I've been with Cerberus for years, but I've never in all my life have seen anyone, this severely damaged. Or at least, any corpse in this poor shape.

You couldn't even tell if the body was male or female, much less, the heroic Commander Shepard.

Her entire body was scorched- every part of her skin was covered with some of the worst burn scars I've ever seen. Every bone in her body was crushed, her organs in worse condition.

If the Alliance had found her first, they'd immediately put her body in a casket. As if that could mean anything to anybody since they declared her dead merely a few days after the Normandy was destroyed. They didn't even look for her. They didn't want to. The Alliance and the Council both proved that when ignored the pleas of the Normandy crew to look for her, even if most of them knew she was already dead. Neither of them even made a big deal out of the fact that their best solider had died.

To the Alliance, to the Council- Shepard was just another disposable soldier. Despite saving the Citadel, the Council, and even being the first human Spectre, they didn't care that she died. They had no more use for her.

Cerberus is not so foolish.

Shepard isn't some pawn to be thrown away.

She's special. She's proved that she's the only one who has the ability to defeat the Reapers head on. We need her. Humanity needs her- hell, the entire galaxy needs her.

And that's why we're bringing her back.

This soldier… this woman will be able to save millions of human lives if she's brought back.

Of course it's going to be difficult, but for her… for this "hero", it'll be worth it. The billions of credits that will be put into the Lazarus Project will all be worth it. And the Illusive Man knows it. I know it.

I walk in the communication room of the ship. Shepard's body still being carefully examined by the doctors onboard. Almost immediately, the Illusive Man's hologram appears before me, his blue prosthetic eyes gleaming.

So it begins.

"Commander Shepard has been recovered."