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Stella's POV

With the sound of the buzzing alarm I rolled over in my cold bed and turned it off. With a sigh I got up and looked around the room and set eyes on the pile of

clothes I set out the night before picking them up I headed to the bathroom to get ready.

As I brushed my teeth a rested my head against the door while thinking of him.

I pinned my hair back and walked over to my phone, I looked at the time 3.30am pressing the directory button and hitting the M his name came up I

pressed delete, it was then I decided I had to be strong and move on that meant not being reminded of him anymore.

After a grabbed a quick breakfast, I picked up my luggage and headed to the airport.

The drive to the airport was long and quiet but before I knew it I was sitting in my seat for take off, I pulled out my book and began reading.

As the plane began to taxi I gently placed my hand on my belly, I had began to fell sick with nerve's and anticipation of what my new life would be like.

I placed my head against the window and he was in my head again no matter how hard I tried I could not shake the image of his face or the smell of his skin,

I knew I was doing the right thing though, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Mac's POV

I pulled the door shut as I set off on my run, with no particular place in mind I ran, it had been 8 days, 8 hours, 23 minuets and 10 seconds till I last heard her voice or seen her face,

she had made up her mind to leave, once it was made there was no changing no matter how hard I tried, the past few days were the worse she didn't even answer my calls

or texts, last night I read and re-read the last one she sent

"I love you, but it won't work, I'm sorry, S x"

Once I returned after 4 hours according to my watch, I went into a shower and let the tears fall with the water.

When I got out I lifted my phone in hope that maybe she had called, but no, no call or text, the same as the last 23, time I checked in the last day alone.

I lay on the bed my body saying sleep my mind saying no. I just needed to know she was safe and well even if she didn't want to talk about things.

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