saw Gaara, Vegeta jr., Kankuro, the Tsuchikage, Goten and Trunks.

When the rest saw them coming in Goten immediately said "Hey dad…good to see you." Goku raised his hand to say hello but before he could say anything the Tsuchikage asked "Dad?" Goten nodded and he said "Yes…that's my dad. He looks young but that's just a façade." The Tsuchikage nodded and he said "I see…" and he turned to Goku and he said "If you are really his father…would you mind to answer one question."

Goku looked at the Tsuchikage and he said "Sure…ask away."
"Have you ever learned him the concept of discipline?"
Goku sighed and he said "You're talking about the fact that he is chasing women?"
The Tsuchikage nodded and Goku said "I've tried…I tried to make him a great fighter…I even forced him to join a martial arts tournament once…I have no idea why he turned out this way."

The Tsuchikage smiled and Gaara suddenly said "How are Temari and the twins doing?"
Goku turned to Gaara and he said "They're doing fine. We wanted to visit but then this came up." Gaara looked Goku in the eye and he said "I suspect to see all four of you in the village hidden in the sands soon."
"Fine…but first we will have to wait what happens here."

Goku nodded and then he looked around and he asked "Say Gaara…why did you take Vegeta's descendent with you?" Gaara looked at Vegeta's descendent and he said "It was a good decision. Although your descendent has around the same amount of power, Vegeta's descendant has more concentration and he is more aware of his surroundings."

Almost as if Vegeta jr. heard them, he turned his head towards them and the two stopped talking. Vegeta jr. looked at them for a few seconds before he turned his gaze away from them in a annoyed manner. He didn't only look like Vegeta…in more ways than one he acted like him.

It took more than thirty minutes before the Raikage and the Mizukage arrived. The Raikage had Gohan with him while the Mizukage had Majuub with her. There wasn't enough time for a reunion because the Kage meeting was about to start. The leader of the land of Iron was named Mifune and he said "Let's start with this Kage meeting." And he sat down and the Kages followed his example.

Mifune closed his eyes and after a few seconds he said "Let's start this meeting with the reason why it was arranged. Since this meeting was arranged by lady Hokage she can explain it." Tsunade stood up and she said "Leader of the land of Iron…fellow Kages…I arranged this meeting to discuss a serious threat…"

Tsunade was interrupted by the Tsuchikage who said "The threat in the form of Akatsuki…am I correct lady Hokage?" Tsunade glared at the Tsuchikage and she said "Among other things. The main threat is coming from someone who is working with the Akatsuki. As some people might know; the Akatsuki is a group of S-ranked criminals which main goal is to gather the tailed beasts."

The Raikage growled and he said "Yes we know. Those bastards killed Yugito and they tried to take my brother…only what is the name of that 'main threat' of yours?" Tsunade got a stern look on her face when she said "The one working with the Akatsuki is also someone you are familiar with…although only by name. His name is Draganth."

The other Kages looked at each other and Gaara said "The one who created the portals…but why is he working with the Akatsuki?" The Tsuchikage answered in Tsunade place "That's obvious…they must have a similar interest…I suggest that the shared interest is extracting the tailed beasts."

Tsunade nodded and she said "Indeed. We do not exactly know why the Akatsuki are gathering them but we know why Draganth is doing it…to merge with the beasts to become some sort of ultimate being which name is the Archfiend." The Tsuchikage stood up and he said "That's impossible…a jinchuuriki has trouble to control one tailed beast…so why does he think that he can control all nine of them at once!"

Tsunade wanted to answer but suddenly everyone in the room heard someone clapping. They turned their heads towards them and they saw Draganth. Before anyone could react he said "That question is easy…I can control them because the tailed beasts and I are made from the same energy…or rather…we have the same energy within us."

Draganth looked around and he saw that several people were ready to attack and with a faint smile on his face he said "Don't bother to attack me…this is just a simple projection of me. Do you people really think that I am stupid enough to break into this meeting with so much protection?"

Mifune, who stood up as well, glared at Draganth and he said "What do you want? What are you doing here?" Draganth, who looked quite relaxed until now, suddenly turned serious and he said "You people already know what I want…as for the reason why I am here is to tell you people…" and while he was talking he started to look at every Kage and he said "that you should hand over the last remaining jinchuuriki. The Akatsuki and I will get them eventually…even if we have to do it by force…but it would go a lot smoother if you just give them to us."

