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The Next Day

Stella woke up with the sun shining through her office window, she looked around and seen Mac asleep at her computer, she laughed at the sound of his gentle snores. Since he hadn't been sleeping a lot, she left him, she went to speak to lindsey about the case, when she came back she went over to him, gently she placed her hand on his shoulder,

"Mac" She whispered.

Not getting the response she wanted IE. him waking up. She tried a different tactic standing back Stella folded her arm's

"Taylor" She shouted.

With that Mac's head snapped up, Causing Stella to let out a small giggle.

"Stella, why you do that" He said trying not to laugh.

"Why you at my computer?" She asked.

"You have the files for the case" He said

"Just don't break it okay" She joked pointing at her computer.

"I won't" He said sarcastic

"well I'm going to grab a coffee you want anything" She asked.

"Grab me a sandwich please" He asked.

"BLT" She questioned.

"You got it" He said smiling.

Stella smiled and grabbed her purse and left. While she was waiting for her order Peyton walked up to her.

"Stella" She said

"Hi Peyton" She smiled.

"We need to talk" She spoke, her eyes focused her voice was monotone.

Stella know with the tone of her voice it wasn't going to be good, the pair took a seat over by the window.

"What can I do for you?" Stella asked.

"Stay clear of Mac he is taken, understand" She said and got up and walked away, as she did she squeezed Stella's shoulder "I mean it" She told her again.

Stella sat there stunned, as she had no idea what had happened the night before,she had no idea why she was so mad, but Peyton had clearly made her point.

Stella walked back to the lab and got back to work. Mac seen her and went over.

"Stella, were did you go?" He asked,

He seen that her mind was racing and she was not herself.

"Stella," He tried anew.

"Hu? sorry Mac, did you need something" She asked.

"You okay" He asked.

"Yes, I'm Okay, what did you need" She asked again.

"You were away for ages, I got a bit worried, it's not like you" He said.

"I'm fine" She smiled rubbing his shoulder

As she did Peyton walked by and shouted on Mac

"Mac, can you get everyone in the pub tonight" She smiled.

"Yes, after work?" He asked.

"That's great yeh, thanks" She smiled and give him a kiss.

Stella turned away and got back to work.

"Can you make it?" He asked.

"Not sure, I have a lot of work to be getting to with here sorry Mac" She told him

Mac reached out his hand and placed his hand on hers, he looked straight in to her eyes. She smiled up at him and took his hand away form her's. She walked away form the desk and to the window.

"Mac I .." She stumbled.

Mac stood up and joined her at the window. He turned her around to face him, Stella looked at him, the longing in both their eyes. He reached up to her cheek, her soft skin felt like silk against his hand.

He leaned close to her and placed a gentle kiss on her lip's, the kiss that both of them waited a long time for.

Stella pulled away and walked out of the room.

Later that night the team went to the pub.

"Is everyone here?" Peyton asked.

"Mostly yes, only Stella" Mac replied still unsure what as going on

"We will wait for her" Peyton smiled.

Around an hour later Stella walked through the door. She located the team and went over.

"Now everyone is here" Peyton began. "We have some fantastic news" She continued.

Everyone looked at Mac and Peyton.

"I'm pregnant" She announced.

Mac looked at her with wide eyes

"Peyton can I speak with you please" He said pulling her aside.

"Why didn't you tell me first" He said.

"I thought I would be okay" Peyton said.

"No, you should have told me first" Mac said walking away.

When they returned he noticed Stella and Adam were gone.

"Were are Stella and Adam" He asked.

"No idea, Stella got a call, asked him to drive her" Danny told him

Mac turned around and seen Peyton with a smirk on her face.

Stella had gotten Adam to drop her off at her apartment, when they arrived she invited him in for a coffee.

"Stella is everything okay" Adam asked.

"Yes, everything is fine Adam," Stella replied,

Adam and Stella sat and spoke for a few hours until Adam got a phone call from Flack,

"He is drunk, I need to go get him" Adam explained.

"Thanks Adam, for listening" Stella said as she let him out.

Adam gave her a hug and whispered "Any time" and left.

Stella settled down and put on a film, she had fallen asleep only to be woken by the sound of the door getting knocked.

"Who is it?" she shouted.

There was no reply, so she opened the door slightly.

"What are you doing here" She asked as she answered looking at a socking wet Mac Taylor.

"We need to talk" Mac told her.

She opened the door wider and let him in.

"It's 4am" She said tying her hair back.

"I'm sorry, can we talk please" He asked .

"Sure, what about" She asked, but she knew fine well what Mac wanted to talk about.

They both went and sat on the sofa. Mac took her hand gently in his.

"I'm sorry Stell"

"Why are you sorry, you should be happy" She replied.

Stella took her hand out of his embrace, although she didn't want to., she went into the kitchen Mac followed her, he put his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him, she rested her head on his shoulder, the smell of his aftershave consumed her senses she felt safe with him by her side, she looked at him wanting him, but she was strong and walked away.

"Mac go please" She said.

Mac knew not to argue with her so he left, before he did he gently kissed her cheek.

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