Detective Anaya

First a justicar, now a galactic legend… what's next, is the Goddess gonna appear on my door step, too?

I allowed Shepard into the crime scene since no one else in Nos Astra has the quad to face a justicar. The crime was already a mess with Eclipse involved, I didn't need a justicar to make things worse. Her interference, and the fact that I'm asked to detain her just made it all even more aggravating than it already was.

No matter how many times I tried to explain what a justicar was, and how detaining her would be suicide, the higher-ups completely blew me off.

You'd think that all the superior positions in this city would be taken by asari (Considering it WAS colonized by the Asari Republics), but no, my bosses just HAVE to be the epitome of stereotypical stupid humans and turians.

I don't think having Shepard involved is gonna change too much, but it's always worth a try… I mean, she DID save the Citadel and single-handedly kill that Spectre. (Was it single-handedly? The story's either she defeated him by herself, or with two other companions… I'm not sure which is true).

They should be back soon, in any case… hopefully, we can work out some sort of deal. If that'll be the case, then maybe I can end up keeping my head on for one more day in this piss-poor city.