The Raikage's face turned red and he screamed "AND WHAT IF WE REFUSE!" Draganth looked at the Raikage and he said "In that case we declare war. We will turn every village upside down, kill every man, woman and child until we have the two remaining jinchuuriki in our possession."

The Tsuchikage showed a demeaning smirk and he said "You and what army? I heard most members of the Akatsuki are dead and you only work with them so why do you think you can start a war with us." Draganth started to smirk evilly when he said "I never make empty threats you old fool. You people will find out what the true horror of war is when you decline my offer…so…what's your answer?"

Naruto stepped forward and he said "Do you think that you impress anyone with making threats of war by the means of a pathetic projection of yourself?" Draganth looked at Naruto and he said "Well, well…if it isn't the Saiyan demon vessel. I have the power to back my threats up. You and that other jinchuuriki can surrender now…it would save a lot of lives and I would hate to see lives wasted by the means of war."

Naruto started to grind his teeth and he said "Now you are fooling yourself…you would love to see a lot of people die in mere seconds." Draganth shook his head and he said "You underestimate me Saiyan…it's a lot more fun to do it myself…to feel the life drain away by strangling someone…to hear someone's last breath with your sword in his heart…to hear the wonderful scream of someone who has been set on fire by your own hand."

The Kages heard this strange conversation and they felt uncomfortable. This guy wasn't just following his own path…this guy was simply pure evil. They could feel his very essence and they could only describe it as; cold, dark…an empty void that was only filled with malice and hate. He didn't just want to kill everyone…he wanted everyone to suffer as long as their bodies could take it.

At this point they all felt the same and for the first time in a long time they agreed with each other. The Kages looked at each other and they nodded. Tsunade stepped forward and she said "You want our jinchuuriki? You want our people to suffer? You won't have it. We will stop you with every means necessary. You might be powerful…you might even have a massive army behind you…but we will never stand down and say surrender…we will fight to the end as one country, as one world, as one being."

Draganth looked surprised at Tsunade as she continued "You don't scare us Draganth and no amount of portals you create or no amount of demons you send at us, could chance that. Tell that to your partners in crime." Draganth looked hateful towards the Kages and he said "Is that your final answer?" The Raikage spat on the ground and he said "We would rather be dead heroes than living cowards who live every day in fear."

Draganth growled and he said "Fine…have it your way then! You will all die a painful death!" and with that the projection disappeared. Everyone in the room relaxed and Mifune said "Well…that Draganth made this meeting a lot easier." Tsunade nodded and she said "Yes…the reason why I arranged this meeting was to suggest an alliance."

The Tsuchikage nodded and he said "If he didn't appear we would have been in a debate about responsibilities, Shinobi deployment and other things that normally divide our countries." Gaara looked at the Tsuchikage and in his own stoic manner he said "But now we all know what we are facing. You felt his presence just as much as we did. This isn't just a simple criminal that could be brought down by one country…his presence felt like pure, savage evil."

The Raikage had trouble to control himself and his fist slammed on the table as he cried out "We are talking too much while we should act! This meeting should have taken place when the portals appeared for the first time and the jinchuuriki started to disappear!" The Mizukage nodded and she said "For once I agree with lord Raikage. We shouldn't talk about the past but rather what we are going to do now."

Tsunade looked at every single Kage as she said "First of all I want to get this straight…does every leader accept an alliance between our countries…let's start with lord Tsuchikage."
"I agree."
"Lady Mizukage?"
"I accept."
"Lord Raikage?"
"Lord Kazekage?"
"I agree."

Mifune stood up and he said "Everyone agreed. I agree as well and I will back you up with our samurai. We only need to decide who is going to lead the allied forces." The Kages looked at each other and Mifune continued "I would like to bring forth two candidates…lord Raikage and lady Hokage. Lord Raikage has his brother, who is one of the two remaining jinchuuriki, and therefore he is a point of interest. Lady Hokage also has a jinchuuriki."

Tsunade stood up and she said with a stern look on her face "Lord Mifune…I would like to lead the allied forces." The Raikage glared at Tsunade and he said "Why you?" Tsunade looked at the Raikage and she said "I'm not questioning your leading capabilities or the quality of your shinobi but I have my reasons."

The Tsuchikage looked at Tsunade and he asked "Care to explain those reasons?" Tsunade nodded and she said "First of all…we have someone in the village who was part of the Akatsuki and who knows the capabilities of the leader." The Mizukage looked up and she said "I thought the leader of the Akatsuki was dead…Pain was it not?" Tsunade smiled and she said "Pain never was the leader of the Akatsuki…or rather…not the Akatsuki we are talking about. The leader of the Akatsuki was one of the founders of Konoha…Madara Uchiha."

Everyone who didn't know this piece of information cramped up but the Tsuchikage said "Madara Uchiha? I already though that it was too easy to eliminate the leader of the Akatsuki but I never suspected that a dead man would lead them." Tsunade looked at the Tsuchikage and she said "He's not as dead as you think. He's very much alive." The Mizukage joined the conversation and she said "But IF Madara is the leader…shouldn't he be an old man now?"

Tsunade seemed to think and she said "Yes…but Itachi told us that he didn't look old at all. Of course he couldn't see his face because Madara was wearing a mask all the time but…" The Raikage interrupted Tsunade and he said "A mask? An orange, swirly shaped mask with one eyehole in it?" Tsunade nodded and the Raikage said "My scouts reported to see a man like that one month before Yugito was captured by the Akatsuki."

Gaara leaned forward and he said "Although this is very interesting…we have other things to talk about instead of discussing if Madara Uchiha could be alive and be the leader of the Akatsuki. On one side we have Draganth who has his own agenda and on the other side we have the Akatsuki with Madara Uchiha as their leader…but the question is…what could both of them do to ignite a war?"

Tsunade seemed to think and she said "I don't know. We do know that Draganth is able to create portals and summon demons…but not entire armies and most demons that go through that portal aren't strong enough to threaten us." Every Kage agreed with Tsunade and the Tsuchikage said "What about Madara? He was a skilled shinobi and his name is legend…perhaps he found a way to gather an army in the time he was hiding."

Gaara shook his head and he said "I think not enough to start a war against all the elemental countries." The Raikage shrugged and he said "Then we have to prepare for everything…but to go back to the topic…what other reasons do you have to lead the shinobi alliance Tsunade?"

Tsunade smiled and she said "Well…we have Madara's records and someone who worked with him so we know most of his capabilities. We also have a lot of experience with Draganth…even two who know him on a personal level and…we have the Saiyans."

Mifune looked up and he asked "What are Saiyans?" Tsunade smiled and she said "You wouldn't know them lord Mifune…but the other Kage do." The other Kages nodded and the Raikage said "A lively bunch that could prove quite useful during a war…but would they take orders? I doubt it."

Goku stepped forward and he said "I'm a Saiyan as well…so what do you mean with that?" The Raikage looked at Goku and he said "I met two Saiyans…one was named Broly and the other one was named Vegeta and…" Goku interrupted the Raikage and he said "Say no more…you met the two Saiyans with the most attitude…but I think they would love to fight in the war."

Mifune looked at Goku and he asked "Why?" Goku looked at Mifune and he said "It's in our blood. We love a good fight and when we are standing in front of a powerful adversary or an entire army, our blood starts to boil." Mifune nodded and he asked in general "So…the only way to settle this is voting. We start with Tsunade…what do you say lord Kazekage?"

Gaara looked at Mifune and he said "I met the Saiyans as well and I trust them. I say yes for lady Hokage."

Mifune nodded and he asked "You lady Mizukage?"

"I vote for lady Hokage as well. She had good arguments and she has the most information about our enemies."

"Lord Tsuchikage?"

"I vote for lord Raikage. He has the most experience as a leader."

Mifune looked at the group and he said "It's 2 votes for lady Hokage and 1 vote for lord Raikage…so the decision rests on my vote. I vote for…" and as Mifune looked around he said "lady Hokage. She made some good arguments. She has crucial information about the enemies. She also has two sharingan warriors in her village, who know the strengths and weaknesses of the sharingan; Itachi Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake. I heard the Akatsuki also has Sasuke Uchiha on their side so we need their knowledge."

Every Kage nodded and the Raikage growled "I agree…but as soon as I notice that things aren't going the way they're supposed to go I'll step in…understood?" Tsunade nodded and she said "I won't dishonor your trust."

Mifune stood up and he said "Then this meeting is over…go back to your countries and secure the approval of your feudal lords." Everyone stood up and after a brief farewell they wanted to go their own way but they were stopped by a messenger who went to Mifune.

The Kages noticed that the messenger was very upset and they decided to wait so that they could hear what he wanted to say. The messenger reached Mifune and he said "Lord Mifune…it's terrible!" Mifune looked at the messenger and he asked "What's terrible?" The messenger panted of exhaustion and shock as he said "The village…it's gone!"

Mifune startled and he almost screamed "What do you mean by gone!" The messenger was still in shock and he said "I…I was hunting in the nearby forest…for some fur to make warm clothes and when I came back the entire village was burning."

The Raikage stepped forward and he said "That's the first act of war…" Mifune didn't seem to hear it and he said "Did you see any survivors?" The messenger shook his head and he said "As soon as I saw that the entire village was burning I went straight to you lord Mifune."

Goku closed his eyes and after a minute he opened them and he said "I sense a few low powerlevels…I think they're wounded. Shall Naruto and I collect them?" This question was asked at Tsunade and Mifune and Tsunade said "If lord Mifune agrees…" Mifune nodded and he said "You people go ahead…I'll send a medic team to bring in the bodies as soon as possible."

Naruto shook his head and he said "No…you make sure that you have an infirmary with medics and we will bring in the bodies." And he looked at Goku, who nodded, and they both put their index- and middle fingers on their forehead and they disappeared…

With Draganth

Draganth teleported to the lake near the Akatsuki hideout. He was in a bad mood because the Kages didn't want to fulfill his wishes although he could relieve himself at the village he destroyed.

When he appeared he suddenly heard a strange voice that said "You're a hard man to find." Draganth turned around and he saw man. He couldn't see a face because he was wearing a black robe and the hood covered his face. Draganth growled and he said "I prefer it that way."

The man raised his head a little bit and Draganth saw a yellow eye and the man said "I've been looking for you and the Akatsuki for quite some time now." Draganth wasn't in the mood to solve riddles and he launched a red fireball towards the man. The fireball connected and the person went up in flames.

Draganth was suspiciously looking around because he thought it went too easy and the man didn't scream. Suddenly four big snakes appeared around him and he heard the man say "Unlike Orochimaru you didn't catch me off-guard." Draganth gave the man a quick glance and he said "So…the pupil is trying to do what the master couldn't…"

The man removed his hood and Draganth could clearly see Kabuto although he had changed quite a bit. Unlike before his face was covered with white scales and he had the same eyes as Orochimaru. Kabuto looked seriously at Draganth and he said "No…actually I came here to offer my services to the Akatsuki but before I could announce my purposes you attacked me."

The snakes disappeared and Draganth said "If you want to form an alliance with the Akatsuki you should talk to Madara…not me." Kabuto smirked and he said "Lead the way…" Draganth smirked evilly as well and he said "I would but I have an annoying habit…I never turn my back to a snake."

Kabuto shrugged and he said "Then I lead the way…I don't mind." And he went towards the Akatsuki hideout, followed by Draganth. When they reached the hideout Madara saw Kabuto and he said to Draganth "You know that pets aren't allowed." Draganth smirked and he said "This one followed me home and he wanted to talk to you." Madara turned to Kabuto and he said "You have one minute."

Kabuto looked at Madara and he said "I've come here to offer my services." Madara immediately said "Why? I thought you shared you hatred for the Akatsuki with Orochimaru." Kabuto shrugged and he said "Although Orochimaru was great in his own way…he failed to see the benefits with collaborating with the Akatsuki…unlike me."

Madara waited with his reply, as if he was thinking the offer over, and he asked "And what do you expect to gain with collaborating with us?" Kabuto smirked and he said "I have my reasons and I won't describe them now." Madara looked suspiciously at Kabuto and he asked "And what can you do for the Akatsuki?"

Kabuto made a few handsigns that Madara immediately recognized as the impure resurrection and a bunch of coffins appeared from the ground and when they opened he could see Pain, Kakuzu, Deidara and Sasori. Madara looked at it and he said "The impure resurrection jutsu…impressive…but I'm not convinced yet." Kabuto smirked and he performed another hand sign and suddenly an extra coffin appeared and it opened. Madara's visible eye widened and he said "Where did you…"

Kabuto smirked and he finished Madara's sentence "Get the materials to resurrect this individual? That's my secret. So…what's your answer?" Madara growled and he said "Fine…I accept your offer." And suddenly Madara turned towards Draganth and he asked "So…how did things go in the land of Iron?"

Draganth growled and he said "Those stubborn Kage's didn't accept our deal so now they formed an alliance to stop us." Madara nodded and he said "I thought as much…were you seen in the village?" Draganth shrugged and he said "I don't know…and if someone did it wouldn't matter. The village is gone."

Madara looked a little bit surprised at Draganth and he asked "Gone? You destroyed it?" Draganth nodded and he said "I was extremely annoyed…now if you don't mind…I have some things to do." And Draganth suddenly disappeared.

With Goku and Naruto

When Goku and Naruto arrived they could only see the debris that was once a village. Goku looked around and he said "This is terrible…they didn't stand a chance." Naruto nodded and he said "And as long as Draganth is alive these things will occur more often." Goku nodded and he said "Let's finish this thing as soon as we can so that we can return to Konoha quickly and prepare for the coming war."

Naruto nodded and they walked into the destroyed village. They both closed their eyes and Naruto said "Goku…you take the left side and I will take the right." Goku nodded and he started to walk but Naruto said "Goku…your other left…" Goku looked at Naruto and he said "Sorry…my mistake." And he went to the right.

It took around 10 minutes before they found and brought the survivors to the infirmary. There were around 12 survivors while the village had 60 inhabitants. Tsunade growled and she said "Don't worry Mifune…we'll get Draganth back for this." Mifune looked at Tsunade and he said "Thank you for the offer but don't forget that we are fighting him to protect our people…not for revenge."

Since there was nothing more that the visitors could do, they decided to return to their respected villages and prepare for the coming war…

With Naruto, Goku and Tsunade

When they said their goodbye's, Naruto, Tsunade and Goku went on their way home and Goku proposed "Hey guys…shall we use instant transmission to return to Konoha? That way we can spread the news quickly." Tsunade seemed to think about Goku's suggestion and eventually she said "Alright…use your technique to bring us to my office."

Goku nodded and he placed his arm on Tsunade's shoulder and he said "Here we go…" and Naruto, Goku and Tsunade disappeared from the land of Iron and a single second later they appeared in Tsunade's office.

Goku got his hand of Tsunade's shoulder and suddenly he noticed something strange. Tsunade had an expressionless look on her face and her eyes looked at a point in the distance. Goku looked worried and he asked "Are you alright Tsunade?"

Tsunade suddenly blinked with her eyes and immediately she pushed Goku away while she screamed "MOVE." She ran to the room next to her office and seconds later Goku and Naruto heard disgusting noises coming from the room.

After one minute Tsunade left her personal restroom and she mumbled "Never ever again…I would rather die than travelling with the instant transmission technique." suddenly she shook her head and she said "Let's get started…Naruto and Goku…you people gather the rest of the Saiyans and bring them to the roof while I gather some of the best jonin this village has."

Goku and Naruto nodded and they went on their way. While they were running through Konoha, Naruto said "I'll tell the news to Broly and Vegeta. You gather Bardock and Vegito." Goku nodded and they both went their separate ways.

With Naruto

Naruto first went to Vegeta. He was easy to locate because he was at his house. Naruto knocked on Vegeta's door and when Vegeta opened the door Vegeta said "Naruto? What do you want?" Naruto looked seriously at Vegeta and he said "Tsunade wants every Saiyan on the roof of the Hokage tower."

Vegeta gave Naruto a strange look and he said "What's going on?" Naruto shook his head and he said "I can't tell you that…that's for Tsunade to tell you, so let's gather Broly and we can get on our way." Vegeta sighed but he agreed and soon the two of them were running towards Broly's house.

Naruto let out a sigh of relieve when Broly opened the door and Broly said "Naruto…Vegeta. What is it? I'm busy." Naruto told Broly the same thing he told Vegeta and the three Saiyans left to the Hokage tower.

When they arrived they noticed that Goku was already there with Bardock and Vegito. Tsunade eventually joined them and she was followed by Kakashi, Itachi, Dante, Gai, Kurenai, Yamato, Arsa, Asteron and Namia. They all stood in front of Tsunade and she could clearly see that some of the jonin had a concerned look on their faces. She cleared her throat and she said "I brought you here today because I have something very important to announce."

She stopped for a moment and then she said "I just came back from the Kage meeting but before we could really discuss the threats of Draganth and the Akatsuki…Draganth appeared." Some of the jonin and even the Saiyans started to whisper to each other."

Suddenly Vegeta asked "What did he want?" The rest became quiet and they waited for Tsunade answer. She looked around and she said "He wanted Naruto and the Raikage's little brother…the eight-tailed jinchuuriki or else he would declare war on us…and he did."

The jonin were stunned to say the least but Vegeta suddenly began to laugh and he said "HE declared war on us! He and what army?" Tsunade shook her head and she said "We don't know but we decided to fight Draganth and the Akatsuki as an allied force."

Vegeta crossed his arms and he said "It's ridiculous. We Saiyans could take care of that." Tsunade glared at Vegeta and she said "Although I appreciate your offer…I don't think that Draganth would wage war with us if he didn't have a plan." Asteron nodded and he said "Tsunade is right Vegeta. Draganth is very smart. But I wonder what he is up to."

Arsa closed his eyes and he said "Let me guess…the war will start fifteen days from now…am I right?" Everyone looked at Arsa and Tsunade said "We don't know when it starts…he didn't say." Arsa smirked and he said "Then note the date on your calendar…I'm positive that Draganth will attack on that day."

Goku glared at Arsa and he asked "And why is that?" Arsa pointed toward the sky as he answered "This universe is known for a comet. It isn't very big but it's known for its red color." Asteron's eyes widened and he said "The crimson comet!"

Arsa nodded while everyone looked strange at Asteron. Vegeta said "What's so special about that floating space trash?" Arsa looked at Vegeta as he answered "That SPACE TRASH as you call it has the power to increase demonic energy 12 times their normal power...that's why."

Everyone was stunned and soon everyone was talking at the same time. It was complete chaos. Some were talking about the catastrophe that the crimson comet could cause while others were talking about what Draganth could do with that power.

Suddenly Vegeta started to scream over the rest "STOP YOUR USELESS BABBELING!" Everyone stopped talking and Vegeta said "Finally…you people should really learn to control yourselves. Although the crimson comet can be a threat…but we know of its existence and we can act accordingly. All we need is a battle plan."

Everyone looked at each other as Vegeta continued "I know the strong and weak points of every Saiyan so if I sit around the table of someone who knows the strong and weak points of the ninja's and who has tactical insight, we can come up with a battle plan with minimal casualties."

Some of the ninja nodded and Tsunade said "That's a splendid idea…but who should I pick?" Shikaku Nara stepped forward and he said "If I may lady Hokage, I would recommend my son Shikamaru." Tsunade looked at Shikaku and she said "I considered you first Shikaku."

Shikaku sighed and he said "I'm honored but when it comes to tactics my son is just a bit more unorthodox than me and that might be just what we need." Tsunade nodded and she said "After this meeting is done, Vegeta and Shikamaru stay here to plan a strategy together with me." Tsunade turned to Goku and she said "Goku…I want you and Vegito to keep travelling between countries and talk to your friends and family who are there. That way we can tune in to their strategy."

Goku nodded and Tsunade turned to Naruto and she said "I also have something planned for you Naruto." Naruto stood straight and he asked "What is it?" Tsunade sighed and she said "I want you…to be as far away from the battle zone as possible together with that other jinchuuriki."

Naruto blinked and surprised he asked "W-why?" Tsunade glared at Naruto and she said "Because Draganth and the Akatsuki want you and the Raikage's brother. This entire war was planned to get both of you and we can't let that happen."

Before Naruto could oppose to the plan Vegeta said "She's right Naruto. Although your powerlevel is higher than most, we can't take any chances. We have more than enough power to eradicate Draganth and the Akatsuki without you." Naruto seemed to struggle but eventually he said "Fine…what a damn bummer."

Tsunade looked at Naruto and she said "It's for the best…and by the way…Lord Raikage's brother is safer with you than anyone else." Naruto looked suspiciously at Tsunade and then he said "So you want me to babysit him…is that it?"

Tsunade was waving with her arms while she said "No no no…it's just a sign of my confidence in your abilities to protect him if something goes wrong."

Naruto sighed and he said "I'm out of here…tell me when I have to go…until then…see ya." And Naruto used instant transmission to get from the roof. The rest of the group left as well except for Vegeta, Shikamaru and Tsunade. They went inside the Hokage tower into a room with a big table in the middle.

The three of them sat down and Tsunade asked "Alright…we're here to discuss a strategy. Shikamaru…what do you propose?" Shikamaru leaned forward and he said "Well…according to the recent messages we received, most Akatsuki hideouts are in the center of the elemental countries….so I would concentrate my forces on that point…do you agree Vegeta?"

Vegeta nodded, like he was bored out of his mind, and he softly said "I agree." Shikamaru continued "Now I suppose that we have a wide scout network to estimate the enemy's numbers. After we know the numbers we bring in the ninja that participated in the war against the Saiyans since they know much about other ninja's abilities. After that we bring in the Saiyans while medical ninja take care of the wounded ninja's."

Vegeta growled and he said "That's an idiotic complex plan to execute. I have something much simpler and effective planned." Shikamaru stretched his body and he said "Fine…let me hear your plan."

Vegeta stood up and he said "Bring in the Saiyans first. We have the power and the ability to eliminate a lot of people at once. After that you bring the ninja's from the Saiyan war, Arsa, Asteron, Namia and Dante to clean up after us. Then you bring in teams with regular Jonin mixed with medical jonin in the field."

Tsunade nodded and Shikamaru said "That's better than my plan…but what about the villages?" Tsunade looked at Shikamaru and she said "What about the villages?" Shikamaru answered "Well…we can't leave them unattended. If the enemy gets hold of our villages we will lose our food supply among other things."

Vegeta nodded and he said "He's right…do we or other countries have ninja with the ability to create shields and barriers?" Tsunade nodded and she said "Yes…around 12 of them." Vegeta nodded and he said "Make six teams consisting of 5 people to defend the village, 2 who can create shields, 1 medical ninja and 2 high level jonin. They can place detection barriers around the village, booby-trap key positions and defend primary targets."

Tsunade nodded and she said "Well…we still have one thing to discuss…who will act as leaders through this war…first Vegeta with the people he knows." Vegeta seemed to think and he said "I will act as all-round leader for the Saiyans. If I am unreachable, Kakarot will fill in that position. For the group that comes in after us, Asteron will be the leader, assisted by Arsa since they know the most about Draganth and any forces he can summon."

Tsunade nodded and she said "I agree with that. I will act as the leader of the medical ninja team." Shikamaru looked surprised and he asked "Are you going to fight as well? I thought the Hokage don't fight in wars." Tsunade looked at Shikamaru and she said "This is different…this isn't against another nation but against a mutual enemy." Vegeta looked at Tsunade and he said "You shouldn't. If you fall it will affect the morale of the ninja. You should take the role of a general; away from the battlefield, giving directions."

Tsunade looked annoyed at Vegeta and she said "Perhaps you're right but…who is good enough to lead the medical division?" Shikamaru looked up and he said "What about Sakura…she knows a lot about medical ninjutsu after all."

Vegeta nodded and he said "I agree with ponytail over here." Tsunade growled again but she eventually gave in and she said "Now for the leader for the fighting ninja's." Shikamaru looked at Vegeta when he said "That shouldn't be too difficult. The most experienced jonin. The leader is Kakashi Hatake, assisted by Kurenai, Anko and Gai."

Tsunade nodded and she got a huge piece of paper to write on and the three people discussed what should be done.

With Naruto and Goku

Goku and Naruto appeared in the Kazekage's tower. Tsunade instructed Goku to see over the progress there. Eventually he found Gaara in the conference room. When he saw Goku and Naruto, Gaara asked "What are you two doing here?"

Goku looked seriously at Gaara and he said "Tsunade asked me to see how you people are holding up." Gaara looked at the ceiling and he said "We don't have as much ninja as Konoha and most of our forces are young. But they're eager and loyal."

Goku nodded and he asked "What about supplies?" Gaara looked Goku straight in the face and he answered "We have enough to last a few days. Are you going to ask the other villages as well?" Goku nodded and he said "Yes…what about our companions?" Gaara smiled and he said "They're eager as well…they resemble you at that point."

Goku smiled as well and he said "Good…we're going to need that." Gaara looked seriously at Goku and he said "This is going to be an all-out war. Many people are going to die. You make sure that my sister and your children are safe."

Goku nodded and he said "Don't worry…I'll make sure of it. I must go to the other villages." Goku turned around to leave but suddenly he remembered something and he said "Oh yeah…I almost forgot…according to Arsa the war will start fifteen days from now. At that time a comet is coming near this planet called the Crimson Comet, which will multiply demonic powers."

Gaara glared at Goku and he said "That's very disturbing and important news." Goku smiled and he said "I never was good at remembering things but don't worry…Vegeta and Shikamaru are forming a proper battle strategy as we speak."

Gaara nodded and he said "Good to hear. Let me know how things turn out."

10 days later

The kage's, the Saiyans and everyone important were in the big room that was in the tower in the forest of death. They were discussing the battle strategies and they were tuning in together. The other people were discussing together how their special abilities would be used for the best.

Suddenly everyone stopped talking when the room got a bit darker and red smoke appeared on the statue. Draganth appeared and he said "Well well well…look at that. It looks like I barged in at a war meeting."

The Raikage growled and he said "What are you doing here wretched lowlife!" Draganth made a relaxed gesture and he said "No need for that barbaric talk. We can speak as civilized men." Mein joined in on the conversation and she said "Just as civilized as you when you destroyed that village with all those innocent people in it?"

Draganth smirked and he said "No one is truly innocent. But let's cut to the chase. I'm willing to give you one more chance to turn in the last two jinchuuriki. If you do that you will save hundreds of lives and a lot of pain."

Tsunade smirked and she said "Like I said before; we won't do that. And before you get all high and mighty; we know about the existence of the Crimson Comet and we already made a strategy to counter that!"

It seemed like Draganth startled a bit but he immediately recovered and he said "Well…the element of surprise is gone but that doesn't matter. So you people remain to be stubborn. Then suit it yourself. My forces and I will attack five days from now. Come to the scarred plains in the land of rain and we will settle this once and for all."

The red smoke appeared again and Draganth was gone. The Tsuchikage said "He surely is confident in his abilities, I can't deny that." Gaara looked at the Tsuchikage and he said "Perhaps he is a bit TOO confident."

The Raikage growled at both of them and he said "You people talk too much about what could be. Perhaps he has a massive army….so have we! We will crush him and anyone who collaborates with him!"

Tsunade smiled and she said "Now you're talking! So all of we know what the battle plan is?" Everyone nodded and Tsunade said "Then we will see you five days from now on the scarred plains!"

Five days later

The massive force of the combined elemental countries stood on the scarred plains. The area was covered in the moonlight and a soft, red glow that came from the Crimson Comet that was close enough so that the people could see it with the naked eye. All Saiyans and their friend were standing in front, with Vegeta and Goku a little bit before the rest. Vegeta looked at the deserted, barren wasteland in front of him and he said "I hope he didn't get cold feet or else this was just a waste of time." Goku looked seriously around and he said "He'll come…there is too much at stake for him as well."

Suddenly it looked like the ground started to rise and a lot of demons appeared together with hundreds of Zetsu's and some other people which the Saiyans couldn't recognize because it was so dark.

Soon the entire area was filled with growling, screeching and howling noises. Vegeta seemed to concentrate and he said "I can't sense Draganth among the demons…can you Kakarot?" Goku shook his head and he said "Me neither…I wonder what he is doing." Vegeta nodded and he said "Me too."

Suddenly, a loud thunder was heard and the people could feel some raindrops that fell on their heads. Vegeta looked annoyed and he said "Oh great." And just when he said that it seemed like heaven opened itself to pour human, Saiyan and demon alike in cool rain.

While they were looking at the demons, Goku said "Vegeta…how many Saiyans does it take…" Vegeta interrupted Goku "Do you want me to blast you Kakarot?" Goku smiled and he said "No really…you will like this one."

Vegeta let out a deep sigh and he said "Go on…" Goku looked relieved and he said "How many Saiyans does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Vegeta looked extremely annoyed and he asked "How many?" Goku kept on smiling and he said "I don't know, but it only takes a few to win this war."

Vegeta's face blanked out and he said "That's terrible…even for you." Goku wanted to reply but suddenly red smoke came out of the ground in front of the demon horde and Draganth appeared. As if he was listening in he said "I have to agree with Vegeta on that one."

Vegeta smirked and he said "Finally…I was afraid you got cold feet. Now I have a joke for you." Draganth looked bored at Vegeta and he asked "What?" Vegeta kept on smirking and he said "Knock knock…"

Now it was Draganth's face that blanked out and he said "A knock-knock joke? Are you serious?" Vegeta's smirk intensified and he said "No…you really going to love this one…I'll repeat it. Knock knock."

Draganth sighed and he asked "Who's there?" Vegeta answered "Time…" Draganth looked puzzled at Vegeta and he asked "Time who?" Vegeta cramped up a bit and he said "Time for you to say goodbye!"

And Vegeta quickly stretched out his arm and a huge energy ball left his hand. Draganth saw the ball rushing at him and he quickly summoned his energy shield. A huge explosion occurred that took the lives of many demons while Draganth remained untouched.

As if Vegeta's attack was the sign, all the Saiyans flew forward towards the enemy, followed by their companions. The war for the elemental countries had begun…

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